The Incredibly Shrinking CNN

This interesting article says CNN is shrinking very fast. (Circling the plug hole kind of fast, IMHO). When your main commodity is trusted information and actual news, and you are repeatedly caught telling fibs, fabricating stories and embellishing for effect, and being blatantly partizan, well, folks just leave. You no longer have the product they want. We’re talking 1/3 gone year over year. That’s 3 years to zero…

They divide this into two groups, primetime viewers and “total day” so when you see “total day” immagine quotes around it…

Nolte: CNN Lost 35 Percent of Primetime Audience Last Week as Fox News Grew

[image left out:
Collage of CNN burning dumpster and Fox News Channel powerful primetime]
23 May 2018

After years of misleading its audience with fake news, 35 percent of CNN’s primetime audience up and left when compared to this same week last year. These viewers might have gone over to Fox News, where the primetime audience jumped by +9 percent.

In total day, the news is only a little better for the far-left CNN, which lost -20 percent of its audience. Meanwhile, Fox News saw its total day audience jump by +1 percent.

While Fox News is growing, the openly left-wing MSNBC is also shrinking, but nowhere nearly as much as CNN.

Compared to last year, MSNBC only lost -8 percent of its primetime viewers and -3 percent of its total day viewers.

During primetime last week, Fox News was the number two network in all of cable,
topped only by TNT, which is hosting the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals.

Fox grabbed an astonishing average of 2.4 million viewers.

CNN could not even hold a million total primetime viewers and bottomed out with an average of just 937,000.

So MSNBC is shrinking less, perhaps because it was already down near the bottom tier of “employees and blood relatives”…

I note that Fox Network was described as #2 “in all of cable” without the “news” qualifier… In an ever more finely fracturing entertainment market, Fox has a unique product.

So with only 900,000 viewers, how long can CNN support the huge fleet of remote reporters, trucks, satellite feeds, etc. needed to do the global coverage that made it famous?

For comparison, the San Francisco Bay Area (including north bay, Oakland, down to Silicon Valley) is about 5 Million people. San Francisco City itself is 884,363 population as of 2017 per the wiki; so basically CNN can hold an audience about the size of one large hard core far left city, plus the South San Francisco city near it…

As they say “Oh Dear!”…

Since I’ve now “cut the cord” and am 100% internet media, I can’t even watch CNN if I wanted to try. They do have a web site though. But I’ve never explored it so don’t know what they have to offer…

Then again, so does Fox:

Comparative Alexa counts might be interesting…

They have a YouTube channel, so maybe that will “save” them…

Though with their top ranked “new story” showing all of 29k views, somehow I doubt it. Maybe we can all pitch in and buy them a cute kitten so they can make a Million hit YouTube Video ;-0

Fox News has a YouTube channel too:

Hmmm… 1.1 Million Subscribers… I think I’m seeing a pattern here…
Hannity’s latest clip alone has 55k views already and it’s only 16 hours old.

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Sovereign Britain Party

The Remoaners in Britian are busy trying to sabotage Brexit.

May is pursuing Brexit with all the enthusiasm of Saturday Washing.

UKIP, having gotten the vote, has pretty much been packed up.

So who’s going to keep pushing for a real and effective Brexit?

Until now, I’d figured it was nobody. But over at Tallbloke’s he’s got a post up about a new political party being formed to do just that. Now I’m not a British Citizen (though I could file and claim it if I wanted – Thanks Mum!) and I’m not in touch enough with the British political process to know if this is a good or a bad idea; but I’m in favor of the intent.

There is a new forward looking pro-Brexit political party called Sovereign starting up which needs your backing and involvement so it can generate pressure and influence.

Its leader is a medical man, Dr Teck Khong, who left the Conservatives after many years (he stood as a parliamentary candidate in my own West Yorkshire in 2005), and joined UKIP, standing for election in his home constituency in Leicester during the 2017 election. Like many others (me included), he has since left UKIP and we are now starting a new party. I have been asked to be strategy director and National Nominating Officer, liaising with the electoral commission. I’m also directing and team building for the party’s energy and industry policy.

We need more core members, donations, and plenty of shout outs on social media to bootstrap the movement and get things moving so we can make a difference. Please take a look at our website at and let us have your thoughts below. If you’d like to help with the costs of registering the party with the electoral commission and furthering the campaigning, feel free to use the paypal button on the top left of the site.

We have to rescue Brexit and Britain’s future from the political incompetence it is mired in. Please put your shoulders to the wheel and help us.

Links and photos and donate buttons and stuff over there.

Tallbloke: Consider yourself “shout out”-ed

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Lake Eyre Yacht Club – About To Sail!

There was a comment on the “Rules” tab. Folks don’t normally post comments to the tabs instead of to articles. (Sometimes folks have posted comments on images pages that are normally just seen embedded in a posting, but unless I go into each image and disable comments, it’s a possible).

So OK here’s that comment:

GHreg Goodman

Hi, I wanted to a comment to ‘Lake Eyre” post. Are comments blocked or is there just a default time limit on your WP settings ? Lake Eyre yacht club are about to unfurl their sails, this is not a dead topic.

[Reply: Topics auto-close after a period of time to avoid massive SPAM on old topics. The W.O.O.D. category has open comments for any topic. -E.M.S.]

The article in question for those “catching up” is here:

There is a fascinating lake in southern Australia. It is a salt pan much of the time. About twice per century it fills up. When it does, a riot of life breaks out. It has partial fillings on a more frequent basis, but still, the rate of evaporation is such that it usually rapidly dries out.
All in all, an interesting place to watch as an “indicator”. My take on it is the Lake is saying “it’s getting cold again”. I note that the last wet times were generally cold times too (though 1984 was more neutral).

If Lake Eyre continues to fill, and perhaps even reaches full flood, IMHO that says we’ve taken the turn to the cold side and are seeing physical results.

Well, looks like it is full enough to sail (at least some parts of it).

2018 Activities…

Advance notice – Warburton River late April – early may
Departing around Anzac Day – date not fixed until flood reaches area

Keep checking this page for further information as it becomes available.

It also looks like the folks hollering that the lake would be dry forever in a perpetual drought were also wrong.

So guess it’s time to revisit the question of Global Warming caused perma-drought in Australia, eh?

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Cancelling AT&T DirecTV – How To?

After a couple of months dreading it, and after a week trying from time to time to do it via their web site. Then, finally, discovering the page that says ~”You can’t do that here, call the phone number”…

Then finding out a couple of days later I could not find that page again, despite having MUCH “google foo”…

I found there’s a “wiki-how” page.

It’s pretty dismal when someone ELSE needs to write a “how to” page to dump your service…

Has a pretty good set of directions, the key bit of which is the magic phone number: (800) 531-5000

As I’m using old “low res” receivers that they don’t want back, I have nothing to ship back. The rest was more or less accurate.

Now, the questionable bits.

At the AT&T operator site, they could (after some wrangling over why I didn’t want an upgrade to HDTV service for “free”) cancel DirecTV service via satellite. I’ll know tomorrow or so if it actually worked. My being on regular definition and them being in the process of cancelling regular definition didn’t hurt… so I don’t have to ship back the receivers, just the cards in them. So I’ll get a letter in the mail inside 7 days and need to mail them the “smart cards” (for the receivers I never wanted as they obsoleted the Sony receivers I’d bought decades ago that I loved…)

Why one needs to mail back “smart cards” for a service that is going away is an interesting question…

But I digress…

So, in theory, as of now, I no longer am a DirecTV customer, just an AT&T Internet customer. They could not tell me what impact this would have on my internet service that was supposedly in the same bundle. Then again, my $40 guaranteed all you can eat internet seems to have already morphed into $85 /month ? GB limit internet…. So I’ll be calling them in the next week (once I figure out who “them” is…) and discussing what my internet connection will cost “going forward” and am I cancelling it, too. I’d planned on just living with the $40 AT&T I’d signed up for, but at $85 it’s a whole ‘nother thing… At that rate, I can buy unlimited wireless from T-Mobile or fantastic service from a couple of other providers.

But that’s for tomorrow….

For today, I’ve cut, roughly, $120/month of AT&T Vampire out of my wallet…

God I’m loving Internet TV ;-) and the Roku…

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