Every Action & Every Inaction Illustrates

It looks like, at this moment, the Senate (under Dimocrat control) is hell bent on running another Faux Impeachment Farce Trial.


But they ought to remember a very important point.

Every action they take illuminates THEM, their motivations, their direction, and their handlers.

You can not act without some degree of information being exposed. You have somewhere between 70 million and 90 million adults who are already pissed off to some degree at the stolen election; watching, very closely, and picking out of the lineup who can be trusted and who is a rat.

Here’s the deal:

1) ANYONE who voted for Usurper Biden to be POTU-SINO (POTUS IN NAME ONLY) is already on the Hit List to be primaried or otherwise have their campaign suffer. Do you really think anyone who voted for Trump will vote for you? Or do you think they will be out there supporting your opposition? Do you really want to double down on that losing bet?

2) ANY County that keeps the Dominion Vote Adjusting System is going to have a cadre of folks in their grill. From simple protests, to changes of ‘who is in charge’, to law suits, to audit requests in perpetuity. Furthermore, since we now know it is a system designed to steal elections, we will know that YOU are illegitimate if you keep it. Expect this to get worse over time, not less.
Cat is out of bag here.

3) Any RINO Senator who votes for this Faux Impeachment will find their career dramatically shortened at the next election. If not before, via various sorts of ‘recall’ actions, depending on what is legally doable. In the limit case, all it takes is for Trump Voters to just stay home…

4) IF you want a Patriot Party Candidate splitting the vote in your district, just go ahead and vote against Trump AND the Patriot Party that is standing behind him. Organized or not. Actively campaigning or not. Registered or not. We are here, and watching.

5) In this case, abstention or ‘missing the vote’ is just cowardly support of it. NOT showing positive support for Trump marks you as a rat working against him, and us. Just a cowardly one.

6) Democrats who vote for impeachment, are marking themselves as dirty and operated by the China Run DNC. Don’t expect that to sit well.

7) Democrats who vote against it will find that those of us who are more libertarian to liberal leaning American Patriots (and there are a lot of us) will look kindly on that. Faced with a RINO opponent, you will get my vote.

FWIW, I’m registered as an undeclared party. Last time I chose a party was about 30 years ago, then that party evaporated leaving me without a party. I’ve not changed that. So I don’t show up as being a Republican, Democrat, or any other party. I doubt I’ll register as “Patriot Party” even if it does get created in full form. HOWEVER, I’m in that camp, even if not in that uniform. Think about it…

Yes, we all know the vote was buggered and the election stolen. You may think that bodes well for your future if you just ‘kiss the ring’ of the folks who did the Diddle. It doesn’t. All it can do is further brand you as a fake and fraud if you let that system stay in use. A whole lot of folks are very P.O.ed about it. Expect this issue to keep coming up, forever, until those machines are removed.

We are not going away.

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For The Lady Lurkers ( I know you are out there…)

I really like this song. Why? Because it has honesty in it.

Who is Lily Allen? How can she have had following on 3 continents? Well, let’s just say she had a moment in time. A Brit, near as I can tell, who “Made it” in America, Australia, and the UK. How? By singing what women were thinking, mostly.

For what it is worth, the Porter Wagoner show was a staple of the Country Western World when I was a kid (and a while there after).

In 1967, he introduced singer Dolly Parton on his television show, The Porter Wagoner Show. She became part of a well-known vocal duo with him from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

Known as Mr. Grand Ole Opry, Wagoner charted 81 singles from 1954 to 1983. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2002.

So, yes, an alternate sub-title for this would be “blast from the past”. What, you kids out there (yes, I know some of you are out there too…) didn’t know Granny and Granddad had a wild youth too?

Oh, alternate title? “Well what made you think Country Folk were not horny, darlin’?”

At another time she did this one too:

Perhaps one ought to ‘look her up’ and find her stuff… It’s pretty contemporary in oh so many ways,

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The Rhyme Of History Calls…

The whole thing is well worth the read. I’m only going to quote parts of it so as to encourage folks to “hit the link”. The case is made, and rather well, that the arc of history is once again rhyming with itself and we can likely see our future in a Roman past. I’m pretty sure he’s got some truth in it. The one missing bit is China. I see no exterior force of Globalists and no exterior force of an equally massive Empire working to subvert from within. To the extent those forces change things, we may yet escape The Wheel turning…

OTOH, I don’t know enough about that particular point in Roman history to say if there were some larger external party who is just not mentioned in this essay. I do know that at various times the Celts, Germans and Goths of various sorts caused Rome grief, occasionally even sacking Rome. But the timeline needs aligning.


Remember the Gracchi
B.B. Dade
Published 21st Jan at 10:00 am

What if I told you that the political situation, as it is unfolding in the United States, has happened before – in another time and place? What if I told you that it has, in fact, happened a great many times before, all over the world, and in shockingly similar circumstances? It is playing out with eerily familiar tones, almost as though the actors themselves have little agency left and the merciless and invisible hand of history is now holding the reigns and cracking the whip independently of any further human intervention.
Allow me to tell you a story. The story of a rich kid who entered politics as a populist, entered office against the odds using a touch of strong rhetoric, tried to reform the establishment on behalf of the greater good of the people, but was demonised, hounded, and eventually destroyed by an entrenched and vicious deep state that simply could not abide.

A long time ago, in a republic far, far away (from Washington) there once was a man named Tiberius Gracchus. This Tiberius Gracchus lived in a time before Caesar and Augustus, before Marius and Sulla, before the near-endless succession of military rulers of Rome, in a time when the mechanisms of republican government were firmly established and seemed to function well. For centuries the popular assembly and the senate had conducted their business, with the occasional veto from the tribunes of the people, and had enjoyed a period of phenomenal growth in every possible metric.

Perhaps that growth was too prolific, some historians have noted, for Rome’s system of government began to creak under the weight of its newly acquired wealth and power. The scope for corruption increased and so too did the opportunity for cartels and cabals to develop, most notably in the realm of land distribution. In Tiberius Gracchus’ lifetime, the most pressing issue was that the common Roman had been largely dispossessed by monopolistic senatorial landholders who refused to allow legal reform to redress the concerns of the average smallholder and had replaced their labour with newly acquired foreign slaves.

Tiberius was a fair-minded and noble soul, the ancient historian Plutarch tells us, and felt compelled to tackle this issue when he gained the hitherto relatively junior office of Tribune. This venerable and sacrosanct position held a power to veto any decision of the government on behalf of the people, in order to avoid their complete political negation. But its powers had fallen into disuse and were not expected to be exercised to their full capacity; until Tiberius Gracchus.

Gracchus used the powers of his office to legally block the ruling elites, the senatorial class, from expanding and cementing their cartels. He proposed legislation that would, in fact, benefit the broad citizenry, and when immensely powerful political interests arrayed against him, he attempted to legally frustrate them and block their path.

[…] Tiberius Gracchus was very much attempting to drain Rome’s swamp. Both men were accused of wanting to be a king, and despite a groundswell of popular support, they were also met with a wall of hostility from a deep state committed at all costs to remove them from office.

[…]the senators and their retainers resorted to force. They simply gathered a mob, over-powered their opponents in a naked display of desperation, and clubbed Tiberius to death before throwing the resulting sack of bones into the river Tiber.

Trump can probably expect a less violent cancellation, retiring to Mar-a-Lago and endless rounds of golf, I imagine. But the spirit with which he and Tiberius Gracchus were thwarted are exactly the same. The spirit of contempt for populist sentiment among an entrenched ruling class. The near-hysterical need to silence and baffle the authentic voice of a long-ignored underclass. A type of political and social revenge whose repercussions far outlast the careers of anyone involved at the time. A spirit of malevolence which is sure to bring in its wake yet further cycles of resentment and reaction.

What happened next in the great story of Rome’s republic may serve as a vague guide to how things might pan out in the United States over the next few presidential races. In Rome’s case, the Gracchi family were not finished in their attempt to champion the grievances of the exploited and ignored. All good Roman history nerds will be well aware that Tiberius had a little brother, Gaius, who subsequently, and at first reluctantly, took up the cause.

I wonder who will live out the role of a modern-day American Gaius Gracchus. Giuliani? Tucker? Not Palin, surely? … Whoever it is, they will be facing incredible odds.

Yet the forces unleashed by the Gracchi could never be contained again. Their arguments could not be unsaid, could not be unheard. Their political journeys were short, yet they set the stage for hundreds of years.
They set in motion a series of events which killed the republic and ushered in an age of military rule. Their little corner of history echoes through the ages, like a beacon of forewarning, screaming out to anyone who will listen: ‘Remember, remember the Gracchi!”

I doubt our “cover” of this song will take hundreds of years to play out. Things move much more swiftly now. But the same dynamic of things said that can not be un-heard or things seen that can not be un-seen persists.

Will we end up under a Military Rule? Will we end up an Empire, not a Republic? That’s just asking which way the Rhyme is bent, how true to the original is the ‘cover’of it.

I only learned that use of the word “cover” about 15 years ago from my Son. He’s a pretty good musician, I’m not. In the music world, a “cover” of a song is the same (or very similar) song done by someone other than the original artist. It may be a common word to all of you, now, but was new to me, then. So for anyone else who might be a bit baffled by it, that’s what it means.

Then the other issue is the atonal background beat of Marx, Lenin, and the Communist Manifesto that did not exist then, interpreted by China as a pentatonic inharmonious undertone to the western scale of 8 notes of freedoms, liberties, rights, and tolerance. Will that cacophony overwhelm the original score?

So we are now firmly on this roller coaster, the lift is ratcha ratcha ratcheting us up to the top of the plunge, and soon enough will find out where the tracks lead on the other side. Or if they are there at all…

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71,000 Antifa Accounts Closed

Looks like the Purge Of The Far Left has begun, now that the Establishment Democrats do not need them anymore:



Twitter Bans Several Prominent Antifa Accounts After Joe Biden Becomes President

It looks like Antifa’s usefulness for the Democratic party expired shortly after Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office.

Twitter has reportedly suspended several prominent Antifa accounts from its platform following Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

Andy Ngô
Breaking: @Twitter has suspended several prominent #antifa accounts. @TheBaseBK is one of them. The Base is an extremist bookstore in Brooklyn, NY that has been used as an antifa training center.

While thousands of troops enmassed on the Capitol in anticipation of protests from Trump supporters, Antifa rioters began to gather in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

Police made several arrests hours after Biden took the oath, as around 150 rioters destroyed buildings, including the Democratic Party’s headquarters.

Antifa reportedly broke windows and spray painted anarchist symbols across the Democratic building before the police intervened, arresting eight of the individuals involved in the riot.

The group also tagged the building with anti-Biden phrases, such as “F**k Biden.” A banner carried by protesters also read: “We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres.”

Police Sergeant Kevin Allen said after attacking the Democratic Party headquarters, the protesters then hurled rocks at the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building.

According to Allen, some of the rioters were carrying weapons, “including Molotov cocktails, knives, batons, chemical spray and a crowbar.”

That night in Seattle, Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters blocked traffic and started a fire in the middle of the street in the downtown area.

They were also heard shouting, “No cops, no prisons, total abolition.” It was also reported that protesters vandalized an Amazon Go store, with broken windows and spray paint.

One of the phrases tagged on the building read, “Guillotine Bezos.”

Gee, violent people using weapons and fire… Must be White Supremacists and Confederate Flag waving MEN!!! /sarc;


Facebook Silences the Left – Literally No One Is Surprised

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) freaked out yesterday when they discovered that their pals over at Facebook had removed their official page along with a cluster of associated accounts. The group made a habit of posting pro-Palestine content, Black Lives Matter material, calls to anti-capitalist rallies, and campaigned against Boris Johnson’s policies surrounding the Covid19 outbreak.

‘Press release: Facebook shuts down major left-wing group in Britain!’ was followed by the bemused question, ‘Why is Facebook silencing political activists?’

It is a question that the left have never bothered asking when, for the last two weeks, Twitter and Facebook erased conservative user accounts in one of the largest political purges of the modern era.
It is both entertaining and frustrating to watch the response to Facebook’s actions on Twitter, where far-left users appear ‘shocked’ that Silicon Valley would dare apply their community standards to the SWP. Any rally cry that a ‘private company can do what it likes!’ immediately vanished from the narrative.

‘This is dangerous – corporate censorship of legitimate left-wing organization. Free speech means the freedom to campaign for all oppressed groups. If we don’t stop Facebook doing this they’ll not only move against the wider left, but lead a corporate takeover of democracy itself,’ says WeMustRiseBetter.

Poor Babies… Maybe they ought to have thought about this when they were demanding the silencing of Conservative Voices, eh?

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