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Broken Feature Hell

A brief complaint about life with broken features in Broken Feature Hell. Continue reading

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LENR Year Of Answers?

Some recent news makes this look like the year where we are likely to finally get an answer on “does it work or not?” for Cold Fusion / LENR power systems. A couple of players have said they will be commercialized in 2014. One can only watch and hope. Continue reading

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Some notes on Geopolymer, cement, clay bricks unfired, and DIY

How to make your own cement, liquid stones, and some papers showing it is catching on, and how to do it. Continue reading

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Skunkworks Fusion?

The Skunkworks thinks they can make a small hot fusion reactor work in 5 years. If anyone can do it, they can. Continue reading

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Dear Ms Merkel – phone encryption

On open letter to Ms Merkel suggesting how to encrypt her phone. Continue reading

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