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Presidential Legacy

A comparison of presidential leadership styles… Continue reading

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Mark Twain on German and English

A couple of Mark Twain language related ‘bits’. One for sure his, the other a bit suspect, but still good. Continue reading

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Shopping for A Dutch Oven and…

I know I was shopping for something Hot and wanted to do some cooking, but … can Amazon really sell that? Or is there some other meaning to Dutch Oven that I’m not up to speed about? Or maybe it’s just a rogue bit somewhere.. Continue reading

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Laugh, or Cry – product recall on a candle that can catch fire…

The Government protects use from flammable candles… product recalled. Continue reading

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One Day To The End Of Maya Time!

Um, there’s this small matter of the End Of Days being a bit ambiguous as to when… The start of the day? The end? And what time zone goes first? Or do we all go at the same time? So if the first one obliterated could put up a post as you go, letting the rest of us know when that might be, well, it would be the civil thing to do. Thanks! Continue reading

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