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Akhenaton – I think I like this guy

Some wisdom for the ages from Akehenaton. His sayings, as it were. Continue reading

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Two households, full time job, bi-coastal, and more

A riff on current issues, my busy life, and a broader vision of how stepping off the line of attack is the best solution. Continue reading

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Hekla-ing Egypt

Are historical patterns repeating to some extent? Is the Egypt / Hittite / Sea People / Canaan pattern shaping up for a repeat? Does Hekla play a role in that repeating dynamic? And can past “Intermediate Periods” give us a clue what happens when cold times, volcanoes, and political unrest mix in the region? Continue reading

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Egyptian Dark Ages

A very readable and complete paper on the Egyptian Dark Ages or Intermediate Periods. I point out that they match, in time, periods of low solar activity per the prior posting referenced paper. Continue reading

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Why A Henge?

Why was a henge built, and does when say anything about why? What does the moon have to do with it? Continue reading

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