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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

Respect, Lies, and Power Politics

Why is the world as it is? Why does evil do so much? Maybe it is just lack of respect. Continue reading

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Short note on life events

Life has some challenges, but they are being dealt with. I think ;-) Continue reading

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Sensitivity Training Is Evil

Sensitivity Training creates bias where there is none. It teaches people to see ‘bad things’ where there is innocence. It is an evil. Perhaps that is the design. Who knows. Continue reading

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Akhenaton – I think I like this guy

Some wisdom for the ages from Akehenaton. His sayings, as it were. Continue reading

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I propose a new term Fuddite, to describe folks who use Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to push an anti-technology message, such as human caused global warming from CO2 Continue reading

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