Friends Of Australia Friday: 22 October 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

What could be better than a dual “cultural appropriation” dinner? Eh? Lamb Burritos it was! As I’ve been running down inventory on things, preparatory to moving to the other coast, I discovered I was out of canned olives and fresh onions. OK, a bit of accommodation.

Onion chips from my dehydrated onion bottle were rehydrated in warm water, then about 1/2 an onion worth put in the frying pan in 1/2 butter 1/2 olive oil. I also added about a cup of diced brown mushrooms. This was started at a simmer to shrink the mushrooms (as they do…) and glaze the onion bits.

A pound of Australian Lamburger was added about a tsp at a time. This was all cooked until browned off.

Along the way (as some moisture built up) I did the usual “salt & pepper over” to taste and a good sprinkle of dried Garlic granules. A bit of “Italian Seasoning” (normally folks use Oregano or related, but a bit of the Italian mix does just fine) then toward the end, what seems like Too Much Comino (Cumin)… And hot pepper to taste.

A Tortilla is warmed in the large cast iron skillet on medium-low, and canned La Victoria refritos are refried in the smaller skillet. Then comes the assembly:

Hot Tortilla onto large plate, spatula of refritos to the middle in a line, Lamburger Mushroom Mix to excess, a good sprinkle of Mexican Cheese Shreds, then a modest amount of Butter Lettuce bits, Exotica Of Your Choice (everything from guacamole to olives to Habanero Peppers as you like it ;-) and ROLL!

We had a Green Side Salad with this, and frankly, 2 of these and I was stuffed to the limit!

The Wine

I stopped at Total Wine and picked up a 1.5 liter of Original Martin’s Pickup Cabernet Sauvignon 2020. Surprisingly mellow for such a young wine.

Martin’s Pickup is one of my favorite Australian Bulk Wines. Drinkable young, it is not pretentious about wine. Just a rich and smooth drink that says “More Please!”.

So of course, by this time, I’m just a little fuzzy about the edges ;-)

The News

Not a lot of news out of Australia reaching the public in the USA. I take that to mean that the Australians and resisting the Globalist Tyranny…

Both the BBC and ABC pages are serving up “Emotive Pablum” with No Bad Thing in sight. Somehow I doubt that…


Unfortunately, being up to my eyeballs in getting a new roof on, clearing the junk out, looking to buy a tow vehicle & trailer and sundry other odd bits, I’ve not been able to keep and eye on down under, so folks will need to fill this section in themselves.

Is Melbourne really reopening?

Are happy people really cavorting in the streets?

Is tourism really set to re-open imminently?

Somehow I get the feeling spin is happening…

Just Because

So, to lighten the mood a little (as I find out how much of my 1.5 L is left…) here’s a little something to get y’all moving:

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Grab Bag Of Videos & Such

I’ve been busy dumping a lot of junk, and that’s left me looking for some light entertainment / relief. So here’s a “Grab Bag” of things I’ve run into.

We’ll start off with a serious look at the insanity around us (and not, that is not hyperbole – they really are suffering mass psychosis). Useful insight, but also a bit odd to realize all around us are a mass of mass hysterics, and it may be by design.

Then, to lighten up the mood, How About SouthWest! Innovating the future of airline non-travel. (Note that the /sarc; is strong in these folks:

Simultaneously “cringe worthy”, creepy, and instructive, while letting you get a bit of a chuckle at Billy Boy squirming. BTW, I recognize some of the referenced media techniques from my training to deal with media as a board member; here’s an interview analysis of Slimy Billy Gates being asked an uncomfortable question about Epstein. I have a natural “People Reader” that just screams “lying slime bucket” when I hear Gates talk, but in this one he went way OTT. The profiler describing the “tells” enlightened me about what I learned to pick up instinctively:

Then we’ll exit on a lighter mood with some good ‘ol gals:

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It is Somber Sunday, so, of course: F-BOMB ALERT! Do Not Proceed unless you are of stout heart and forgiving nature!

FWIW, in the last 3 days I’ve personally chopped down 3 apple trees, chopped them to bits no longer than 4 feet, stacked them in the street for collection, and strongly (have you ever tried to spell “severely” when drunk?) trimmed a Tangelo tree. There are now no less than 6 piles of (REGULATED to 5 feet maximum on any side!) trimmings to be collected by The City!!! and a couple of more to be set out after collection tomorrow. Let’s just say I’m a bit sore and having a bit of “attitude” mixed with “chemical relief”; and that is a minor issue for folks “not me”.

So, in keeping with my chopping down so many trees:

There was a song I heard HUNDREDS of times in the local movie theatre growing up: “The lion sleeps tonight”. Little did I know it was f_ed up in how it came to my ears:

Not as good to my ears, but clearly a debt is owed and unpaid:

Then there’s the version I heard over and over and over and over..

Then, This is just because it is F-ing weird (but in keeping with the F-ing theme):

We’ve seen and heard this one before. BUT, in the context of current political events, and “The Perfect People” of Hollyweird and Silly Con Valley, all telling us we are stewpid and ignoorant for not doing what they know is best for us; well, it just seem appropriate somehow to tell them just how I feel:

No More Fucks To Give (or “How I feel these days” in the Dimocratic Regime aka Communism For Profit:


Please note that at least 8 shots (that I could count) of Tequila and a few ounces of “Fizzy Australian Wine” (to get the pyloric valve at the base of the stomach to open up and let the Tequila in to the blood pretty please… as CO2 causes it to open and high octane alcohol paralyses it and leaves the “goodies” stranded in the stomach) were involved in the making of this posting. It is Very Important to know how these systems work and how to control them to your best advantage. Lessons are available for the novice (you provide the booze…)

Then, just because it’s F-ing Weird:

I don’t know what to make of this, but find it a compelling thing. Just because:

Then, not because I have any evidence it is first, but just because it is f-ing haunting:

Note: F-Bombs Go to TRASH!

Please note that any use of the “F-Word” is automatically directed to the “Trash” folder and I have to fish them out and fix them a few days later. Just say-in’ … IF you want a comment to go through fast, avoid the F-Bomb. OK?

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Global Communist Push Is The Root Cause

While the first part of this Epoch Times video is interesting (it covers 2 court cases where one finds a school CAN mandate the jab and another finds they can NOT.) it is the second part where a lady from Colombia is interviewed that I find most interesting.

You see, she points out that the Same Playbook is being run by the Global Communist movement against her country. To me, this points at the Root Cause. We know the players. Same ones are in Colombia (Antifa, BLM, etc.) and doing the same things. She then traces back to some of the origin points of their efforts and points at coordination footprints in the sand…

While I think it is worth watching both segments, you can skip forward to the 11 minute mark to just pick up the Latin American Insurgency segment:

This is, IMHO, an attempt by a Globalist Marxist Movement to destroy ALL independent nations and republics. Not a surprise, really, since their doctrines include the assertion that first you must destroy what “is” to replace it with the Utopian Communism, and they believe in the destruction of nations as “true communism” is global not national.

I think this also explains the big push to have an Open Border on the US south and import a load of folks from Latin America. It is to have an open access for a hoard of Communist Infiltration not just “refugees”. It is literally opening the door for the Communist Insurgents.

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