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Govt Out Of Touch

A local State Assemblyman has sent high cost “thanks” Certificates to every School Staffer in his district. No money for copy paper or supplies, but our bankrupt State can fund puff “awards” to curry votes… Continue reading

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Quake Storm Southern California

It looks like a small “Quake Storm” is underway in Southern California. Probably not going to turn into anything large, but is already something interesting… Continue reading

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Japan And Volcanoes

A short look at volcanic activity in Japan and California, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Continue reading

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Interesting Snow Chart

An interesting graph of the history of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California that doesn’t show a lot of Climate Change impacts. Continue reading

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California Extreme Super Flood

California is about to get a load of rain, probably even some flooding. Just don’t you dare call it “extreme” or “unprecedented” unless it measures up the The Great Flood of 1861-1862. Continue reading

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