Why Is The Democratic Party So Pro-Criminal?

We in the USA are having another one of our Political Food Fights by the “Children In Suits” we call politicians. These CIS want to prance around and have tantrums instead of making anything or making any organization actually work better. OK, I got that.

What I don’t get is the reason the Democratic Party of the USA has decided that championing criminal activity is a good thing.

Some anchors in verbiage

First, since they like to corrupt language, a few definitions:

Illegal: If the law says something is not allowed, to do it is illegal.

Criminal: A person who does something illegal.

Alien: A person not a citizen of a particular country they are visiting or living in. (My Mum was one for many years).

Illegal Alien: Could also accurately be stated as “criminal alien”. A person living in a country without the required legal paperwork. They are committing a crime and they are doing something illegal so in English you just compound the modifier with the noun. Just like “white male”.

(And yes, Virginia, a person can be illegal…)

Just as an aside, I have done illegal things often and I have been technically a criminal on many occasions. This is true of substantially everyone. I regularly drive 9 MPH over the speed limit. That is an illegal act. I’ve also consumed recreational drugs (mostly when in college for a couple of years) when Marijuana was illegal in California – that made me a “criminal element” in those days. So saying “illegal” or “criminal” does not necessarily mean hardened drug lord ax murdering child molester kidnapper. OK?

The Dims vs Dems

I’m prone to using the coined word “Dimocrat” for those Democrats who are most dim. That seems to be most of the Democratic Party Leadership, for starters, and then the folks like Antifa who do mayhem on demand. I am NOT disparaging ALL Democrats when I use that term. About 1/2 my family and friends are Democrats (or Bernie supporters) and we’re fine with that.

I’m a registered Independent who voted for Bernie in the primaries because the corruption of Madam Hillary made me want to vomit.

I’ve also used the term “Republicrim” for those Republicans who have been most prone to corruption in government. Yet I voted for Trump in the final round of elections (and voted for Reagan and others). I vote for what is right and for who can get the job done.

Both parties have “sin”, and I use the coined terms to denote those “sinners”. Yet both parties have many good and honorable folks in them doing a good and honest job. They just need to take back their parties.

The Dims Support For Criminals

Which brings me to the question posed in the title:

WHY is the Democratic party so fired up with the love of Criminals?

They are willing and happy to shut down the Federal Government over it. At present, we are in a Government Shutdown because Little Chucky Schumer and fellow Dimocrats can’t stand the idea of law enforcement. Go figure.

We’ve got some 10 to 12 million illegal aliens in our country. The exact number isn’t known as the Dimocrats don’t want it known. Now they’ve tried to chop that number up into “Special” groups that need “Special” sob story solutions. “Dreamers” and such. We get the bleat “NOONE will EVER deport 10 Million People!”. Well why not?

Look, I grew up with illegal aliens. My Best Friend’s Dad was likely an illegal. Only citizenship papers he had was a railroad retirement card. His personal story was he “Rode with Pancho Villa” and just crossed the border on horseback when he retired from that job… He was 70 something in the 1960s so about the right age; looked the part and had the attitude too. But moved to California with his much younger wife and worked the railroad.

Many times “cousins” would visit. At about 12 years old, the Eee-Ennn-Essay (INS) truck was seen down the street and all the “cousins” bugged out the back door. I got up to run with them and “Mama” informed me I was different and had no reason to play dodge the trucke verde (green truck). That was the first time I felt “different”. So yeah, I know that life style intimately having spent 1/2 my time at my friends home and seeing “Papa” hand over his retirement card and say “no passport, live here before papers”. (In those days many older people didn’t have ANY papers or even a birth certificate)

So no crying in the soup about it and no asserting I don’t know what it’s like or what it’s all about. There was a clear fear aspect, but there was also a very clear “Screw them – I’m going to do it illegally” aspect as well. A clear willingness to break the law and knowingly. These were not dumb folks, they knew exactly what they were doing.

So OK, we’ve got a load of kids brought in by their parents who are not “illegal by choice”. So what? Their parents made a bad decision. Like deciding to circumcise your kid, there are no “backsees” when the kid decides they don’t like that. The kids were conceived and born without their buy-in too. Their first language and what is spoken in the home were done without their concent. What foods they ate were chosen for them too. So am I supposed to be making special accommodations for every circumcised fat kid who doesn’t speak English well? “Life is a bitch and then you die.” Get over yourself.

I get it that they want a sob story. I get it that they want to look like Savior of the Innocent. What I don’t get is wanting that soooo much they will tell all the actual US Citizens “Screw You!”.

Is it just the $Billions of Soros Money coming with strings as he wants to destroy America?

Is it just the calculus of packing the voting booth with new Democratic Voters (even without citizenship…)?

Is it just the Identity Politics Fraud of divide and conquer, but where they can’t divide real Americans so want to import someone different?

(That one doesn’t work very well as the 2nd generation is pretty much Standard Americans. My best friend went into the Navy and generally leaned conservative. So did his brother. I’m 2nd generation immigrant on my Mum’s side.)

Is it just Media Hound Schumer tactics? Anything that gets you in the spotlight on camera is good, even supporting criminals?

I really don’t get it. The sheer obvious immorality of supporting criminal acts when their JOB is to make laws and enforce them and they can change the laws as desired and neccessary; just looks crazy to me.

If anyone can ‘splain it to me, I’d be thankful. If anyone wants to just bat it around, I’d be entertained ;-)

Oh, and if anyone actually notices that the government is shut down, AND it is a bad thing, I’d be interested in knowing. All the prior shutdowns didn’t seem to do a damn thing that was bad, other than the “show stuff” of on camera closing tourist monuments. Maybe we can just keep it shut down for a few years and see if anyone really notices the lack of “Government Services”. I found it funny that one Lame Stream Media source was crying that the IRS was even going to be shut down and it was already understaffed to deal with the tax code changes. IRS Shutdown? Beer is on me!

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W.O.O.D. 19 January 2018

This is another of the W.O.O.D. series of semi-regular
Weekly Occasional Open Discussions.
(i.e. if I forget and skip one, no big)

Immediate prior one here:
and remains open for threads running there
(at least until the ‘several month’ auto-close of comments on stale threads).

Canonical list of old ones here:

So use “Tips” for “Oooh, look at the interesting ponder thing!”
and “W.O.O.D” for “Did you see what just happened?! What did you think about it?”

For this week, I’ve been up to my axles in car stuff, so not paying much attention to the world. A 2 day round trip to Vegas can do that to you ;-) Especially Yet Another Unplanned Bus ride…

My news cycle this morning had more Trump Bashing, but it seems more half hearted now. Little Chucky Schumer wants to shut down the Federal Government. The Dims seem to think they can blame this on the Republicans as they “control everything” while anyone with half a brain (leaving out them and their “constituents” – but including most run of the mill Democrats) realize it’s a 60 votes barrier in the Senate. Perhaps it’s time to invoke the “Nuclear Option” and say “Well, the Democrats SAID we were in control, so were in favor of this…”

Lots of news stories of the Frozen South. Atlanta learning to deal with snow. Florida again “raining Iguanas”. Europe getting walloped in snow. Cold in Australia and New Zealand. Even some issues in South America (despite the season). Oh, and snow in the Sahara…. must be that new global warming snow that doesn’t melt in hot deserts… /sarc;

Then there is the EU. Imploding, Exploding, and corrupting all in slow motion. Swedes on a slow burn to cultural explosion. Catalans trying to decide who’s in charge. Briton going for the Brexit at THE slowest rate possible and being nudged backward by the EU Power Brokers.

Oh, and what with “Russia Did It!” collapsing (and snaring some of their own) the Left has moved on to Man Bashing. Anyone who has ever told a woman she looked nice is now a rapist… and it’s snaring a whole lot of Hollywood Elite who just knew it didn’t apply to them… (only 1/2 sarc;) In France 100 women who actually like attention signed a letter saying maybe it was a good thing to have some seduction in their lives – and were promptly vilified. Wonder what Bright Idea for FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) and Republican Bashing the Dims can think to try next (and have yet more backfire on themselves…)

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2 Trips, 2 Weeks, 2 Cars, Today

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity, other times I’m sure…

So in 2 weeks I’ve bought 2 cars and run all over the place including a “jaunt” to Las Vegas… Something in the water or what?

The Banana Boat was pronounced not worth it for me to make it into a continental covering expedition car again. Florida doesn’t know how to fix anything older than 2000 A.D. (as many mechanics there refused to consider working on anything without a computer to tell the parts changing monkeys what to do, including the Mercedes Dealers.)

The spousal wagon is an ’89 that needs to go in for more repairs, as all cars eventually do, so I bought her a newer E300 wagon, and that older wagon is now the “spare car”. As a “2nd Wagon” it also fills the role of the Banana Boat in my constellation of travel things. 6 Cylinder Gas Automatic instead of 4 Cylinder Manual, but you get the idea. About the same car, though the Banana Boat got better gas mileage despite being bigger and heavier.

But that still left me with Car Envy. Thus my “surprise” trip to Las Vegas for a Great 420 SEL with really clean interior and a nice white color with brown interior in Great Condition… that turned out to be a cream (think not quite yellow but not really white either) with chocolate interior (think not quite black but far from the regular tan that’s usually called brown) with a drivers seat where stuffing can be seen and a rear seat with stitching letting go and a rumble from the exhaust that really wishes it had a muffler to speak of and a misfire in the engine as the seller could not remember when was the last tuneup but thought his Dad had bought spark plugs a few years ago… And I decided sushi at a brewpub was a much better idea than buying that Fine Gem in Great Shape!!!! (Despite only 133 K miles, it was worn out by neglect and sun, IMHO with “ample” dash cracks and the “small crack” in the windshield that was really several feet of spiderweb cracks from some impact…)

After a dozen hours on the Grey Dog, I got home…. without that fine car…

And today I bought a 2001 Subaru Forester…

Impeccable interior. Paint is great other than some clear coat issues on the roof where you can’t see them ;-) Needs the front suspension and drive system fixed (that click on turning and wobble at 80 MPH in a turn) and the brakes done, but otherwise OK. No overheating and no evidence of oil in the water or the other way around either (so head gaskets likely good). 200k miles and can’t get the maintenance history, so I’ll be having the serpentine belt done on general principles. $1400; so even with $1200 to $1600 to “make it all good” I’m inside what it is worth all fixed up. I’m OK with that. Oh, and a new battery. The “flipper” I was buying it from had it up for sale as dead battery. Seems the actual owner hadn’t used it for several months and the battery ran down. After running an hour or so, it’s acting fine again and starts smartly.

Now, the thing that got under my skin a bit. BOTH of the cars I bought in the last 2 weeks are from “flippers” with various stories.

The first guy it was “bought it for my daughter but she doesn’t want it”… well, except the paperwork was from a “dealership” that was his “cousin” who “bought it for his daughter”… and nobody ever bothered to register it… OK, it cleared DMV THEN I gave him the money… and got a 2001 4-Matic Mercedes wagon in pretty good shape for $2500. (I’ll find out exactly how good when My Mechanic gives me whatever bad news there is… but my assessment is it needs cleaning a bit – we cleaned “goo” off the steering wheel buttons likely from hand cream… the rest of the interior is clean) and a new drivers seat cover. Plus it needs 2 front tires. Everything else seems OK.)

The second was a guy and his wife who were “selling it for a friend” but also had other cars they were selling and on pressing they admitted to flipping cars they bought but didn’t bother to reg. OK… So I might have to add a smog test and who knows what to the Subaru. Then again, for a 2001 Forester, I’ve got a fair amount of headroom in what I paid for it to still do OK on the deal.

In any case I’m set to get my feet wet on just what Maintenance issues are like with a Subaru. I expect it to be much cheaper than the land of Mercedes where my Florida Friend calls it the “Thousand Dollar Car Wash”… The dealer there gives you a “free” car wash with maintenance… but everything ends up over $1000… I’ve budgeted $1500 to cover “whatever”, and we’ll see if that works out OK.

FWIW, my Son said “Oh, at last you’ve bought a car from this Millennium!”… Oh, yeah, I guess there’s that ;-)

I’m still keeping my 1980 Mercedes 240 D as the “backup car”. BUT, I expect to put far far less maintenance money into it. As just one example: I hit a pot hole a year ago. Didn’t know it until I did the Chicago and back trip, but it busted up some of the rubber in the suspension. Entirely ate the inside edge of the two front tires in 3000 miles… OK, two spare junk tires are on it now. BUT, the money I would have put into that suspension fix will go into the ‘new” Forester instead. The 240 D gets about 1000 miles / year on it “around town”, and I’m OK with that with alignment not right as the scrub rate is way lower and there’s no real risk. Maybe next year I’ll get that suspension work done… Essentially, I’m sending maintenance at the Subaru to “build it up” and “make it right” first, and with the Mercedes being, instead, fix as needed… really really needed.

For big cross country trips, we have the 2 Mercedes Wagons for now any way; so the other cars are basically grocery runs and maintenance spares only at this time. In a year or so the Subaru needs to be ready for a Florida run, but until then, it’s looking at 30 MPH grocery runs. Plenty of time to get it caught up on differed maintenance.

The really good news is that I’m now done with the whole “update the fleet” stuff for another half dozen or dozen years. Moved from 1979 and 1980 to 2001. That’s a nice jump up ;-)

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Main Street Station

So a gringo walks into a bar and orders sushi….

It’s pushing midnight. I’m stuffed on sushi. GOOD sushi. Pluss 3 x 22 oz beers at about $5.25 each I think, but don’t care… What happened?

It all started with a 420 SEL Mercedes….

I bought one in Florida as it was cheaper than a rental car. We loved it. But all things must end, and so did my contract. Back in California, sans 420, the Banana Boat died. Wandering Craigs List, was found a Great 420 with perfect interior in my desired white with light interior… in Las Vegas… only $1500 (The Florida one was $1800) so I hop a flight…..

Frontier Airlines, $90 and with seats with a plush 1/2 inch of almost cushion over plastic board seats….

But it is only 1.75 hours… AFTER the 2 hour boarding delay as the incoming went through Denver,,,

So I’m in Vegas… The car is cream yellow, not Alpine white. The interior is Chocolate near black, not light honey brown. The small crack in the passenger lower corner windshield is a spiderwib of about 3 feet of cracks. The Great Condition interior is worn through drivers seat and stitching letting go rear seats, with dash cracks, and the 133k engine sounds like a low rider with a miss….

Oh, and an unknown history of the last tune up with oil leaks that are who knows what… but it shifts well…

So at 8 PM I’m trying to figure out how to get home without this fine car….

At 9 PM I book the Grey Dog, leaving a 3:45 AM as it arrives home faster than all the airlines that don’t leave until late afternoon the next day… and walk over to the Main Street Station for dinner.

Well, a better experience could not be had. It is a brew pub casino. With a sushi bar. I love sushi.

The sushi chef is a slightly chubby Hispanic woman. ( NEVER eat food from a skinny chef!!! ) She makes sushi as good as I had at Wolfgang Puck’s in Disney World. I am certain the 66 ounces of great brewpub beer had nothing to do with my assessment! Nor the fact that the party that broke out when I ordered a plate of hamachi sashimi for the guys next to me at the sushi bar had them pick up my tab!

The simple fact is that I had a great time with great sushi at modest prices AND enjoyable conversation with the staff and other guests.

It is now midnight, and I have 2 hours to get to my bus for boarding. I think I can do that… Only one casino stands in my path….

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, stray from the overcrowded end of the strip. Go north to the Main Street Station. Well worth it.

I had their light standard beer, good, their middle weight ale, great, and their IPA.. I’m still standing… the initial experience was a bit too strong and citric… but about 1/2 way through, it was fine….

More after a 2 more hour wait in a casino and 12 hours on a bus…

FWIW, the tap ShockTop beer at the next casino has me wanting for the brewpub… that closes at 11 PM. Yes, something in Vegas that has a closing time… Who Knew?

Spouse waiting at home, knows my dissapointment at no car… Brewpub status not so much :-)

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