10 Days To Brexit – Maybe

In theory (and in current law) in 10 days Britain exits the EU.
Unless, of course, it doesn’t.

Sky News is busy talking to political types who are pushing the notion of extending the deadline. Then some who are pointing out that it’s a bit daft to continue doing whatever it is they’ve been doing for 2 years of doing nothing… The one on now (Peter Bone, MP) is pushing the idea of a “Managed No Deal” exit. What the? So the UK would “leave” on the 29th, but “nothing would change” for some period of time while they “managed the exit”? If nothing changes, isn’t that the same as being “in”?

Supposedly the request to the EU for an extension will return to the UK just 4 days before the 29th. (So Monday the 25th?) Not much time to react to whatever the EU does or doesn’t do.

Then the Speaker has said that he will not allow another vote on T. May’s “deal” if it is substantially the same as the last time (times?). That’s gonna put a wrench in the “run out the clock” strategy.

I find it funny how frantic folks are being over the notion of a “no deal” joining the rest of the world. One reporter is saying that there are a bunch of drugs now on the “hard to get” list “due to Brexit” (that hasn’t happened yet…) Do they think drugs and food are not available in the rest of the world? That ONLY the EU has medicines, markets for products, cars to sell, food? The absolute LACK of any mention at all of New Zealand lamb, Australian Wheat, Canadian beef, and both Indian and US medicine producers is just stunning.

Were you to believe the news, once the UK leaves the EU it will be standing all alone on a barren island cut off from all civilization and with no access to industrial goods or farm products. Isolated. Alone. Slowly dying. Yet the rest of the world is full of German cars, French wine, Italian shoes and more. Somehow we “get by”…

I really wonder if folks are that disconnected from reality.

If you are really lucky, Hungary or Italy or Poland or … will refuse to extend Article 50 and the Speaker will refuse to alow a re-vote (the 3rd time now?) on T. May’s “deal” and in 10 days the UK will rejoin the rest of the world as a free nation in charge of their own fate.

If you are very UN-lucky, you will get another year of fence sitting, nattering, remoaning, bickering, indecision, and backbiting while more “nothing” happens… and we’ll get to do this all over again.

Because “this time will be different!”? or because it felt so good the first time? or what? I’m just not seeing the reason.

There are 2 choices: IN. OUT. The people picked one, “out”. The Elite want “in”, but that is political suicide. Avoiding the decision to “pick one” is not going to make anything better. One side will win and the other lose. Pick one. Please. Then pull out the arrow and patch up the wound and “move on”.

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Because I Remember I Do Not Remember…

Yeah, some music videos. Why? Why not?

It’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve made about a hundred graphs. I’ve shown that “Global Warming” isn’t global and isn’t warming and that it is mostly a matter of controlling the “volatility” of stations that are in the record in any given year. And I’ve made a decent start on GHCN v4.

So I figure it’s time for some “kick back” and a bottle (or two?) of vino. Con musica.

Yes, these are Spanish Language Videos. If you don’t speak Spanish enjoy the music, or learn some Spanish. What can I say, this music speaks to me more than most, so it is what I enjoy. Yo estoy Hispanico, no? It would seem more than I’d realized…

So if you don’t speak Spanish? Learn.

Because it is Hot

Because I really like the mirror costumes and the whole style thing. “No Me Acuerdo” I do not remember… que paso … what happened…

Thalia y Natti Natasha…

Because it speaks to me, in a strange kind of way

Because I like the idea of “slowly”

Lento “Slowly”

Just Because…. Hey, it is Gloria Trevi… Moving on..

Yo Soy Su Vida – I am your life.

Because it is beautiful

Yeah, I know I’ve posted this one a couple of times. But it deserves it. While I really like the lead dancer in red, I also like that they start with some “Fat Chicks” having a good time dancing as well. It is just a “riot of fun”… IMHO.

Hey, with 2.7 BILLION views, it must have something going for it other then me ;-)

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