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In a “Willy” mood…

A musical “interlude”, of a sort… as I “pack my shit” … Continue reading

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vin parler

A Friday night party video collection, with a bit of info on how our view of countries and their state of development is skewed by about 80 years… Continue reading

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It’s all Jeff Albert’s Fault – Moody Blues

A musical tour with some interleaved climate stuff and political sniping. Continue reading

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End Of Days – Only 3 Weeks To Go!

A nice video of an interesting place in India, and a reminder that it’s only 3 weeks left to the end of the Maya Calendar. You’d think they would have put the End Of Days on the 26 th just so we could have one last Christmas… ;-) Continue reading

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You can do that with soap?

Some interesting holiday soaps make from things a bit ‘unexpected’. Continue reading

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