I have TBF, could not finish normal daily diet…

of news.

Trump Bashing Fatigue has set in. This morning I tried to watch the news. No joy. Literally… and figuratively as in ‘could not complete it successfully’.

This started a while back, really. At first the Trump Bashing in the news was offset to some extent by the Trump Rallies, the Rightside Broadcasting, the anticipation of the election. I could also get some respite in the RT news who were more distant about Trump. Sort of a hopeful disengaged. Then there was Fox. Bashing back the loons and the progressive / socialist / American Social Liberals / “whatever” they call themselves now as they try to run from their long history of Nation Blundering.

Moving to the Roku and Web Based TV (at present via the Chromebox which has now moved to Media Center duties) provided some help. MANY new news sources. Lots of flexibility in the presentation. One discovery was that my usual consumption of news pattern (turn on a channel in the background, let it run and listen while doing other things) was now much less than optimal. Since “the top of the hour” was whenever I clicked on an app for some sources, I’d just “launch and watch” for the top news (usually about 1/4 hour). Reuters lets you choose. 10, 15, or 30 minute package. Some others do run like a live channel, but why sit through an hour of “5 folks on a bench talking smack” waiting for actual news when you already got it in a 15 minute summary?

Yet even then, I left something running most of the time. I’d do the Reuters 15 (since 30 recycles stuff from the prior day and has more ‘meaningful long pictures’ without real news in it), then a check in on NewsMax (often a talking head commenting on the news rather than news), RT, Al Jazeera, Sky, France24, CBSN, NBC, etc. Inside 1/2 hour to an hour I’d pretty much have all the news there was.

Then more change happened. After Trump was inaugurated, it got even worse. Basically Trump dissed the Russians, so RT went more arm’s length, lost the hopeful tone, and began reporting the latest attacks on Trump from US Media. The EU sources went bat shit crazy with TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome, and were frothing when they reported about the USA (that they felt compelled to do every single show). The TLNs (Three Letter Networks) of CBS CNN ABC NBC all went on a Parrot’s Jihad, every day running the same headlines for the same Rant Du Jour on Trump. My TBF set in hard then.

It started slowly enough. First I learned that it was of no use what so ever to watch each of the TLNs as they were parrots of the same Talking Points Memo. So I started a rotation. One today, another tomorrow. Then I noticed that Reuters was the same set of crap, just with a more subtile knifing of Trump via prettier language and more directed choice of adjectives. “Embattled Whitehouse” “Presidential fumble”… So dropped the TLNs most days. Still checked every so often just to see if the observation held. It did.

Then the Faux Russia Probe and Trump dissing the Russians caused RT to go a bit to the Dark Side with reporting what the TLNs reported, sometimes quoting their shows. GAK! I ran back to Fox via the satellite (despite wanting to ween off of it) for respite. What I found was no “Pithy Commentary” as O’Reilly was gone. Several other shows doing the bit of running snark clips from the “TLNs Trump Bashing” then snickering at them. This is news how?

Then last week I discovered that the Roku let me skip individual stories in the Reuters feed by pressing the left arrow. (Each “app” is different in what button does what… sigh. They need to use a consistent interface standard like Apple does. Not the Microsoft constantly mutating interface non-standard.) So I started my own little protest:

Every time a Bash Trump story came on, I’d skip it on the Roku with Reuters, or I’d leave the “live feed” on the TLNs and Sky / RT / France 24. Since they know who’s watching what, I thought I’d let them see a drop of audience when Trump Bashing pieces ran. That lasted about a week…

This morning, I tried to watch some TLNs or other. Fired it up, “Trump [negativity]…”, drop. Repeat. Repeat. On to Reuters. Skip, Skip, some mindless drivel not really news, Manchester sobbing on the streets, Skip… I could not bring myself to even try AJ or RT. I know Sky and France 24 will be moping about Manchester (but nothing that works to prevent “things like it” will be done), that they will do Trump Bashing when not moping. I know RT will be doing “Trump Pheh”. I know the TLNs will be All Trump Bashing All The Time. Fox has lost it’s spine going for more “balanced” emoting and fearful it might offend someone (Bye Bob Beckle, BIll O’Reilly, and so many others) so slowly turning into pap and pablum nattering (“Oh, isn’t it horrible we-who-used-to-be-on-the-right get so slandered by the left” only goes so far…) I’d stopped watching DW a good month ago as it was just a waste of time and all EU Rah Rah non-news.

So I sat there. Staring at the blank TV. Me, a self proclaimed “News Junky”, unable to tolerate watching the self proclaimed “news” channels.

That was when I realized I definitely had a hard core case of Trump Bashing Fatigue. TBF.

I ought to have realized it last weekend. I spent most of the weekend news time doing “binge watching” of some The CW fluff shows. Yes, I know their target demographic is “Women and girls, teens to 30ish” and I’m not. Every show tends to have women in leadership positions, guys wanting to fix things with violence, and then the women fixing it afterwards or ‘talking down’ the guys. Also, at least once, often twice per show, there’s the OMG Something Blowing Up IN SECONDS!!! drama moment and… folks take time for hugs and good byes and explaining why it’s OK and don’t feel bad that they are going to die saving everyone else or diffusing the bomb is in their skill set or ‘whatever’… OH, and hair always looks good, even when mussed up after a ‘cat fight’ and at least once there’s a romantic moment with a Guy In Touch With His Feelings Sharing. Yeah, different world. Have I mentioned lately I have “novelty seeking behaviour”? That’s part of why I’m a News Junky… or was…

The 100 – a distopian future adventure drama. Women with swords, guys with guns, a plot line with space stations AND bunkers AND folks on horseback having knife fights.

The Flash – classical geek fare, but with changes. Lots of female villains and such. The Flash having lots of emotional angst over ‘relationships’ and talking it out with the ladies involved.

Even Supergirl – with a tough women heading up the newspaper and a woman president along with a woman Evil Villain and of course the Super Girl. Guys as Eye Candy for the ladies and prone to fighting when inappropriate (the women only fight when they’ve talked out the other options…) Yeah, different world view by quite a bit.

Now think on that for a minute. THAT was what beat out watching the news. For a GUY, way out of their demographic, who historically LOVED NEWS.

That really ought to have clued me in that TBF was biting. I just brushed it off as “novelty seeking” and something different for the weekend, maybe.

Now after trying for the rest of the week to get “engaged” with the news again. I’m sitting here wondering if I can finish the binge watch of The Flash on Netflix and be up to date enough for The CW current season to make more sense… and if a new episode of The 100 is up yet…

This in the middle of a premier Presidential Tour of the most important players in the next year or two of future history. Arabs buying $100 Billion+ of arms (to be used on whom, when?) and sinking another $400 Billion+ into USA investments. $1/2 Trillion cash swing in one trip. And folks wonder why Trump went there first… Israel, The Pope, G7, EU Leadership, etc. etc. The news ought to be brimming with insight into the direction he is shifting the globe in these actions. I ought to be drooling over the choice morsels of Future-In-The-Making.

Yet the “news” on Reuters was something about his son-in-law being part of the Russia Probe now – as if Dimocrats adding another notch by persecuting yet another Trump Supporter was news, or even meaningful. “Do you now or have you ever drunk vodka!!??” Have you EVER spoken to anyone from Russia? How about “Have you taken $Millions from Saudis for your Clinton Foundation and then given them anything they wanted including access and staff positions for folks like Huma?”

No. The “News” has broken themselves. I don’t have any enthusiasm for The Daily Propaganda. Just not in me. So I’m joining the spouse for a while in the “I hate news” camp. She never watches it. “It’s too depressing”. I think I finally see why.

Besides, It’s far more fun to watch women in tights and a cape having a cat fight and then talking out their feelings about their Dad Issues… ( Kara, supergirl, talking with her adoptive “sister”, about both missing their Dad, who was dead, but turns out isn’t… Need to find out if they manage to ‘rescue’ him, or if he needs rescuing, and who will rescue whom right back… )

It’s a pretty sad day in the news business when THAT beats out news for a news hound. Even when I have the entire internet at my disposal, a dozen local news channels, all the TLNs, Fox, and all the major international news feeds and more. Being 90%+ Left Wing, they suffer collectively from TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome, and that has made them propagandists by choice, leading me to TBF Trump Bashing Fatigue, and simply shit-canning them until they clean up their act. Start reporting something positive, or at least informative, about the world and the USA and our POTUS.

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Middle East Trip- US President Shares Military Secrets With RUSSIANS!!

The US President, on a secret trip in the Levant, met with the UK and Russian Leaders in the Crimea for an exchange of top secret military strategic information. Hiding from the press, the embattled President Of The United States, even discussed how to carve up Europe for the benefit of all. Worse still, there is clear evidence, including photographs, that they have met before, and shared such secret plans for the domination of the Western World!

The goal of the conference was to shape a post-war peace that represented not just a collective security order but a plan to give self-determination to […] Europe.

The meeting was intended mainly to discuss the re-establishment of the nations […]. Within a few years, […], it has remained controversial.

[It] was the second of three […] conferences among the Big Three. It had been preceded by the Tehran Conference[…],

Oh, the horrors! A sitting US President conspiring with the British Prime Minister and the Russian head of state to destroy a Europe, united under German guidance, sharing military strategy and plans.

There is no denying it, this President is clearly nothing more than a Russian Stooge and under the thumb of the Russian Leader.

Yalta, Crimea, USA, UK, and Russia share military strategy

President of the USA with Russian Leader and UK leader at secret conference


The goal of the conference was to shape a post-war peace that represented not just a collective security order but a plan to give self-determination to the liberated peoples of post-Nazi Europe.

The meeting was intended mainly to discuss the re-establishment of the nations of war-torn Europe. Within a few years, with the Cold War dividing the continent, Yalta became a subject of intense controversy. To a degree, it has remained controversial.

Yalta was the second of three wartime conferences among the Big Three. It had been preceded by the Tehran Conference in 1943, and was followed by the Potsdam Conference in July 1945, which was attended by Stalin, Churchill (who was replaced halfway through by the newly elected British Prime Minister Clement Attlee) and Harry S. Truman, Roosevelt’s successor.

;sarc/ for the sarcasm impaired…

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Trump Trip Tracking

Just a place to discuss the things coming up in Trump’s Trip. (So it doesn’t fill up tips)

On the CBSN online CBS news they had live coverage of his tour of the museum that had been the home of the Saudi King when he was a child. In the central courtyard they had the “Dancing Of The Swords”. The whole thing was impressive and somewhat surreal.

A central area, with a low wall (maybe a meter high?) around it that could be easily vaulted, surrounded by a walkway 2 or 3 people wide, then the surrounding rooms. Trump and the King in the lead of the party, Melania and the rest of the party following. all of them surrounded by a mixed security party of Saudi royal guards and Secret Service. The party stopping at photos on the wall where the King would point at something ( I’m guessing describing some aspect of his life from the photo ). So what made it “surreal” even a little bit?

Well, first off, you have a few dozen clearly athletic men, waving swords around, all of a dozen feet from the U.S. President. Then it’s a traditionally “Males Only” sort of thing in a country where women wear loose fitting black tents and can’t go out without an escort, and where for some reason they have a fixation on women’s hair as a sexuality thing, and there is Melania is a … well, not quite ‘slinky’ but definitely “close fitting” red dress, beautiful and with flowing hair.

So the dancers are trying very hard to not “notice” Melania, but some folks from time to time seem to sneak a peek. The Saudi royal guards are in modern uniform (dark, western style, uniforms – sharp looking) while the royals and their group are in those long white robes with the red hat/scarf thing. The dancers in traditional Arab garb, though I don’t know the period, looks like about Laurence Of Arabia era to me, but someone who knows can correct me. US Secret Service in their usual “blend in” western suits standing out like crazy.

So this ring of Saudi Royal Guards is moving with the party, keeping a bit out from them and facing outward. Their are some US Secret Service mixed with them, their are a bunch of Saudi Family (my guess, white robe red hat guys) looking at the party from the courtyard, and then the dancers (different head cover) waving their swords around to rhythmic drum music and variously swaying or having a group moving in rotation together. Then the King being blissfully engaged in his showing off of photos and remembering, Trump trying to be engaged with him, but sometimes looking over at the guys and swords, Melania standing out as a tall beacon of red in a sea of bland looking, while the ‘audience’ Saudis are looking at ‘them’ (and I suspect more at Melania…) all while the Secret Service guys are looking intense and focused and the Saudi guards are looking almost as tense.

From the King being blissfully unconcerned to the guards looking OMG Who Planned This!? to Melania doing the Catwalk Regal Disengaged to the Saudi Audience men all facing that way (backs to the camera to hard to say who they were looking at) to the dancers doing their thing (but looking a bit stern for some, bored for others, or maybe it’s part of the show to look stern) trying not to look at the party (and occasionally failing). All to a strong rhythmic drum beat and with more swords in one place than I’ve seen in ages.

It was also a bit odd to see the Secret Service AND Saudi royal guard mostly focused ‘outward’ yet sometimes ‘inward’ and occasionally looking askance at each other. Who DO you defend against in that context? You KNOW the guards and Secret Service are all armed.. or do you? And if NOT armed, what do you do with a dozen guys against 30 swordsmen? But it’s all in a “safe” place … You could just see that playing out on the faces of the different guards / Secret Service. So a ring of guards / Service would move forward, doing the look outward thing, but sort of nervously checking each other out, and glancing behind them. Cat’s and firecrackers come to mind…

And here I am, 1/2 a world away (10 time zones, so not a metaphor!) watching it all live on TV from my couch. Feeling a bit like a kid who was supposed to have gone to bed, sneaking a peak at the party I’m forbidden to attend.

I’m sure more will crop up during this Trump Trip, so feel free to add bits.

Sky News live feed:

Al Jazeera English live:

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Friday Videos (no TDS allowed)

I’ve reached my limit for TDS and all things Politic for the week. It’s Friday. Time for some videos and a chill one. (PC not required, or needed, or allowed, or tolerated…)

The couple in front of the Hispanic restaurant does things with their legs and feet that are not possible while standing… IMHO. Then there are the dance groups… A Harley Quinn dance group? Sure, why not…

Not got your exercise for the day? Gotta Dance:

I think this is going to become my dance exercise video. Well, one of them. It’s for my health. Honest.

Definitely Different, Turning Japanese. Fond memories of that part of Tokyo.

An “oldy but a goodie” for all things Egyptian:

And something a bit more, um, “edgy” – speaking of deplorables…

When Celts Meet Egyptian and become Hispanics:

OK, I showed you mine, what you got?

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Hope & Character Witnessing – Obstruction? Really?

Substantially all the news feeds are hot on Trump & “Obstruction of Justice” ( RT was talking about the Chinese “Belt & Road” initiative and geopolitical implications instead ).

Reputedly, Trump was coercing Comey to let Flynn off the hook and end his investigation pronto. He did this by saying “Flynn is a good guy” and “I hope you can let this go” (As per several outlets including the NYT in a ‘memo’ where Comey wrote his notes about the meeting).

So let me get this straight: Someone who may not like you so much can make a “memo” (supposedly to himself and the files) claiming you were a character witness for a subject of an investigation and had hopes that it didn’t lead to the “good guy” getting whacked; and THAT’S “obstruction of justice”? Really? And here I thought that was what every defense lawyer did at trial.

Now here I thought obstruction required something like burning records, destruction of evidence, meeting for 1/2 hour on an airplane with the A.G. when you wife is under investigation and then the AG the drops it…


If that really is the state of our Legal System, then The Swamp is in much more serious need of draining that I’d thought (and I thought it was “big league” in need of draining before.)

Even McCain is out there pumping for this. Guess his fragile little ego couldn’t take an insult or two during the campaign. The Three (used to be “the big three”) Alphabet Networks (ABC NBC CBS) are 4-walling this as the end of civilization and grounds for an immediate do-over of the election… well, maybe only impeachment and running out of town on a rail…

So “hound from office” is the plan, then. Set a pack of wolves onto anything and everything. Create fantasy Russian Threats and then attack anyone who says “show me evidence” or ever drank Vodka. Attack the children. Attack the friends. Attack being a character witness and expressing hope.

If we can not express hope, then the result will be despair. The result of Deplorables In Despair can be seen in Venezuela today. I “hope” the RNC and Republicans can see that supporting the President Of The United States is better than that outcome. If they think The Deplorables in the USA are going to accept legal-based political assassination of their Last Best Hope, they better be ready for never having another vote from them again.

All I can really speak for is myself. For me: ANYONE who participates in this POTUS Take Down, or even just stares into their coffee cup doing nothing while it happens, will NEVER EVER get a vote from me. I’ll vote for Bernie first and just try to ride out the Socialist Collapse to the recovery side before I’ll support a traitor.

If the RNC is worried about the result in the election based on Democrats nattering in their ear about how “bad this looks”, they better realize there is a very large and very quiet group watching. The same folks who didn’t answer polls about the election, and then elected Trump. Silent does not mean irrelevant. Silent does not mean agreement. Silence is what a big cat does just before it pounces on a fearful rodent.

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WanaCry Ransomwear Attack

The discussion started in “tips”, but as the most important thing to do ‘right off the bat’ was to down any internet connected computers, I didn’t put up a new posting right away, so several important links and some discussion is to be found starting here: (h/t to Larry Ledwick) https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/tips-may-2017/#comment-83247

At this point, having confirmed it is a Microsoft OS centered attack exploiting an SMB fault (and not running Samba on anything), I’m bringing my systems back up. Since most of my stuff runs on Linux or Macintosh, I’m feeling OK about that. My old Windows XP boxes generally sit turned off in the corner, mostly being insurance for document recovery should I encounter something on an old backup that nothing current can read.

At this point, I’ve got the Android Tablet and a Mac Laptop in service. Later I’ll be booting up the Linux stuff that is my desktop.

A “tip” on how I handle this kind of thing:

I use a system that is “disposable” in that it can be erased at will. Should it get infected with crap, I just reset it. In this case I used the tablet. I remove the SD card that has everything personal on it (downloads too, I point everything to it most of the time) and the base tablet is largely just the OS and anything I don’t care about. At that point, doing a reset mostly just means I need to reenter any network passwords and logins.

Android has also been fairy impervious to exploits in my experience. So I’m comfortable with it as my ‘window on the world’ during an Aw Shit Event. This is also part of why I have a variety of systems. Any given “event” tends to hit one class of operating system. Once identified, I can continue operations on the one (or ones) not targeted.

Now, it is possible to corrupt the firmware on systems to gain “persistence” for an exploit. Even to the degree of planting things in the firmware of attached hard disks. For this reason I have a second level of Aw Shit System. I have a “disposable SD Chip” for the R.Pi system. Normally, all but one hard disks are not plugged in nor powered up. By air-gap definition, 99.99% of my data is secure from ransomware. I have an SD card in the Pi, but it has a recent backup in one of the offline hard disks. Things get hincky I can toss the $8 SD chip, flash another one, and since the Pi firmware is loaded at boot time from the SD card, even that is fairly safe.

The one “mostly used” hard disk is a $40 or so few years old 500 MB USB disk with swap and a home directory on it. The home directory also has an offline / powered off copy (several, actually). For a while I ran from a $20 USB Stick so it, too, was disposable, but as the old disks got ‘less interesting’ to save, have moved onto one of them. Essentially, my entire “Daily Driver” is disposable if needed.

Now, during any event, I don’t really want to toss those bits. So what I do is immediately down that system. Plus any others in the house. Scrapers, NFS servers, whatever. Essentially “go dark” other than the Telco supplied boundary router. (If it looks bad enough and network gear is being hit, I’m willing to down it as well, but since Telcos like to be able to push patches, that comes at the cost of perhaps missing that push in the first round.)

IFF I need that desktop system back up, I’ll take my ‘Disposo System Chip’ out of the chip jar, put it in, unplug the hard disk, and boot. At that point all that is at risk is an $8 SD card and MAYBE a $35 Pi, but it is highly unlikely even they have any real risk of “persistent” infection. Just not enough smarts in them, mostly, but also “uninteresting” to most hackers. (The IOT exploits would be interested in small ARM based systems, though…) Now I’ve got a fully functioning Linux box to work with, but one that is essentially immune from 90%+ of all exploits (as they are aimed at Microsoft) and trivially reset if it is infected; plus entirely disposable if, somehow, a persistence exploit gets into it.

Every other system in the house stays down until the event is shown to be over.

I have two levels of firewall. The Disposo System is plugged directly into the Telco router. More exposed to the world, but all the OTHER home systems are behind yet another NAT firewall, so to some degree protected from the Disposo System, should it fall to an attacker, and something wasn’t powered off. I watch the “blinky lights” on the Telco Router for any activity NOT synchronized with my usage of the Disposo System. (For this reason I have ALL automatic update and ‘phone home’ features turned off on the system. I don’t need an automatic update of FireFox to look like I’m being attacked with lots of unexplained blinky lights on the router and hard disk… as I would immediately pull the plug on it.)

That generally gets you through almost anything short of a directed attack by a TLA Three Letter Agency.

In this case, I was watching Sky News and they had enough Tech Talk to say it was an SMB based attack on older Windows machines. That told me I was likely 100% safe as “Friends don’t let friends use Microsoft” directs my system choices. Since news can be wrong, I followed my “shutdown protocol” anyway. But I did allow myself the luxury of using the Tablet as my world monitor AND leaving the ROKU based TV running. Not a lot of exploits for the ROKU anyway.

This morning I’m getting the Macintosh gear back up, so this is being typed on the MacBook that I recovered from the discard pile after the Solid State Disk died. It runs off of a mico-SD card in an adapter, so it is very slow, but also in that 100% disposable system group. I can just flash the card with a backup copy from the powered down disk farm, if ever needed. Later in the day, the spousal Mac will be back up. One layer at a time, keeping a wary eye on the news.

Later this evening, I’ll bring up some of the more important Linux systems, including my desktop.

Way over the top cautious? You bet! These things often cause copycats to come out to play, attacking other systems. Sometimes they go for a ‘double tap’. It pays to exercise a full on defense profile anyway.

So, with that, anyone with a Macintosh, Android, or Linux system ought to be fine. Folks with a Windows box that has patches up to date ought to be OK, for now. The world will slowly recover as boxes are scrubbed and backups + patches applied. Some few folks will have cried and paid.

Hopefully everyone can learn a few more defensive behaviours and our government will have learned: It is a Very Bad Idea to build exploits into systems or develop a secret attack system. The simple fact is that nothing is secret forever, and that you can have a 100% security focus, or be insecure. There is no such thing as a small security hole. When the Government finds one, it ought to immediately and secretly inform the manufacturer so they can immediately push a patch, not “bank it” for use as an exploit. Any exploit YOU find, someone else has already found or will find tomorrow.

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O’Reilly On Newsmax?

With the move toward cord cutting, I’ve made some changes in where I look for news and what shows I watch. One really nice factor has been the ability to skip stories that are not of interest, and to get news on my schedule, not by appointment. One disappointment has been the lack of Fox News.

Over time that may resolve. When the final “cut” comes, in about 8 months, I expect to get some replacement service on a paid basis. Something like Sling TV, or Playstation Vue or similar. That may include Fox, in which case this problem resolves. But assuming it doesn’t, I’ve been looking at alternatives for a conservative voice.

Newsmax does a pretty good job of it. It is on the ROKU, so I’ve been watching it. (Right now, J.D. Hayworth is on. A former congressman, he has a news-opinion show) It looks like the same show directly from the internet as a live feed here (they have two sites, text linked above and this one):


Yesterday they had a “poll question” being asked, which they just repeated today: “Do you think Bill O’Reilly should return to cable news?”. They then directed to their website. I looked at the poll and would have voted yes, but for their having requested personal information like an email address (and the default box checked saying to send me “updates” or some such).

UPDATE: They said at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific, they will announce results. The poll is at yet another web site “newsmaxpolls.com” but that just redirects to: http://www.newsmax.com/polls/

This leads me to wonder if Newsmax is negotiating with Bill O’Rielly and wants to check in with their audience.

Since The O’Rielly Factor accounted for some huge fraction of the growth of Fox News, even if they lost 1/2 the audience in the transition, it would be a big win for Newsmax.

FWIW, it looks like O’Rielly is putting up some news commentary here:


The NewsMax folks said the result of the poll will be known by the end of the day. I hope they cut a deal with O’Rielly as his was one of the Fox shows I liked and was missing. (Varney & Company being another big one). Having O’Reilly on NewsMax would make it less of an issue for me to find alternatives.

Why all this focus on Conservative Voice? Because it is my “style” of news consumption to drink broadly and “contrast and compare”. It’s hard to do that if all you consume is the Daily Left Wing Talking Points that show up on Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, and what Hayworth called “the alphabet news networks” ABC, CBS, NBC.

RT (which I really hope returns to the Roku as a direct channel instead of forcing me to dig through Pluto TV to find it) and Al Jazeera give some good contrast, but right now RT is on an anti-Trump bent and Al Jazeera doesn’t care much about USA Domestic things. So finding a pro-Trump voice at the moment is a bit hard. Basically Fox (most of the time but not always) and NewsMax are all I’ve found.

FWIW I’ve gotten sensitized to the “Get trump!” stories to the point where once I’ve heard one in any given day, the next time one pops up I leave the channel. Why listen to The Same Damn Story on each of 5 channels? I’ve also gotten attuned to the subtle “digs” in the Reuters Roku feed. More subtle than the MSNBC / CNN rants, but still biased. Shows up in the adjectives (“embattled Trump” or “concern rising about FOO by Trump”) and sometimes in a slight at the end of the story like “said an angry Trump” or “chaotic White House” lines when there is no evidence for such a state at all. I’ve also discovered there’s an arrow on the remote that lets me skip through such drek in their news story set and just skip to the next story.

What I’d really like is just one good straight news source, but sadly most of what passes as news on the left leaning sources is really just Professional Concern Trolling these days. So I have to do the compare and contrast to extract the news portion and filter for biased adjectives… Sigh.

So there you have it. Waiting to see if the NewsMax poll comes up positive, and then waiting to see if O’Rielly is back on the air in less time than a short vacation ;-)

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