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Mu! Moment: When life begins.

“When does life begin?” is a broken question and can never result in a sane answer; so the abortion “debate” is doomed until that broken Mu! question is replaced. Continue reading

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An Interesting Biblical Tool

An interesting resource for use with the Bible. Many languages. Interlinear and Parallel versions. Old versions and new. All online and searchable. Interesting not just for religious use, but linguistic and historical as well as social and cultural insights. Continue reading

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Online Non-Government School

There are alternatives to the Government Indoctrination Camp and PC School. Continue reading

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Master Of Druidry

I have a “Master of Druidry” now. We don’t know much about what they new, but there are good clues they were more in touch with natural lunar weather cycles than are we, now. Continue reading

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Killing Women or Importing Men?

Are the strict Sharia Arab states killing their women? The demographics look that way. Continue reading

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