Huckabee On Election Audit & Handmaids

I found this discussion by Mike Huckabee refreshing. Calm, rational, centered discussion. Not a lot of yelling and name calling. Soothing in a way. A refreshing change of pace from the screaming and cursing of The Left that accompanies all their riots, er, “peaceful protests”…

In it, he simply points out that a full audit of the election will let everyone have faith in our electoral system. So what do The Democrats have to hide that makes them so against such a simple practice, eh?

About 2/3 of the way through, he does one of those “it’s everywhere” bits where you see the same “Talking Point” or thread showing up all over the place. In this case, it is “The Handmaid’s Tale” (or perhaps that ought to be The Handmaid’s Tail given the theme of the “work”…). Being entirely unfamiliar with this fiction, I had to look it up to find out just what The Left were so fired up about and why were they so fixated on it:’s_Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, published in 1985. It is set in a near-future New England, in a strongly patriarchal, quasi-Christian, totalitarian state, known as Gilead, that has overthrown the United States government. The central character and narrator is a woman named Offred, one of the group known as “handmaids”, who are forcibly assigned to produce children for the “commanders” – the ruling class of men.

The novel explores themes of subjugated women in a patriarchal society and the various means by which they resist and attempt to gain individuality and independence.

Ah, I get it now. Another self loathing story where a woman wallows in self pity for her fate at the hands of Evil Men. The Left will just love anything that pillories the Evil Patriarchy, even if it is a dystopian fiction. Then it also uses Christianity as a foil for evil. Yeah, right, like the Catholics who venerate Mary will go along with the story line…

No wonder I never paid any attention to it. And never will.

I’m not all that fond of dystopian anything, really. Sure, some make it. Like Blade Runner. But it is more a “cops & robbers” with some Sci-Fi robot / android stuff mixed in. Set in a somewhat dystopian future, but with people doing normal people things and fairly happy with life. IMHO, barely dystopian (after all, the “off planet” areas are supposedly better). But in large part I like my “dystopia” small and as a jumping off point for hope. Like in The Sound Of Music. The invasion of Austria by Germany and the whole W.W.II dystopia is there, but just as a foil for the joy of music and folks escaping to freedom.

Indulge your hatred of Religion by using it as a foil to promote evil, and I’m not interested in your “work”. Throw stones at Christianity (or Judaism) and I’m out the door. No, I’m not very religious. Just a little bit really (in the edge cases where we can have no proof or understanding, what is left but faith and hope?) BUT I do understand the huge benefit the Judaeo Christian heritage has brought to the world. In large part it created the success of the world today and the promotion of liberty and peace. Yeah, lots of religious wars along the way too. Nobody starts out at their best.

I also prefer that any fiction I read have a decent connection to reality. Even Science Fiction, when it wanders off into Fantasy, loses me. So Star Trek, yes, Lord Of The Rings not so much. The notion of the USA turning into some kind of dystopian hell hole in one turn is a bit much. The notion that all the women I’ve taught to shoot would just go along is also a bit daft. Then there’s all those women in the Armed Services who know how to conduct combat. Finally, there’s that unfortunate large percentage of the male population that can’t cook and would die without a woman giving them motivation get up and go to work. Does The Left really think Ted Bundy would survive in a world without family support? So the fantasy world pretext leaves me in the “nope” land.

I mean, really, even in the worst of the Male Dominated History of the West we had Queens ruling countries. Leading armies against Rome. Being Pirates in the Caribbean. Setting up their own businesses in the Wild West. It just isn’t a tenable thesis that their daughters would not have the same strength and grit.

Then there’s the Political Advocacy Style. I don’t care for having any political ideology shoved at me in fiction. Especially when horribly distorted and on steroids. Like painting BLM on the football field or basketball court, it just drives away the audience. So knowing it is there, you can also know that those Just Loving It, are the partisan hacks who were not driven away.

Now, after all that, there’s one minor final point: I don’t loath myself.

So I don’t bother with “stories” that try to set me into a category to be loathed. Painting whole swaths of humanity as something horrible is just “flush” signal to me. Lacking in nuance and ignoring the richness of actual reality. Have an Evil King with a few dozen “handmaids” and a village of strong women getting their men to join them in deposing the Evil King? Now that could be a rich story to explore. The Sociopath vs The Families. But “All men evil” just doesn’t cut it.

OK, enough of that. It was just background I had to soak up to follow what The Left was all hot and bothered about and why they were trying to use Handmaid’s Tale as a touchstone for some evil idea of theirs.

With that background, here’s the Huckabee bit:

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Gov. Nuisance Issues California 3 Week Stay At Home Order

Well this sucks.

Gov. Nuisance (Newsome) has issued a new complicated Royal Decree. He divides the State into 5 regions. First off, why not do it by County? Or 20 regions? Or major urban vs rural? Then, any time the ICU empty capacity in those regions falls below 15% FOR ANY REASON (but assumed Chinese Wuhan Covid), everyone is supposed to be under a 3 week “Stay at home” order. (This is in addition to the 10 PM “curfew”…)

It doesn’t matter if the very next day ICU empty rises to 25%, you are still under house arrest for 3 weeks.

Oh Joy.

L.A. expected to go under in the next few days / week. Where I am some time later in the month, maybe.

But what about that Constitutional Freedom of Religion and Peacefully to Assemble? (for ANY reason, the Constitution does not limit for what)

The only good news is that many County Sheriffs have said they will not fully enforce it. (Fully? Details TBD?) So mostly this will be enforced by the City Police and State Highway Patrol. City police who, I thought, The Left was busy defunding? Good motivator there…

I get the strong impression that Gov. Nuisance is setting himself up for one epic fail.

FWIW, IF, for whatever reason, I’m stopped and threatened, I’m going to simply state “I’m on the way to the Hospital, I don’t feel well.” (Cough cough…)

As there is a Kaiser Facility just about any direction I might want to go, I’m pretty well covered. And, in fact, I would then proceed to Kaiser (and ask for the free seasonal flu shot ;-)

Some additional information:

First up, Tim Pool reporting on it and citing some other sources.

Then print:

Citing a record level of coronavirus hospitalizations and rapidly filling intensive-care units, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned in a Monday press conference that another lockdown may be necessary to curb the virus’ spread in counties in the most restrictive purple tier, which comprises 99% of the state’s population. Residents in those counties are already subject to a curfew and, in some cases, stay-at-home orders of their own. But without additional intervention, hospitalizations could triple in a month, and California could hit 112% ICU capacity by Christmas Eve, Newsom said.

Newsom: “The red flags are flying in terms of the trajectory in our projections of growth. If these trends continue, we’re going to have to take much more dramatic — arguably drastic — action.”

The governor said the lockdown could include modifications for businesses to continue operating, but didn’t specify what they might be. Acknowledging that tighter restrictions come with severe “economic impact and consequences,” he announced new state aid for struggling businesses, including temporary tax relief, a $500-million grant program, and additional funding for small-business loans.

Still, the relief will likely amount to a Band-Aid on a gaping wound for many businesses — and is unlikely to tamp down rising resentment from Californians of all stripes. A California church last week asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block Newsom’s order limiting indoor services, while a group of families sued the state Monday for failing to “ensure basic educational equality” amid the pandemic. High school athletes rallied at the Capitol Sunday, calling on Newsom to allow youth sports to resume — the same day protesters gathered outside the home of Los Angeles County’s public health director, demanding an end to the shutdown.

Looks like I need to do a review of my “prep” for specific items. (Paper goods here I come…) I know I’ve got way more than enough food and fuel, water literally on tap. But I need to look at the exact mix.

FWIW, I’d decided I needed to start using up some of my “beans and rice” base level. Made a pound of Limas & Spam, then 24 oz. of Peruano Beans & Spam. Really like it ;-) especially with the added Italian Seasoning and bit of cumin. With a side of rice, it’s not all that bad a meal. Especially with a slice of home made French Bread and Butter ;-)

So even if I’m out of some of the more nummy prep (like gorp ;-) I’m set for months of “good enough”.

With that, I’m off to see how swamped the stores are today.

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Georgia Has Video Of Ballot Stuffing In Counting Room

Tim Pool reporting it:

A YouTube version:

After rushing all the observers out, 4 or so buckets of ballots pulled out from under a table and counted.

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Friends Of Australia Friday Spring Crossing Lamburger & Fries

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Today we got Spring Crossing Australian lamburger(mince) at Lucky’s. Along with a Yellow Tail Shiraz wine. I’m about 1/2 way through the wine already (Damn You Australians and your Shiraz addictive wine!!! ;-)

The cheese on the Cheese Lamburger will be Havarti. The bread a home made from scratch “regular loaf” recipe cooling as we type…

There will be deep fried “fries” on the side using a 90% beef tallow 10% coconut mix that comes very close to the old MacDonalds formula flavor (i.e. YUM!)

The lamb mince is formed into burger patties “in the usual way” and fried “to your liking” and at the turn has the cheese slice laid on top to melt. Onto the bread (mustard on meat side, mayo on cheese side and yes, it DOES matter…) with what condiments and salad you like.

The wine is not my favorite Little Penguin as we went to The Other Store for things the spouse wanted. Yet it is quite good. The bubbles at the pour have a purple reminiscent of Welch’s Grape juice or jam, yet the body is more ruby red. I find I’m growing quite fond of Shiraz… (I’m sure it is an Australian Plot… ;-)

In Other News

Brexit is looking ever more like a WTO F-You EU clean break. That is very good for Australia and a getting all the old Empire back together again as free trading equals. What have we got, 4 weeks until “This time for sure!!!” maybe real BREXIT?

I must admit I’ve been way focused on the USA Voting Fraud Drama and the question of “Will be become a Communist Satrap to China or Liberty Beacon To The World?” so I’ve not followed Australian news lately.

So, is Australia breaking free of China? Telling the local Governors who are either bribed or blackmailed into things like supporting Belt & Roads to go stuff it? Or are y’all just folding up and preparing for a few hundred million “Chinese Refugees” to flood in? I suggest brushing up on your Mandarin or Cantonese in the latter case…

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