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I like how he thinks!  If banning Acosta violates the 1st, banning a gun violates the 2nd

I like how he thinks!

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Take Your Vit C To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

This is a surprise. Mice with the normal ability to make their own Vit C knocked out, so they are like humans, get more atherosclerotic plaques with sub-clinical Vit C levels. Give them enough Vit C, the don’t get plaques. 24 minutes. A bit technical, but has pictures too ;-)

Looks like some folks in South Korea found a similar thing:

High Levels Of Vit-C Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A group of researchers from the University of Ulsan in South Korea after a recent study has claimed that people who have low amount of Vitamin C in their body are 2.4 times more prone to have high levels of a protein named hsCRP. hsCRP is responsible for developing inflammation or swelling and heart diseases in people. The researcher group has mentioned that people who have low levels of Vit-C and hsCRP protein in the amount over 3 mg/liter are two times more prone to die from cardiovascular diseases than others. Researchers have claimed that the study is the first to disclose the link between Vit – C in body and heart diseases.

Eun Kyeung Song who is the assistant professor in nursing in the College of Medicine under the University of Ulsan has mentioned that it is been found that people with high levels of Vit C in body have higher survival chance in heart failure than people who have low Vit C in body. According to the statement received at the Ulsan University’s side the researchers conducted the study over 212 patients of average 61 years. Among those patients one third was women and almost 45 per cent of the patients were likely to have severe heart failure.

Looks like a lot of other folks found the same thing. Here’s a DuckDuckGo search on “Vitamin C cardiovascular disease”. I’ve “gently broken” the links so I don’t have to deal with a lot of HTML formatting. Just do a DDG search and you ought to get these results.

Vitamin C and Heart Health: A Review Based on Findings from …
Vitamin C is a powerful dietary antioxidant that has received considerable attention in the literature related to its possible role in heart health. Although classical vitamin C deficiency, marked by scurvy, is rare in most parts of the world, some research has shown variable heart disease risks …
[Search domain www. ncbi.nlm.nih. gov] https: //

Vitamin C and Cardiovascular Disease – Orthomolecular. org
Vitamin C and Cardiovascular Disease A Personal Viewpoint by Alan Spencer and Andrew W. Saul (OMNS, June 22, 2010) Linus Pauling was aware that studies of the animal kingdom showed that most animals have the ability to manufacture vitamin C in their bodies.
[Search domain orthomolecular. org] orthomolecular. org/resources/omns/v06n20.shtml

Adequate Vitamin C Linked to Lower Risk for Heart Disease
In addition to heart disease, vitamin C is considered an anti-aging vitamin and actually reversed age-related abnormalities in mice with a premature aging disorder, restoring healthy aging. 9 It has also been found to play a role in preventing the common cold, cancer, osteoarthritis, age-related macular degeneration, asthma, and more.
[Search domain articles.mercola. com] https: //…

High vitamin C intake lowers risk of coronary heart disease …
In reality, it turns out that daily supplementation with a safe and inexpensive vitamin can help provide major protective benefits to the heart, while helping to prolong life. Extensive research has confirmed that vitamin C drastically lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease – in one …
[Search domain www.] https: //

Vitamin C related to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease …
High vitamin C concentrations in the blood from the intake of fruit and vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, new research shows. The study …
[Search domain www. sciencedaily. com] https: //

Using Vitamin C for Heart Disease, Cancer and Cell Protection
Dr. Linus Pauling said that heart disease is a manifestation of chronic scurvy, and atherosclerotic plaque is a mechanism evolved to repair or patch blood vessels and arteries damaged by chronic vitamin C deficiency.
[Search domain drsircus. com] https: //…

Cforyourself: Heart Disease & Vitamin C
Just as heart disease is primarily a disease of the vascular system, strokes are primarily a result of a deteriorated cerebrovascular system. A recent long-term study showed that high vitamin C levels were correlated to a reduced incidence of stroke.
[Search domain www. cforyourself. com] www.

Vitamin C Benefits Protect Against Heart Disease
The higher the levels of vitamin C in the blood, the lower the risk for heart disease and early mortality. The researchers concluded that high vitamin C intake at least partially explains the link between fruit and vegetable consumption and lowered risk for disease.
[Search domain universityhealthnews. com] https: //…

Vitamin C Benefits, Sources, Supplements, & More – WebMD
But the benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.
[Search domain www.] https: //
Cardiovascular Disease Specialist – Better Search – Faster Results
Speedy, Fast, And Accurate Results For Cardiovascular Disease Specialist
[undefined] www.

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