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What’s Going On?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is playing a very risky game with mainland China. Yes, China is violating the “hand back” agreement. What? You expected them to leave you running as a free country?

No, you are to be integrated with the mainland. You have been given plenty of time to get ready for it. Kiss freedom goodby. The rest of the world will make all kinds of moaning and groaning sounds at your passing, and you will be remembered. For a while at least.

I hope the bloodshed is not too bad as the Iron Boot of Communism descends on the people of Hong Kong.

Jeffrey Epstein

He’s suicided. Either solo, “assisted”, or by “proxy” (if off to a new Retired Agent Villa in The Village…)

It is highly unlikely we will ever know the truth of it all.

His island has been raided, so any materials not already “cleaned up” by the clandestine crew are in the hands of the DOJ. I’m sure that will cause folks all over the planet to breath easier, or be much more aligned to the USA Agenda… /sarc;

So I guess the real question is just who has all the blackmail compromat? USA DOJ? USA CIA? Deep State Actors (DOJ, CIA, NSA, UK, etc.)? Israel? “Maria” the Maid, about to be appointed Head of State in a tropical island paradise?

As I understand it, the plaintiffs suit will continue (though I’d speculate it will now be against the “estate” and “co-conspirators”).

NYT Abandoning Trump – Russia Smear Theme

Can’t find corroboration for it, but a news video stated that NYT Exec. Editor Dean Baquet, on Monday, held a staff meeting where he announced that they had “built their whole editorial board” on the Trump-Russiagate story for over 2 years and that had to change, post Muller.

So no longer is it going to be Trump / Russia / TRUMP / RUSSIA / RUSSIA!!! RUSSIA!!

His new guidance is that they are to emphasize “Trump’s Racism” and the “Racism” of his staff, supporters, (And one presumes his dog, cat, goldfish, neighbors, anyone he walk past on the street, anyone who has ever been in a room with him, and all people everywhere who say anything nice about America… /sarc;)

Well, look on the good side: No need what so ever to read the New York Times for another 2 years. After all, now we know what it will be saying every single day over and over and over…


The EU Mob in Parliament are trying their darndest to assure they can “block a no-deal BREXIT” that, in practice, just hands to the EU the power to retain Britain in the EU forever by simply offering only horrible “deals”.

I wish Boris well, and I really hope Her Majesty just sends the House of Commons home for a few months.

Once officially “out” of the EU, the EU will be MUCH more interested in establishing good trade relations. After all, they will be short the, what is it, about £ 50 BILLION a year from the UK, and they have about a similar sized trade surplus with the UK so without a “deal” they are the ones taking it in the shorts on trade. (Oh, and they get kicked out of the British fishing waters too…)

How to negotiate in a nutshell: Find the position that gives you the most advantage. Take it. Tell the other side they can deal on your terms, or you walk. Get up to walk away after a short polite pause…

For the UK, that strongest position is “We’re leaving, GOOD deal or no deal, on the 31st.” and then get a very good deal OR LEAVE ON OCT 31st (and then get a GREAT deal as the EU will be suddenly much more compliant…)

The T. May strategy of “Fence sitting while saying you will take whatever they offer” is the worst possible position. As amply illustrated by the horrible “still in the EU forever with no voting rights” “deal” it produced and the full rejection of it.

I hope Boris is as smart as his actions so far seem to indicate. He may get dumped as PM “after the fact”, but IF he delivers a decent BREXIT on the 31st, he will assure his place as a great historical actor AND have saved his party from ruin. If Parliament thwarts BREXIT again, then the combo of the BREXIT party or UKIP will replace parliament with new faces.

The fact that it’s all gone silent recently is intriguing. I expect it to become much more interesting and volcanic about October 1.


Suddenly out of the news… We’ve got “Shooting!” in the news, but they seem to really be trying to bury the fact that one of them was an Antifa supporter.

I don’t expect them to be quiet forever, but just until the stink blows over. They have presently achieved the goal of getting the POTUS and Congress talking about all sorts of gun ban laws (2nd Amendment be damned). Only time will tell if the Congress Critters can count how many people in America have guns and like it that way…

We know the Socialist Brigade side of things loves “accusing your opponent of what you do” and doing False Flag operations. (“Fast and Furious” ring a bell?) so now that they have seen a couple of shootings can advance their agenda in Congress, and even when they have been fingered as Left Leaning shooters, expect more Left Leaning Shooters… Creating a Crisis to exploit…

Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?…

The Dims in congress continue to talk up the “Impeach!!!” screech. This will continue until the election in 2020. I’d not be surprised to see them pass articles just a week before the election so they can holler about him being impeached during the voting.

DOJ is making noises about investigating the actual formation of the whole Russia Investigation. I’d love to see one, just ONE of the dirty dozens do a perp walk. As it stands now, it’s 100% the case that the Deep State runs the DOJ. Still. Barr has a lot of weeding to do.

Strozk & McCabe have filed “wrongful termination” suits to get their jobs back. The case was handed to a Hard Left Deep State judge, so expect the ruling to say “must reinstate immediately”. As McCabe only needs 1 day to get his retirement checks, expect that to be filed the next day and moot the appeal.

Speaking Of The Democrat Primary Race

They continue to tack hard left Socialist. Go Bernie Go! Sail that ship to the edge of sanity, and beyond!

It is fascinating to watch the DNC Machine attempt once again to toss out the best candidates most liked by the people and assure they can bestow the crown on the one with the most connections inside the apparatus. Guess they didn’t learn anything from the Hillary Debacle after all.

Iran & UK Ship

The UK has folded on the Iranian Tanker, so expect to see Iran let their hostage ship go soon too.

Thanks, UK, you have now confirmed to Iran that hostage taking works a champ! Any time they are cranky, expect to see more grabs and impoundments.

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Tony Heller On USHCN Data Diddle

This is a video from 3 years ago where Tony Heller (Steve Goddard) presents a detailed analysis of the USHCN data set and how the data are diddled.

He also gets in a few “digs” at Hansen, Gore, and others over their outrageous and outrageously wrong predictions of doom in our time…

He has many graphs and some of them are remarkably simple and effective. Things like plotting the number or percentage of days over 100 F and 110 F for a given site. Pretty well shows where the hot years are, and they are around 1936 +/- not recently. 53 minutes.

There are two things in particular that make this video useful to me. First off, it says I don’t need to do all those things with USHCN (unless, of course, I wish to do it as a confirmation study). Second, I like the effect / impact of some of his graphs, so may use some of those ideas myself.

It’s always good to see what someone else has done to pick up ideas and avoid duplication without cause.

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Epstein & Mossad?

Was Epstein an agent for “Intelligence” Agencies, in particular the C.I.A. and / or Mossad?

Interesting connections in that his lady “recruiter” was the daughter of a known agent. I also know that the Mossad recruits family of former agents via a personal acquaintance so it isn’t an unusual idea.

It would explain things like his “sweetheart deals” and why nobody took on his operation. It would also explain why it was so easy for him to be suicided without any evidence left behind.

I first ran into this thesis on a Kim Iverson video. She has a lot of history and global perspective on connections. 28 minutes:

Then this somewhat more detailed version showed up. An interview with Whitney Webb as she describes connections she has found. I’ve not gone to her site / publications to find out all the details she has dug up; but it looks like she has done a lot of work on this. 16 minutes

To the extent Epstein really is connected to Agencies and the Deep State Apparatus, we will never know what the truth is.

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Just Because…

So a few weeks back I found out that Leonard Cohen wrote one of my favorite songs ever (“Hallelujah”) so now I’m a “fan”…

Well, it’s not Friday…

Well, nothing of notice has happened….

Well,I don’t have a whole lot of “why”…

So I guess it is “just because”…

Besides, I like birds ;-)

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