A remarkable JFK speech

In a “tip” here:


and with a h/t to Larry Ledwick for it, there is a link to an article here:


the article had an embedded youtube video of a speech by JFK. (Sound recorded, ‘video’ a set of photos of JFK…)

It reminded me, once again, that the policies of JFK which make me a “JFK Democrat” would, now, brand me a radical Conservative Right Wing-nut… I’m for free markets, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and a defense against creeping global socialism. So was JFK. (He did get a tax cut passed, and the economy did grow…).

The article puts this in the context of some kind of worry about a conspiracy today. I see it in the context of then (through which I lived, and remember) of a Cold War against a large USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) that was expanding and had ruthlessly taken over parts of Europe, among other places.

In my opinion, today, that threat of Global Socialism has not gone. It has just gone underground. Yes, Eastern Europe was freed from tyranny and the USSR is in the “dustbin of history” (as I think Reagan called it), but the socialists did not go away. They now work on ever more secret subversion via infiltration (as JFK states in his speech… yet saying it today gets that ‘wing-nut’ rant hauled out…) It now tries to pass itself off as a kind of New Capitalism, often called “Progressive” or “3rd Way”, hoping no one left alive remembers or points out that “Progressives” were steeped in the Socialism of the 1920’s and ’30s and supported the first “3rd Way Socialism” of Fascist Italy. (Yes, Mussolini was a clear Socialist, it is a history they would like to erase, but will not go away… He invented both the concept and the term “3rd Way”.)

In any case, the video was a reminder of fond memories, long buried. One wishes the Democrats of today would study the speeches and policies of JFK and advocate for them. Sadly, too, I remember the discussions in later years by Democrats about how to advocate for Central Authority and Socialist policies without being labeled as Socialists (back when most folks from the Greatest Generation remembered the destruction of W.W.II fought largely between the three main branches of Socialism… International Socialism in the USSR, National Socialism in Germany, and Fascist Socialism in Italy). Today, with few remembering, Democrats might actually run an open Socialist for President (to replace the closet Socialist we have now… who studied Socialism and embraced it, but with secrecy of a sort…or at least obfuscation…)

So watch the video, and ask yourself: In today’s terms, Republican or Democrat?…

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Guccifer – Why Hillary Is Toast

Fox News today was going on about “Guccifer” being in a USA court, extradited by the USA for ‘hacker crimes’ and why this is a big deal for Hillary. They are right.

For those who don’t remember it, Guccifer was the guy who published George Bush’s Paintings, Colin Powel’s “Maybe an affair” with a Romanian woman (who might or might not have covert connections) and a few dozen other high profile “hacks”. (Really “cracks”, but only hackers know that hacking is really benign and it is ‘cracking’ that is getting into somewhere illegally… but I digress)

At any rate Guccifer has been around for quite a while. He got nabbed about a year ago and has been cooling his heels in a Romanian prison with a 7 year term. (His critical mistake was ‘hitting’ some Romanian folks and thus called to the attention of the Romanian Services, who otherwise would not have cared… Note to any potential ‘system crackers’: NEVER EVER crack a system in your homeland, or the country you proxy through… Sidebar: Always leave behind bread crumbs pointing at a different origin and interest. Spell things as a German would misspell them, or show an abnormal interest in British Soccer… which you always call ‘football’ if American… and soccer if not…) So he was taken off the scene early 2015.

Now he is talking with the F.B.I.

About Hillary Clinton.

Before I point you to a very good article about him, note this: His technique is called crude and low tech and otherwise disparaged by the article. It was “only” social engineering. Frankly, I don’t care if he didn’t write ‘warez’ or use kool-tools or have a TFLOP machine to crack encryption… While all of that interests me, as of right now, today, THE most effective mode of attack is exactly Human Factors. (LOADS of computer services help this by using public information as though it were a secret for your ‘password reset’ or other back doors… I was given a set of a 1/2 dozen questions to get an Internet Phone Service set up, the answer to all of which was taken from Public Records. ANYONE could get that info and “be prepared”. It isn’t just a dumb system, it is a reckless and risky enhancing system, since people THINK they have more security when they really have less… but again, I digress…) So just read the article and see that all it takes to hack the emails of the Rich And Famous is a bit of dogged “Dig Here!” into their personal lives. Past addresses, family names, etc. etc. That’s ALL he did.

A couple of quoted bits, just to show “why this article and the event matters”.


By Matei Rosca
, written on March 20, 2015

These are the last two paragraphs of the article, and the “punch line”:

Our conversation ends at the insistence of a sullen prison guard. Time is up. Before I leave, Lehel assures me that, far from rehabilitating, Guccifer is still plotting inside his cell. He is anticipating a collaboration with US security services “when the time is right”. He says he has “a lot more material saved in the cloud.”

“The Guccifer archive isn’t complete and many intelligence services are interested in it. Hot Palestinian documents. Problems in the near future for the Western world. The whole archive is around 30 GB. That’s the submerged part of the iceberg.”

That is a 30 GB Sword Of Damocles hanging over Hillary. IF Guccifer can get past himself and act in his own best interests for just a moment, he will get a public defender (he has no money for an attorney) to “get him an immunity deal” in exchange for his testimony about how easy it was to Hack Hillary. That, and the 30 GB… I do note that he plans to ‘collaborate’ “when the time is right”…

Oh, and just as a Human Interest angle: He’s a middle aged guy with no money from a poor town in the boonies. He has a wife and young daughter. He is now world famous, may expose some of the more dirty aspects of our political overlords and save us from some really nasty grief, yet his family has nothing. One would hope someone “of means” might find a way to help them…

Gabriela doesn’t know or care much about computers or the Internet. She is worried the family can’t afford a lawyer yet has little interest in engaging with the justice system. “It’s all corrupt,” she tells me. “Bright people are marginalized.” She resented the staged news event the police set up when they last came, attracting a crowd of overeager city reporters in front of her mother’s house to see her husband frogmarched away.

The police seized Guccifer’s computer but left behind his keyboard, which his family still uses. It is worn out; the letters and symbols on it are written in Gabriela’s orange nail polish. “I’ll sell it online for $500,000,” she jokes.

Alexandra, their daughter, has schoolmates who tease and bully her. “Kids are mean. They ask her why is your daddy locked up… What did he steal? Seven years is a long time. After all, he didn’t steal anything. He was just curious,” her mother says.

As per how hard to Hack Hillary?

The Lazărs never studied beyond high school. They worked petty jobs in factories and shops but Lehel had been unemployed for the year or so before he was arrested. Before that he’d been a taxi driver and a paint salesman. He had never had a job using computers.
Lehel wasn’t always a hacker. In fact, by hacker standards, he started late, around the age of 35. Lehel couldn’t hold down a job and despite his sharp mind was a misfit and often a loser with severe money troubles. He reads a lot and is fluent in three languages but remains a simple, rural man who doesn’t get on well with people. His first known hacking was in late 2010, out of boredom and vivid imagination. It turned out to be surprisingly easy.
About his motivations and methods, he says: “I’m an autodidact but not a programmer. There are 100 million programmers. I use any possible method to break electronic correspondence – including contact lists and metadata, like the NSA programs do, only that’s artificial intelligence. I also use Kaballah, numerology, and the occult. Jung’s archetypes. Social engineering. It’s not the technology but the human factor that makes the difference.”

Perhaps a bit crazy and conspiratorial ideated, Perhaps just “bright but dumb”. Or maybe just “bright, unemployed, and angry”… an ever growing class of people… TPTB ought to recognize it is a bad class to cause to grow, but they don’t…

So hit the link, I’ve just given a taster. It’s a very well written article and well worth the time to read the non-butchered non-hacked-up version.

In Conclusion

Sitting out there in “the cloud” is a 30 GB archive of “stuff” from a guy who used to read Hillary’s emails “for a few hours” and then go out to do gardening… What’s in it? Who knows.

BUT, given that he would bounce off a Russian Server, was not highly skilled himself in things like encrypting tunnels and hiding things (used a known tapped phone line for connections at one point…) I think it nearly certain that at least the Romanian and Russian secret services had clue as to who’s stuff he was reading and how to get in to read it… I strongly suspect there are several OTHER folks / agencies scattered around the planet with a copy of her server contents…

IF Hillary deleted even ONE email of “merit”, that shows up in his archive, she is up for perjury and lying under oath. IMHO, The Clinton Foundation ought to be doing everything they can to get Guccifer off the hook and his family set up in nice comfortable “digs” and with a fat bank account in Switzerland… ’cause if they don’t, there are some other folks who will… for a certain bit of data… OTOH, if all he has ‘extra’ really is tennis dates and wedding plans, then he needs to cut that “immunity” deal and get it equipped with a ‘witness protection program’ for his family before anyone finds out that it’s 30 GB of blah blah blah.

As for Hillary: She was, absolutely, cracked, hacked, bagged and tagged. Doesn’t matter if there are additional emails of merit found, the 2000 already identified are enough. She was deliberately using a private server for State Department Classified communications (born classified, so no marking needed). IF she is not indicted, you can know, for certain, that the F.B.I. and all of the Justice Department are frauds and exist only to provide political cover. It really is that existential. Either they “do their jobs”, and the extant facts clearly show Hillary is a criminal; or they are derelict in duty and fraudulent in action. If elected, she is not a valid President, since Felony is not a proper qualification.

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Dear Lame Stream Media, MSNBC in particular, and TPTB, per Trump

On CNN and MSNBC they are nattering away about The Trump vs Cruz.

It seems the latest thing is Trump citing an Enquirer article that claims to link Cruz’s Dad to the JFK assassination. That caused Cruz to come a bit unglued and in a bout of /sarc; after dissing the whole thing say something like “I might as well admit it, my Dad killed JFK, … and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in the back yard.” (with more outrageous things in the middle).

An interview with Her Royal Highness Hillary had her trying to act all aloof and presidential in response and claiming she would never bother responding to Mr. Trump’s insults and stupid claims. (All while carefully trying to ignore that giant freighter load of “issues” lurking in her closet…)

All the while everyone just can’t wrap their head around “Trump Voters” and why, on God’s Earth, they would ever vote for this {pick your epithet… from clown to bastard, from bully to the ‘usual suspects’ racist, homophobe, sexist, hater, or worse, republican, and I’m surprised they haven’t thrown in rapist and child molester just to get our attention… but we’re getting bored with them…} and expressing that they just don’t get it.

Stealing a line per Reagan, one comedian said ~”Reganites? Was that something that put in front of Progressives makes them fall to their knees in pain?” Well, I think today the Trump-ites are doing the same thing to The Media, The Progressives, and even The Insider Republicans and RINO’s.

So I’m going to channel my “inner Trump-ite” for a few moments, and ‘splain it to you…

The Clue

Well, let me give you clue.

(Cue off stage, hand me the Clue Stick, it’s time for application!)

You Have Won

After a few decades of being constantly bombarded with your propaganda, of seeing BOTH parties treat the Government as their personal piggy bank and Besties Ever on making just those laws they want for their Donor Class, of having there be nearly nothing we can see different between you’all other than maybe Republicans want to control our sexuality while Democrats want to control our minds, we’ve decided that you have won.

Now that isn’t a good thing, despite what you may think.

It means we have given up on you. And despite what you may think, you need us more than we need you. We know how to drive our own cars, make our own food, and can actually live on minimum wage, if we need to. You can’t. So when we give up on you and decide “screw you too”, it doesn’t hurt us hardly at all. When you are looking uphill at the social ladder and all you see is a bunch of assholes and shit falling on your head anyway; so easy to decide: might as well just get off and go fishing… (or making ‘shine, or racing cars, or bikes, or just hanging out with friends and a radio in the swamp tossing sticks at crocs. I’ve done all of those, one time or another, and they are a LOT more fun that watching your sorry asses as you piss on each other…)

What does this have to do with Mr. Trump?

Easy. He’s an Ass, and a Bully, and Crude, and Pisses You Off… and all of that is terrible fun to watch. Hell, beats trying to catch a croc by the tail or even racing pickups for beer. (Well, depending on how much beer… )

Basically, we have decided to just kick back and enjoy the show and screw with you. And we like it. Not going to win anyway, but hell, light a fire under that ladder and watch the fun!! More fun than gasoline on a red ant hill! (Done that too… common in Texas… if you get the mix right sometimes you can get a little “womp” out of it underground… )

Eventually you reach that point of “Can’t please everyone, so you might as well please your self!” We are there. Now.

Worst case? We have Our Trump Bull running around in YOUR china closet and we have a front row seat. Best case? He actually does some of what he claims he will do and starts whacking chunks off the Government Monster you love to use to squash us. In any case: we have a front row seat to a Reeeeaaaaly Big Sheeew! (Anyone else remember Ed Sullivan?) so bring out the dancing girls, the dancing elephants, hell, anything you have now defined as “not PC”. And let the Trump Comedy Roast of Hillary begin!

So are you “Feeling the Clue?”? (to warp a Bernie mantra…)

What Next?

Well, that all kind of depends. If Hillary gets the slammer for things far far worse than any guy caught with a joint (and doing 10 years for it), well, that might be fun to watch too, and we’ll give it a couple of more years. If The Trump actually starts killing the Government Monster, well, I’ll wait. Hell, if Sanders gets in and starts killing off some of your Crony Capitalism and Crony Progressives, might even help with that.

But give us 4 more years of economic stagnation for us, giant international parties and crony slush funds for you? Well, there’s a lot worse than Trump that can happen, and we’ve got nothing better to do anymore, what with jobs gone, manufacturing sent to China, and now you want to cut off electricity and make it cost $1/kW-hr right when we need to run the A/C (already happening in Central Valley California so no, no ;sarc/ tag…). Folks “with attitude” and a lot of time on their hands can find all sorts of fun things to do. And we will.

Is it really that hard for you to ‘get it’? We know you rig the game. Bernie’s folks get it. Trump’s folks get it. That’s about 1/2 the population right there. A lot of the rest ‘get it’ too, but are willing to be bought off, for now… We know (and like!) each other. Just different ideas about how best to burn your Castle down… Would rather do it via a ballot and elected representatives of the people, but… well, we’ll see how the election turns out.

FWIW, IMHO, the worst thing we could do to TPTB is pretty simple. STOP buying things, make some homemade hooch, and go fishing. Hey, they get all the economic gain, not us, so pretty darned easy to just quit making any. In no time flat their “portfolio” is worth zilch, they have nobody admiring them, and hell, I already speak Spanish so I’m good to go… Viva La…

Personally, I like camping and fishing a lot more than looking for a job, and a heck of a lot more than cleaning your house, or setting up your email server, or even being Director Of Facilities (though that was more fun than Director of I.T.) I have a lot of choices for fun. Right now, the most fun I’ve had in years is watching The Donald light your hair on fire and call your cat lame, your spouse ugly, and your children stupid. Am I a mean heartless bastard too? Oh no. I absolutely hate bullies and sneaky conniving bastards. I’m very much driven by honesty, politeness, caring for others. That’s why this is so much fun. Watching the most sneaky, conniving, and underhanded pillagers of The System get a little payback. At least if you have him in your grill, you are less likely to have a hand in my pants (or my pants pocket).

What Goes Around, Comes Around, it just takes time

Heck we didn’t make this mess. YOU did. The Media lapdogs who long ago forgot what “investigative journalism” was about and decided to be political activists instead. The “representatives” sold to The Donor Class and deciding to just rip off all they could for them and theirs. The International Globalists who decided they needed to throw America under the bus (with all the other countries) for their own sport. You folks run this world. We’re just trying to avoid being trampled under your feet.

But every so often, even we have our limits, and what goes around, comes around. It’s not hard at all to grease the floor at the ball when you are the guy with the mop at midnight, or spill a little ‘something’ into the punch you can’t even sip. Or, heck, just manage to forget to show up for that Special Night so there’s nobody checking your furs into the cloak room (or your faux firs if being PC). That’s how it begins.

Eventually it escalates. I won’t bore you with the history, but look at France, Germany, Russia, The American Colonies, etc. etc. etc. And read your de Tocqueville. I’d rather just read it than “go there”, but hey, you are the folks driving this bus, I’m just along for the ride…

Now? Well, I’ve got to start some apple juice in my “Mr. Beer” maker and settle in to watch Roast Cruz tonight. Soon enough it will be Hillary On The Spit… Go Trump, Go! Love the show!!
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LENR / LANR in 1956?, Ponderomotive?

This is one of those “two impossible things at once” that seem to support each other moments.

On the one hand, I just learned there is something called a “Ponderomotive” force. Some Swedish folks think it explains Cold Fusion. On the other hand, a patent from 1956 that doesn’t use all the typical rigamarole of hydrogen saturated metals nor electrochemical cells nor high temperatures, but exactly that kind of wobbling EM Field that is involved in ponderomotives.

It ought to be fairly easy to validate the patent. It is, after all, 60 year old tech. Mainly a quartz tube, some metal powder layers, and a radio frequency exciter (they specify 300 MHz, that then was ‘way high’, but now I’d try just chucking it in a microwave oven…)

OK, the trackbacks…

I picked up both articles / ideas at E-catworld.com in these two articles:



That each point back up stream to their source articles:

First, the ’56 device…



This device, patented by Harold Colman and Ronald Seddon-Gillespie on 5 December 1956, is quite remarkable. It is a tiny lightweight device which can produce electricity using a self-powered electromagnet and chemical salts. The working life of the device before needing refurbishment is estimated at some 70 years with an output of about one kilowatt.

The operation is controlled by a transmitter which bombards the chemical sample with 300 MHz radio waves. This produces radioactive emissions from the chemical mixture for a period of one hour maximum, so that the transmitter needs to be run for 15 to 30 seconds once every hour. The chemical mixture is shielded by a lead screen to prevent harmful radiation from reaching the user….

This generator unit includes a magnet. a tube containing a chemcial mixture of elements whose nuclei becomes unstable as a result of a bombardment by short waves so that the elements become radio-active and release electrical energy, the mixture being mounted between, and in contact with, a pair of different metals such as copper and zinc, and a capacitor mounted between those metals.

The mixture is preferably composed of the elements Cadmium, Phosphorus and Cobalt having atomic weights of 112, 31, and 59 respectively. The mixture, which may be of powdered form, is mounted in a tube of non-conducting, high heat resistivity material and is compressed between granulated zinc at one end of the tube and granulated copper at the other end, the ends of the tube being closed by brass caps and the tube being carried in a suitable cradle so that it is located between the poles of the magnet. The magnet is preferably an electromagnet and is energized by the current produced by the unit. The transmitter unit which is used for activating the generator unit may be of any conventional type operating in the ultra-shortwave band and is preferably crystal-controlled at the desired frequency with the necessity of tuning. The quartz tube containing the chemical mixture, works best if made up of a number of small cells in series. In other words, considering the cartridge from one end to the other, at one end and in contact with the brass cap, there would be a layer of copper powder, then a layer of the chemical mixture, then a layer of powedered zinc, a layer of powdered copper, etc., with a layer of powdered zinc in contact with the brass cap at the other end of the cartridge. With a cartridge some 45 mm long and 5 mm diameter, some 14 cells may be included.

I note in passing that natural Cobalt is 100% 59 At.Wt., natural Phosphorus is 100% 31 At.Wt., and natural Cadmium is only 24% 112 At.Wt. (with 29% 114, 12% 113, 7%116, 12%111 and about 1% each of 106 and 108). So only Cadmium has any real potential of needing an exotic isotope separation, and even there the patent says “preferably”, so it ought to “go” to some extent even with natural run.

The quartz tube is packed with alternating layers of powder or granules, with Zinc as the electrode /pick up on one end, and copper on the other. Of all of this, only the Cadmium “has issues” (both in the question of isotopes and in the fact that it is horridly toxic, substitutes for Zn in various enzymes that are critical to health, and you lay in a bed dying as your bones dissolve if you ingest too much of it, as a battery factory accident in Japan proved…)

The pictures at RexReasearch make it look like a tuned 300 MHz coil picks up the RF and then converts it to a wobbly magnetic field at the tube. This speaks to the Ponderomotive aspect, but I’d try just zapping it with direct EM waves and see what happened, then build the device proper, but I’m that kind of guy ;-)

His pictures also show the Cu / Zn alternating down the tube, too, so there is likely some room for interpretation here… especially as to just which species are active where.

It is an interesting selection of materials. Most known usable in various kinds of batteries. Phosphorous with odd chemistry and many crystalline states. Several of them listed on that Matsushita patent.


A indicates at least one element selected from a group of Zr, Ti, Hf, Ta, Y, Ca, Mg, La, Co, Pr, Mm, Nb, Nd, Mo, Al and Si (Mm indicates a mixture of rare earth elements), B indicates at least one element selected from a group of Fe, V, Ni, Cr, Mn, Co, Cu, Zn, Al, Si, Nb, Mo, W, Mg, Ca, Y, Ta, Pd, Pt, Ag, Au, Cd, In, Bi, La, Co, Pr, Nd, Ta, Sm and Mm, and α is a value of 1.5 to 2.5.

So are these things just reacting to make Laves Crystal Structures under stimulation? Then maybe getting the P to fuse with something? Who knows.

BUT, of particular interest to me was the claim of radiation coming from it. Ought to be darned easy to test it and see if you ARE being irradiated…

Which brings us back to the Ponderomotive story. So what’s a ponderomotive?


In physics, a ponderomotive force is a nonlinear force that a charged particle experiences in an inhomogeneous oscillating electromagnetic field.

The ponderomotive force Fp is expressed by

\mathbf{F}_{\text{p}}=-\frac{e^2}{4 m \omega^2}\nabla(E^2)

which has units of newtons (in SI units) and where e is the electrical charge of the particle, m is its mass, ω is the angular frequency of oscillation of the field, and E is the amplitude of the electric field. At low enough amplitudes the magnetic field exerts very little force.

This equation means that a charged particle in an inhomogeneous oscillating field not only oscillates at the frequency of ω of the field, but is also accelerated by Fp toward the weak field direction. It is noteworthy that this is a rare case where the sign of the charge on the particle does not change the direction of the force ((-e)2=(+e)2).

The mechanism of the ponderomotive force can be understood by considering the motion of a charge in an oscillating electric field. In the case of a homogeneous field, the charge returns to its initial position after one cycle of oscillation. In the case of an inhomogeneous field, the force exerted on the charge during the half-cycle it spends in the area with higher field amplitude points in the direction where the field is weaker. It is larger than the force exerted during the half-cycle spent in the area with a lower field amplitude, which points towards the strong field area. Thus, averaged over a full cycle there is a net force that drives the charge toward the weak field area.

So with an oscillating inhomogeneous mag field, you can drive both positive AND negative ions in the same direction. Perhaps whacking them BOTH into the narrow end of a lattice constraint at the same time? Tiny little anvils with their EM hammers… something to warm a Smith’s heart ;-)

And, from the article about it:


Nuclear Spallation and Neutron
Capture Induced by Ponderomotive
Wave Forcing
Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren
IRF Scientific Report 305
October 2015
ISSN 0284-1703

It basically comes down to shaking the atoms so hard that some neutrons fall out, then they wander around until they find another nucleus to join with…

Now if you are violently driving positive and negative particles one way, and then the other, the neutral particles get less force as it all must come from protons tugging them along. I suppose with enough acceleration, you could leave behind the occasional neutron… Exact frequency of oscillation and power level would matter, IMHO. You want to just get that neutron moving and ‘catching up’ when you whipsaw the protons suddenly the other direction…

Y’all can read the PDF. It’s a bit thick on math and Greek that don’t copy / paste well…

Or this very nice write up by Mats Lewin:


Essentially no new physics but a little-known physical effect describing matter’s interaction with electromagnetic fields — ponderomotive Miller forces — would explain energy release and isotopic changes in LENR. This is what Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, two top level Swedish scientists, claim, describing their theory in a paper called Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave Forcing (full length paper here) that was presented on Friday, October 16, at the 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals, hosted by Airbus in Toulouse, France.

The basic idea is that ponderomotive forces at resonance frequencies shake out neutrons from elements such as deuterium and lithium, and that these neutrons are then captured by e.g. nickel, resulting in energy release by well-known physical laws.

Lundin and Lidgren have made a brief successful experiment and they have verified the model through calculations against results from well-known LENR experiments such as the Lugano report with Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Earlier 2015 they also filed a patent application describing the process.

“We did an experiment on our own but we stopped it. We realised that we were sitting on a neutron source and that’s not something you should do in your basement,” Rickard Lundin, Professor of Space Physics at Swedish Institute of Space Physics

The scientists are now preparing for a well-planned experiment with all necessary safety measures, ideally with a transparent reactor body since the effect according to the scientists releases a lot of light.

Ponderomotive forces derive from the electrical part of oscillating electromagnetic fields, and act on all particles, bodies or plasmas. They are all characterized by a transfer of electromagnetic energy and momentum to charged or non-charged particles. One of them, the gradient force, works independently of the sign of charges.

Could it really be that simple? Shake almost unstable heavy nuclei enough that some neutrons fall out, and let them wander into an element that releases energy as it becomes more stable?

Could it really have been done, and patented, back in 1956, so now anyone can do it free of patent entanglements?

I’m left to wonder just which elements in that formula are the most important ones. If perhaps Cadmium could be swapped out for something else on the Matsushita list… or if the multiple natural isotopes of it indicates it is prone to dropping neutrons on a good shake and still being stable…

In any case, it sure looks darned easy to replicate, it looks like a couple of Swedes have done so, though they didn’t know it, it has an easy to detect signature of radiation, and nobody owns it. There is a good theoretical basis for it in established physics too.

This would also tend to explain why the NAVSEA folks saw more output when they had an impressed magnetic field. It was inhomogeneous. Then the lattice, excited, oscillates inside it.


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Which Of These Flags Is Racist?

Yes, it’s a trick question…

Flag One - circle of white stars on a blue field

Flag One

Flag Two - Circle of gold stars on a blue field

Flag Two

Having trouble deciding?

OK, a bit of clue:

One of them is the E.U. flag. The other is the Confederate States Navy Jack

Why is it a “trick question”? Because, IMHO, no flag is ever “racist”. Racism and racist can only apply to people who choose to be such. A Flag is just a flag. You bring to it your own baggage.

It’s one of my pet peeves. Folks attributing to inanimate objects that which comes from inside themselves. Embracing the “Mu!” (question is ill formed) world, often at the top of their lungs.

Clearly visible most nights on TV now as the professional Rabble Rousers rouse the professional rabble… Running too and frow, shouting “Racist!” and “Sexists!” and other -ists… and what I see are people demonstrating for all to see what is out of kilter inside their skulls… They suffer severe lack of emotional control, absent perspective on life, and no clue about the Mu-ness of their world…

They will bring with them their hatred and their racism and their sexism until such time as they learn to let go of it all and just see each person as their own unique being, and not an -ist anywhere…

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GDP, Government Growth, And The Incredible Power Of Stupid

This posting has been a long time in the hopper. It started long long ago when Serioso wanted to get into a jousting match with me over GDP and Government. I could see a yawning black hole of days opening before me, and basically quashed it.

But now is an O.K. time to address a couple of points on GDP and Government.

First, what is GDP?

On the one hand, it is a single well defined formula:


What is ‘Gross Domestic Product – GDP’

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. Though GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis, it can be calculated on a quarterly basis as well. GDP includes all private and public consumption, government outlays, investments and exports minus imports that occur within a defined territory. Put simply, GDP is a broad measurement of a nation’s overall economic activity.

Gross domestic product can be calculated using the following formula:

GDP = C + G + I + NX


C is equal to all private consumption, or consumer spending, in a nation’s economy, G is the sum of government spending, I is the sum of all the country’s investment, including businesses capital expenditures and NX is the nation’s total net exports, calculated as total exports minus total imports (NX = Exports – Imports).

But as with all things Economics, the devil is in the details. Note that “Government” is part of GDP. Does it really increase our net national wealth or produce valuable goods and services to drop bombs on another country and reduce them to rubble? Is the creation of an airport near the home town of a Senator, when nobody much goes there, a net gain, or a waste?

Then there is the question of “In what currency?”. This is the classical Economics Rubber Ruler problem. The $US today is about 5 ¢ of the Gold Standard Dollar. So for any long term view of things, you must use a ‘price deflator’. But which prices? Buggy Whips and Oxen? The 1956 Chevy? The 2016 Google Autonomous Car? All are “transportation” so involved in how to deflate the transportation portion of the package. Or ought we to use € or ¥ to measure the USA? Gold? As a commodity it bounces up and down like crazy, though very long term tends to be that one ounce will buy “A Gentleman’s Suit Of Fine Clothing”. Yet even gold and silver move as mining tech moves (and as central bank fads change…). Silver, once pegged at 16 oz per oz of gold, is now closer to 50:1 (and also bounces around). So even two metals can’t properly deflate the other.

So folks “fiddle with the GDP”. Reagan had the inflation numbers (and thus the deflator) “cooked” so that inflation would be smaller and folks expectation of pay rises reduced. Now there’s an adjustment needed for pre vs post Reagan. Some folks deflate one way, some another, others do other things. Which deflator from which years? Eh?

Then there are long discussions of GDP vs NNP (Net National Product) and a dozen other ways to try to measure our “productivity” of stuff and services.

Now, even here, we have the tricky problem of how to measure $US exports properly against ?Whatever? currency imports.. Are two equivalent cars to be net zero against each other as the Ford Focus is not much different from a Datsun? Or do we let market swings of $ vs ¥ decide? If George Soros is seriously attacking the British Pound, does that make their cars “worth less”? But setting that aside, there’s a bigger issue.

Generally, that NX Net Exchange can be worked out reasonably. C Consumption is pretty clear, but subject to the Broken Window Fallacy. Tossing a rock through my own window, then paying someone to fix it, increases GDP… my real wealth not so much… Government loves to fund “make work” and “political favor” projects with high B.W.F. quotients…

Which brings us to the G part. Government. Note this is not “Government ex-bombs” or “Government ex-Graft Paid to Egypt” or “Government ex-Senator Private Airport in Nowhere”… Want to raise GDP? Easy, start a Big Fat Do Nothing Good Program… Send $5 Billion to A Middle East Dictator? GDP up $5 Billion. That this consumes wealth and destroys economic well being? Who cares… Does “Shovel Ready” ring a bell? IF I have a program spending $1 Trillion to have folks with shovels dig holes, and another $1 Trillion for another group to fill them in (WPA – Works Program) at the end of the process, GDP went up $2 Trillion, but all I have is a load of tired people and worn out shovels. NOT a gain. This fallacy comes around a LOT in Government Programs.

The Wiki starts to touch on some of the issues of GDP and different ways to calculate it. (AND still ignoring the zoo of ‘sister acronyms’ that pop up in trying to fix it… GNP, GNI, NNP, NDP, etc. etc.) I’m not going to quote them in full, just a couple of main titles and first sentences to give a flavor of it all I’ve bolded a few bits.


Production approach

This approach mirrors the OECD definition given above.

Estimate the gross value of domestic output out of the many various economic activities;
Determine the intermediate consumption, i.e., the cost of material, supplies and services used to produce final goods or services.
Deduct intermediate consumption from gross value to obtain the gross value added.

Gross value added = gross value of output – value of intermediate consumption.
Income approach

The second way of estimating GDP is to use “the sum of primary incomes distributed by resident producer units”.

If GDP is calculated this way it is sometimes called gross domestic income (GDI), or GDP (I). GDI should provide the same amount as the expenditure method described later. (By definition, GDI = GDP. In practice, however, measurement errors will make the two figures slightly off when reported by national statistical agencies.)

This method measures GDP by adding incomes that firms pay households for factors of production they hire – wages for labour, interest for capital, rent for land and profits for entrepreneurship.
These five income components sum to net domestic income at factor cost.

Two adjustments must be made to get GDP:

Indirect taxes minus subsidies are added to get from factor cost to market prices.
Depreciation (or capital consumption allowance) is added to get from net domestic product to gross domestic product.

Total income can be subdivided according to various schemes, leading to various formulae for GDP measured by the income approach. A common one is:

GDP = compensation of employees + gross operating surplus + gross mixed income + taxes less subsidies on production and imports
GDP = COE + GOS + GMI + TP & M – SP & M
Expenditure approach

The third way to estimate GDP is to calculate the sum of the final uses of goods and services (all uses except intermediate consumption) measured in purchasers’ prices.

In economics, most things produced are produced for sale and then sold. Therefore, measuring the total expenditure of money used to buy things is a way of measuring production. This is known as the expenditure method of calculating GDP. Note that if you knit yourself a sweater, it is production but does not get counted as GDP because it is never sold. Sweater-knitting is a small part of the economy, but if one counts some major activities such as child-rearing (generally unpaid) as production, GDP ceases to be an accurate indicator of production. Similarly, if there is a long term shift from non-market provision of services (for example cooking, cleaning, child rearing, do-it yourself repairs) to market provision of services, then this trend toward increased market provision of services may mask a dramatic decrease in actual domestic production, resulting in overly optimistic and inflated reported GDP. This is particularly a problem for economies which have shifted from production economies to service economies.
Components of GDP by expenditure
U.S. GDP computed on the expenditure basis.

GDP (Y) is the sum of consumption (C), investment (I), government spending (G) and net exports (X – M).

Y = C + I + G + (X − M)

And that is just the Wiki. Once you get into The Literature, there’s even more “stuff” done to / with GDP trying to find The One True Number. IMHO, it doesn’t exist. But Serioso had another idea.

So here’s that email that’s been festering in my “moderation” queue for way too long (over a year):

Originally from this thread:


2015/03/04 at 3:05 am

Which GDP, you ask. It really doesn’t matter, so long as you use the same dollars for tax receipts and national product. Use constant dollars or use current dollars, the result is the same if you use the same type of dollar in numerator and denominator. That’s one of the advantages of using ratios.

I never said anything negative about the Laffer curve, and I never proposed to “toss [it] out.” Indeed, reading the reference you provided, I see that Laffer himself believes we are on the productive (low tax rate) side of the curve, far from the point of maximum tax revenue.

The fact remains that income tax revenues declined as a percentage of GDP after the Reagan tax rate cut. A change of one in 8 or 9 is far from trivial. And the fact that GDP does not include voluntary work (etc.) is irrelevant when looking at a large change in a small time period.

The question, I suppose, is whether you can explain the decrease. Or, if not explain it, see it.

Essentially doesn’t care at all about how GDP is figured, what adjustments and all might be in it, how cooked the deflators are, that it does not reflect real wealth creation, etc. etc. Just divide it and things are fine…

His position is, roughly, we have lots of room for more taxes to be sucked out of the economy, so let’s get to taxing and spending!

My position is, roughly, we are on the ragged edge of collapse due to too much taxing and spending and the peak of the Laffer Curve is likely behind us. I’ve had several postings with data supportive of that POV, so you can find that backing matter if you look under the economics tags.

Most importantly, I think “GDP Ex-Government” is the most important for illustrating why more tax and spend is a Very Bad Idea.

Found A Good Example GDP -ExG

So after some looking, I found this very clear example of why GDP Ex-G is what matters.


Dr William J McKibbin

Sunday, December 29, 2013

US 10-year Moving Average GDP Growth Ex-Government Spending (1958-2013)
The chart below depicts US economic growth as measured by GDP excluding government spending on a 10-year moving average basis since 1958. Note that GDP growth ex-government spending has been trending downwards since 1982, and that economic growth excluding government spending is now hitting historic lows.

US 10-year GDP Growth ex-Gov Spending 1958-2013

US 10-year GDP Growth ex-Gov Spending 1958-2013

I didn’t see in his posting if this was ‘real $’, ‘constant $’, deflated, whatever… I’m going to assume some kind of deflator used given the long time period. (You can see how just saying GDP is a very slippery slope of assumptions…)

Note that as of now, real?GDP-exGovt is about 2% growth (well, really as of 2013 and a 10 year average… so likely even less now) and about equal to our Inflation Target by The Fed. Now we also know that the inflation numbers are cooked (ex-anything_that_goes_up_fast…), so I think a more careful analysis might well find we are at about Zero Real GDP Growth ex-government, which is about what the Average Joe and Jane has been experiencing.

Raise Taxes and Spend more, will rapidly suck that last 2% (that might be inflation-fictional anyway) out of the non-Govt economy and put us in the Greek Puerto Rico Spain Toilet right quick (as they say in Texas).

And that, in a nutshell (though a big one, I admit ;-) is why “which GDP” and even which parts of GDP and how you fiddle with GDP and … why that matters. And why we can’t take a 2% bigger tax bite going into the G part of that equation and leaving the part that makes real economic growth and real wealth creation.

Dr. McKibben sums it up nicely:

The US is in desperate need of greater private sector growth now. The public sector should yield accordingly to private sector priorities in order to accommodate this necessary structural change in the US economy. The government cuts I envision will require a determined reassessment of both US social welfare and defense budget needs sooner rather than later.

I think that generalizes to the EU and UK as well.

A Sidebar On Stupid

IMHO, the core problem is The Incredible Power Of Stupid.

Stupid people are often stupid and usually know it. Very Smart people often do very stupid things, and don’t know it. I’d rather have more structurally slow folks who have learned to be careful, and fewer Very Bright Idiots Acting Stupid.

THE genius of The Private Economy and competition in capitalism is that businesses can and do fail. We limit the size and scope of Stupid and rapidly prune Bad Ideas. Not so in Government. In Government, Stupid can, and does, run rampant for generations. Just look at Common Core as the most recent clear example. It is a lousy way to teach. (Spouse and I both have teaching credentials and have run classrooms, we know this business). Prior to Common Core and the Federal Department of Education, schools were run locally, and generally well. I got a great education then. Now? It’s horrid. And nearly nothing can stop it as it gets worse. Despite some Presidential Candidates saying they will kill off the Fed Dept of Education, I’ll believe it when I see it. Departments rarely go away, and when they do, someone else usually picks up what they were doing and just the name changes…

Believe it or not, “Stupidity Studies” is a part of Economics:


Carlo M. Cipolla (August 15, 1922 – September 5, 2000) was an Italian economic historian. He was born in Pavia, where he got his academic degree in 1944.


As a young man, Cipolla wanted to teach history and philosophy in an Italian high school, and therefore enrolled at the political science faculty at Pavia University. While a student there, thanks to professor Franco Borlandi, a specialist in Medieval economic history, he discovered his passion for economic history. Subsequently he studied at the Sorbonne and the London School of Economics.

Cipolla obtained his first teaching post in economic history in Catania at the age of 27. This was to be the first stop in a long academic career in Italy (Venice, Turin, Pavia, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and Fiesole) and abroad. In 1953 Cipolla left for the United States as a Fulbright fellow and in 1957 became a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Two years later he obtained a full professorship.

Humorous essays

Cipolla produced two tongue-in-cheek essays on economics, circulated (in English) among friends in 1973 and 1976, then published in 1988 (in Italian) under the title Allegro ma non troppo (“Forward, but not too fast”, “Happy but not too much”, from the musical, “Quickly, but not too quick”).

The first essay, The role of spices (and black pepper in particular) in Medieval Economic Development, traces the curious correlation between spice import and population expansion in the late Middle Ages, postulating a causation due to a supposed aphrodisiac effect of black pepper.

The second essay, The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity, explores the controversial subject of stupidity.
Stupid people are seen as a group, more powerful by far than major organizations such as the Mafia and the industrial complex, which without regulations, leaders or manifesto nonetheless manages to operate to great effect and with incredible coordination.

These are Cipolla’s five fundamental laws of stupidity:

1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

2. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

Corollary: a stupid person is more dangerous than a pillager.

As is evident from the third law, Cipolla identifies two factors to consider when exploring human behaviour:

Benefits and losses that an individual causes to him or herself.
Benefits and losses that an individual causes to others.

By creating a graph with the first factor on the x-axis and the second on the y-axis, we obtain four groups of people, with an additional category either existing in its own right or drawn from the members of each previous category whose position with respect to both axes is least extreme:

Intelligent people (top right), who contribute to society and who leverage their contributions into reciprocal benefits
Naive people (top left), who contribute to society but are taken advantage of by it (and especially by the “bandit” [q.v.] sector of it); note, however, that extreme altruists and pacifists may willingly and consciously (rather than “naive[ly]”) accept a place in this category for moral or ethical reasons
Bandits (bottom right), who pursue their own self-interest even when doing so poses a net detriment to societal welfare
Stupid people (bottom left), whose efforts are counterproductive to both their and others’ interests
Helpless/ineffectual people (center)

Cipolla further refines his definition of “bandits” and “naive people” by noting that members of these groups can either add to or detract from the general welfare, depending on the relative gains (or losses) that they cause themselves and society. A bandit may enrich himself more or less than he impoverishes society, and a naive person may enrich society more or less than he impoverishes himself and/or allows himself to be impoverished. Graphically, this idea is represented by a line of slope -1, which bisects the second and fourth quadrants and intersects the y-axis at the origin. The naive people to the left of this line are thus “semi-stupid” because their conduct creates/allows a net drain of societal welfare; some bandits may fit this description as well, although many bandits such as sociopaths, psychopaths, and non-pathological “jerks” and amoralists may act with full knowledge of the net negative consequences to a society that they neither identify with nor care about.

Distribution of Stupid vs Intelligent vs...  and their economic contribution

Distribution of Stupid vs Intelligent vs… and their economic contribution

To the right side, productivity for self, to the left, loss.
To the top, productivity for others, to the bottom, loss.

The classical “maker vs taker” expanded a bit. Upper right are the intelligent Makers who increase real wealth for all. To the upper left, those who are not yet able, such as children or others who take more than they make, but not from malice or stupidity. To the bottom right, the classical Villains of the left. Rapacious bankers, industrialists shitting on your land to increase their wealth, etc.

But what is most interesting is that classical view ignores the bottom left. What Cipolla shows, is that they are more damaging than the bandits. They impoverish both others AND themselves. When Greenpeace shuts down a coal plant in England, their lights go out too…

Now my corollary to Cipolla is simply this:

Government is dominated by Stupid.

Folks don’t get fired. It never “goes out of business” for doing something stupid. The folks running it get there via a Liars Popularity Contest, not any actual wealth building skill or economic understanding. The Stupid, it grows…

Private Enterprise is naturally self pruning. While it has some “bandits”, it has more “intelligent” wealth creators. At core, it is an enforced meritocracy, (though sometimes takes a lot longer than expected to manifest… look at Yahoo…)

IMHO, that explains much of the current Global Malaise.

Globally, Government has consumed the Real Economy productive capacity / growth. The “fix” they propose is Yet More Government Spending… which will increase GDP, but not improve the economy. So The Stupid keep doing that, and drive us ever further into debt and stagflation.

The only real answer is to reduce the size of Government, and with it the Power Of Stupid and move all of us, collectively, from lower left to upper right as the Stupid have less control of resources and economic direction while the competitive space prunes for the Intelligent to run private enterprises.

Bandits? Yes, there will always be Bandits. That’s what anti-trust and fraud laws are for…

So there you have it. And why I could not fit it into a snappy reply a year ago in an off topic discussion.

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Lost Angeles and Me

I have a post card somewhere (do people still do postcards?) that was from an odd place that did “neon” colored cards with quirky sayings on them… so I bought it..

“It really is a simple choice: Life, Death, or L.A.”

That spoke to me. A Lot.

My Dad had a Best Friend who lived in Anaheim. They were “War Buddys” from W.W.II. (“When we finally had the sense to start numbering them”… stolen from someone who’s name I’ve lost..)

I first went to L.A. at about 3? years old. It was before I learned that you are supposed to attribute everything with a time, a date, a person, etc. etc. I slept in the recliner chair (hey, what do you expect a 3 year old to remember?) in their living room. Boyd was the last name… I’ll try to pull up the first names… oh, Winnie was the wife…. later… Jim? Jimmy? Hey it’s been about 60 years now ….

So I clearly remember topping the Grapevine when it was a two lanes one each way road, and we were in a new ’56 Chevy sedan (blue and white), and looking out over the L.A. Basin as a sea of smog… then we descended into it…

In Anaheim we stayed with The Boyd’s. (Spelled right?? You expect the memory of a 3 year old to do spelling?) For a few days, and went to the (then) brand new Disney Land. I liked it a lot. Still remember learning that “E Ticket” meant something… and also we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, that was not as exciting but was still good, then. (Not into the roller coaster thing as now, then). Very Good Fried Chicken! that we waited a long time to get, but the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, including my own…

So at about 3 years old, I started to have ideas about L.A.

My Son went there for University (well, really U.C. Riverside… but…) and I think it changed him, too.

So now I am “bi coastal”. Split between two shores. 1/2 California. 1/2 Florida. Half Anglo, and half Hispanic in culture (for a long historical list of reasons…)

And this song speaks to me, too:

So what’s your choice?

Life, Death, or Los Angeles?

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