Lord Monckton At COP25 Madrid

Just gotta luv it when Lord Monckton rips them to their faces…

Full or a lot of subtile bits that I need to ponder again. Especially the formulas where he says they got their math wrong and the greenhouse effect is very tiny as a result.

35 min.

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W.O.O.D. 7 December 2019


This is another of the W.O.O.D. series of semi-regular
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What’s Going On?


The election is now just under one week away. Corbin isn’t doing well, maybe that’s a good thing. In any case, time to start paying attention to Merry Olde again.

IG Report

Supposedly coming out Monday. Early reviews of rumors range from bland irrelevance to damaging to Dems. The Democrats have started the early Propaganda Neutering operation to claim ongoing irrelevance. We’ll see on Monday. I hope.

Impeachment Circus

Took on an air of Academic Idiocy this week as Nadler almost fell asleep in his own hearing listening to 3 hand picked Democratic Radical Professors claim that Trump simply MUST be impeached to save the Nation because he called the liars publishing proven lies “Fake News” in a Tweet and didn’t want to just hand over $Millions of OUR MONEY to foreigners with a strong reputation for corruption until he found out if the guy was going to spend it on drugs and getting his kid a cushy job ( I’d have tossed in “sex with underage girls” but Epstein is out of business now…)

Yeah, Impeach The Sucker for doing the job he was elected to do. Husband our money and weed out the corruption of The Swamp Creatures.

The next week, or at most 2, will let us know two things:

1) Just how stupid IS the Democratic Leadership. If they file articles of impeachment, they are toast. There will be 62 Million devoted Trump voters doing everything possible to end their terms in office.

2) Just how corrupt are the Democrats? Pelosi sure looked like she knew it was stupid, but someone either has a LOT of dirt on her, or told her “$Millions if you do it, replaced if you don’t.”

I’m bored of the whole thing. Some of the Dimmer Dems have quoted polls saying 52% of the public is in favor of their process (or some such crap). Maybe they ought to remember the last polls that had Hillary in a landslide and didn’t work out that well. People with jobs and a brain stopped answering polls long ago. Then, should one get through, and KNOWING that this is used against conservatives as they put you on a list, you can bet I’m going to answer one way: “Why yes, I think the Democrats are doing just fine.”

What “crime” have they got? Trump made them cry and he’s a mean white man. Sorry, not good enough.

I think I’ll get some “Trump – 8 more years!” signs and bumper stickers made up (and put them on random Democrats Teslas…) /sarc; for the sarcasm impaired…

So, OK, lets make history. Impeach 45, and we’ll re-elect him. Then, when next there is a Democrat POTUS, and a Republican House, impeach him or her immediately. Use the same rules and procedures. Cite the precedent. If it is Hillary, use Bengazi, the Uranium One deal, and more. If Warren, lying. If Sanders, his book deal. If any of the rest, and particularly Bloomberg, on the grounds that they failed to defend the Constitution (that whole 2nd Amendment thing). I’m comfortable with impeaching ANY and ALL politicians that advocate for gun bans since that is a clear violation of the “Right to KEEP and BEAR arms”.

You wanna dance? Call your tune and we’ll dance…

National Riots

France has gone way over the top now with a General Strike. Air, rail, and taxi service out. Cities a mess. Antifa AND the Yellow Vests AND Unions all in the street together. I think Macron has just ended his acceptance.

As I said last time:

These things are just snowballing. Pretty soon it will be easier to list the places NOT having a riot. Let’s see if I can get them all (or at least the big ones) from memory.

I think I’m going back to just listing the big lumps when they float to the top. For now, that’s the USA, Brexit post vote, France any time, and then scattered bits in the EU. South America continues a mess and the Middle East has always been, so what’s the point in cataloging it? So “Israel bombed”… somebody who was a threat to them. That’s not even news anymore.

Biggest snippets I ran into in the news cycles were that the USA had sent a B-1 bomber batch to Saudi Arabia (some time ago) to Prince Sultan Air Base. So I wonder if the Saudi doing the shooting in Florida was a shia? Just saying… Iran not happy, try to make a “you and him fight” out of it.

The other interesting bit was the USA & Japan putting an airbase on an island on the edge of the East China Sea.


Japan to Buy Uninhabited Island for Carrier-borne Aircraft Drills

The Japanese government is buying an uninhabited island in the East China Sea to set up a military base in response to growing threats from China. Mage Island, has been acquired by the Japanese government for JPY16 billion (USD146 million) and is expected to host US carrier-based aircraft as well as the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) exercises. It had previously been touted as a rocket launch site and a storage facility for spent fuel from nuclear reactors.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said during a press conference that Tokyo has reached an agreement in principle to buy the 8-square-kilometre island from a private company at a cost of about JPY16 billion (USD146 million), mainly to enable field carrier landing practice (FCLP) for the US Navy (USN). The acquisition of Mage Island is vitally important to maintaining and strengthening the deterrence of the US-Japanese alliance and to build up Japan nation’s defence capabilities.

This has China livid and the Hong Kong protesters encouraged. But it’s still just a barren flat rock. It has the leftovers of a rough air field from when it was used in W.W.II, so easy to repave.

Who’s Your President?

I think I’ll leave this blank this week until someone changes hats.

Snow Season

We’ve got record snow cover already and it’s just started.

Snow Cover 7 Dec 2019

Snow Cover 7 Dec 2019

From: https://www.eldoradoweather.com/snowdepth.html

Just wonder what it will be like when Winter actually starts…

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The Shape Of Love


All love starts out unconditional, then decays through stages to end in transactional, or simply evaporate.

Infatuation is a sort of unconditional love. One party loves the other, who starts out clueless.

Parents unconditionally love their children (at least until the Terrible Twos or Teens, depending ;-)

Infants unconditionally love their parents; right up to the same points.

Then things transition to Conditional Love.

IFF You REALLY loved me, you would…

Yes I love you, BUT…

You would let me date them… or: but do your homework then…

A guy gets the Hots for a girl who has the Hots for him. Neither is counting coup. A few years later, she is unhappy that he only Rubbed Her Up for three minutes while she Licked His Balls for four. The Transactional Stage has begun.

The degenerate, or end stage, is just love as an item of commerce. Prostitution.

I’m not against it. Sex for money is no worse than Faux love for money. More honest in many ways. But how do you get there?

We all start out alone in a stange new world. Our parents are expected to love us as their own flesh. This works for a while, until the parent realizes this is not Mini Me, but a unique person.. and we realize these “providers” come with Rule Making attached.

Then unconditional transitions to conditional.

I love you BUT

Clean up you room.

Let me go to the game.

Do your chores, then we will talk.

If you really loved me, you would let me…

Does my dog love me unconditionally or because I provide free food, so transactional?

This is a fundamental question to most interactions. Political or financial.

Where am I in the spectrum from unconditional to conditional to transactional to commercial love?

Somebody must be the First Mover who loves unconditionally. Gets the Pound Puppy. Has the infatuation. Says “I Love You!” First. Otherwise we all end up in the desert of commercial, transactional love. Alone.

I chose to love my spouse unconditionally.

I chose to love my children unconditionally.

I chose to love my dog unconditionally.

I chose to accept my infatuation with my biracial grocery clerk unconditionally, while also accepting my love of my spouse unconditionally, so don’t mention it to either…

Choose more unconditional love, and upgrade from conditional or transactional love. Somebody must to improve things, so be somebody. Even if all you do is kiss your dog…


In this video, Sting points out Cheb Mami as an equal or better singer. A true love of a fellow artist. In most English presentations Cheb is treated as at best a backup singer. But not to Sting.


I’d originally had some thing else in mind. But this caught my attention as a transactional thing. The horse has power, the woman has intelligence. Together they have something special as a transactional love. Same music as above.

The other teansactional…


In Conculusion

Love your spouse and your children unconditionally.

It is the best thing you can do to increase the love in the world.

Avoid negative energy sinks full of hate and commercial “love”.

Chose to love unconditionally. Someone. Somewhere.

Kick to the curb grumpy unhappy people devoid of love only lusting after transactions (Clinton) or commerce (Schiff / Nadler / Pelosi).

Life is too short to drink bad wine or suffer a loveless existance. Love is something you get by giving. There are plenty of opportunities to give.

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Black Dude, He Be Gettin’ It

I have no idea who “Kingface” is or why he is being interviewed. What I do know is just that the only thing between me and a Black Babe is her interest in me. That is, there isn’t any “prejudice” here, just recognizing that I’m likely not the first choice as a “pasty white guy”. So, that out of the way, here’s an interesting video of a Black Dude tellin’ it like it be.

I really like his “Conservative T.H.U.G.” shirt ;-)

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