Friends Of Australia Friday: 24 September 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Tonight has been Mexican Down Under Night!

The Tucker

Made a Mushroom, Onion & Ground Lamb mix, fried. Salt, peppers, comino / cumin to taste.

Salsa to your liking. Tortilla warmed in an iron skillet, then plop the glop, add a spoon or two of refried beans / refritos, sprinkle on the Mexican cheese mix and “tuck & roll”! (Tuck in the ends and roll ‘er up!) Oh, and some black olive bits in there too ;-)

A simple side salad of American Mix with Buttermilk Ranch dressing and it was all good to go.

A very nice dinner in the Mexican Tradition, made more flavorful with Australian Lamb. Yum!

The Wine

After last week, I was much more prudent this week. Once again the Dice With Destiny from Samuel Wynn, 2017. But fewer glasses of it… so far ;-0

The News

I heard one report on the news of the Truckers Strike. It basically only said some truckers were doing it and some one building was unhappy. So is the news hiding the actual impact, or has it fizzled?

One other report made it sound like several States were under functional House Arrest. Then there’s this:

Australia Covid news live: NSW to make ‘difficult’ decision around unvaccinated residents

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said the government is working on a “difficult” decision around when unvaccinated residents can emerge from lockdown.

Welcome to Friday’s live coverage of Australia’s Covid-19 situation.

Victoria recorded 733 new cases and one death on Friday, following on from the record day of 766 infections and four deaths confirmed by the state on Thursday.

NSW recorded a spike in Covid deaths on Friday, with 11 new fatalities. Case numbers remained relatively stable with 1043 new infections.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has reiterated that unvaccinated residents won’t be freed from lockdown when the state hits its 80 per cent vaccination goal.

She said officials were working on determining when unvaccinated residents can participate in the extra freedoms vaccinated people will enjoy at that 80 per cent mark.

Sutton blasts ‘wacky’ Victorian protesters

Victorian chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton has blasted the “wacky” anti-vaccination protesters who have been attending violent rallies in Melbourne this week.

His comments came after he was asked if Victoria would roll out the restrictions around the construction sector differently given how the industry has reacted.

Professor Sutton started out by noting that the people who have been protesting don’t represent all of the construction sector.

“Let’s not pretend that these are otherwise rational individuals – they’re absolutely wacky,” he said.

He said the majority of construction workers are actually very pro vaccination.

“The vast majority, more than three-quarters declared they’re vaccinated, intended to be vaccinated or have booked in to vaccination. A significant proportion of the remainder haven’t got around to it or declared. There’s one per cent that’s vociferously opposed,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say they’re fervently anti-vaccine at all. It’s unfortunate they’re tarred with a brush that’s radically anti-public health measures.”

Professor Sutton said the rapid spread of Covid-19 across the construction sector was why decisions around vaccines and restrictions had to be made so quickly.

And still no mention of just doing an antibody test to know who’s already immune and doesn’t need nor benefit from a jab?

I guess if y’all are all in lockdown there’s not much room for news anyway… /snark;

Then again, I suppose it could be worse…

Melbourne tradie protests: Brett Sutton says protesters living in ‘a fantasy world’

A former head of the Victoria Police riot squad has suggested law enforcement resort to tougher measures to keep protesters in line.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Professor Brett Sutton, has unloaded on the protesters involved in violent clashes across Melbourne this week, dismissing them as “wacky” people living in “a fantasy world”.

Appearing alongside Health Minister Martin Foley today, Prof Sutton said the protesters were not merely demonstrating against mandatory vaccination in the construction industry, but against all Covid restrictions.

“This is not just about being anti-mandated vaccination. They’re anti-everything. They’re anti-lockdown, the shutdown on international travel, they’re anti-masks, anti-social distancing,” he said.

“They think that everything will be solved by taking a horse deworming tablet, Ivermectin, that gives you the runs and puts some people in hospital.

“They’re literally in a fantasy world. If they have taken mandated vaccination as a hook, so be it. Let’s not pretend these are otherwise rational individuals. They’re absolutely wacky.”

Ostensibly, this week’s protests began in response to the Covid vaccines being mandated for construction workers. They intensified when the Victorian government shut down Melbourne’s construction industry for two weeks, citing alarming infection rates on work sites.

But the government, police and union officials say a large number of the agitators are not genuine tradies, but extremists hijacking their cause for their own purposes.

Mr Foley joined the pile-on, referring to the protesters dismissively as “so-called freedom fighters”.

His information on Ivermectin is exactly wrong, so I suppose his other rants are are stupid.

Maybe it’s time for the construction workers to just quit going to work.

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S1 Spike Protein Lung Injury & Long Covid / Long Vaccination Symptoms

A couple of Dr.Been videos pointed me at the S1 Spike Protein being causal of Long Covid and directly involved in lung injury. In the lung injury case, mice with a humanized ACE2 were dosed with S1 Spike units and developed lung injury. The implication here is that some folks getting the vaccine may also react similarly.

Then, in Long Covid, another group of doctors have found that the S1 protein expressed on the surface of a monocyte is likely responsible for Long Covid. They mentioned a similar syndrome post vaccination where some folks have a long duration of feeling off, and that this was likely the same mechanism.

The claim is made that they now have an effective treatment for Long Covid.

Has Bruce Patterson Cracked Long COVID?
by Cort Johnson | Jul 21, 2021 | Homepage, long COVID

Bruce Patterson MD is a former Stanford researcher with quite a record. The former Medical Director of Diagnostic Virology at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics, Patterson has co-authored around 90 papers – most prior to 2011 – at about the time he left the University and created the incellDx diagnostic laboratory. Over the past ten years, incellDx has focused mostly on cancer screening and has produced products to test for HPV, CMV, antibodies, and others. Over the past two years, though, Patterson has jumped back into the publication field, co-authoring 7 papers on COVID-19 with more to come.

In June of 2020, Patterson reported that he’d identified the cause of the so-called “cytokine storm” in COVID-19.

“When we were developing a cytokine quantification assay for possible COVID trials in China, we discovered that infected patients had consistently high levels of CCL5/RANTES in plasma which in some cases was 100 times normal depending on the severity of the disease.”

Patterson and incellDx filed a patent in June 2020 for its CCL5/RANTES diagnostic test for COVID-19, Patterson reported. In October, incellDx reported that it was collaborating on a COVID-19 clinical trial using Pfizer’s CCR5 antagonist Maraviroc – a key part of Patterson’s long-COVID protocol.

Patterson is all over social media. His YouTube interviews and presentations have garnered over 400,000 views over the past year. ABC News just led with a story: “EXCLUSIVE: Lab discovers root cause of confusion, fatigue experienced by COVID ‘long haulers‘

Patterson has become a kind of a sensation … and why not? He’s credible, claims to be studying the largest cohort of long haulers (thousands) in existence, and believes that not only has he found the cause of long COVID, but that he’s put together a treatment regimen that works. No new drugs are needed – everything is off the shelf. It almost couldn’t be better.

How excited are people? One doctor on YouTube is so sure that Patterson has got it right that he recommended that he be nominated for a Nobel Prize. That’s a bit much for a hypothesis and treatment regimen which hasn’t been independently validated yet, but it does portray some of the excitement Patterson has generated.

Patterson, incellDX and the Coronavirus

As noted, it all began in the summer of 2020 when Patterson and incellDX found abnormal levels of cytokines – signaling fire in the body. Patterson’s first COVID-19 paper in May 2020 found a “profound elevation of plasma IL-6 and CCL5 (RANTES)” in 10 critically ill COVID-19 patients. It was followed in January 2021 by a paper showing that a COVID patient with a poor T-cell response was still shedding the virus 90 days after becoming infected. Next, Patterson and his team found that a CCL5 blocker called leronlimab might be a good drug to try in COVID.

Patterson’s two major papers, “Immune-Based Prediction of COVID-19 Severity and Chronicity Decoded Using Machine Learning“, and “Persistence of SARS CoV-2 S1 Protein in CD16+ Monocytes in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) Up to 15 Months Post-Infection” – the second an unreviewed preprint – showed up in June of this year.

Immune Cells and Cytokines

On the face of it, the first paper didn’t seem revolutionary at all. This type of study – which assessed the immune cell subsets and 14 cytokines – has been done many times in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). (In a talk, Patterson noted that he’d winnowed down the cytokines from about 150 possible factors to 14.) The study involved a mishmash of 224 acute COVID-19 and long-haul COVID-19 patients and 24 healthy controls.

The study found that CCL5/RANTES, IL-2, IL-4, CCL3, IL-6, IL-10, IFN-γ, and VEGF were all significantly elevated (all P<0.001) while GM-CSF and CCL4 were significantly reduced in COVID patients in general.

Next, they used machine learning to develop immunotypes pertaining to each type of COVID patient and found long-haul COVID patients were characterized by increased IFN-γ and IL-2, and reduced CCL4 production.

skipping down a bit it is the “2nd Paper” that’s what this posting is about:

The second paper, “Persistence of SARS CoV-2 S1 Protein in CD16+ Monocytes in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) Up to 15 Months Post-Infection“, tied their hypothesis together.

As noted, it wasn’t just the monocytes – it was a particular kind of monocyte – that was increased in both acute and long COVID-19.

First, the group looked for evidence that COVID-19 had infected the monocytes in both acute and long-COVID patients and found evidence of some infection but not a lot. COVID-19 replication does not appear to be the problem.

When they used antibodies to look for evidence of coronavirus proteins in the monocytes, though, they found them – in spades. Seventy-three percent of the “non-classical” monocytes in long-COVID patients carried the coronavirus proteins.
(They used another test – Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography – to largely confirm the results.)

These types of monocytes have often been thought to be anti-inflammatory, but recent studies show that they can, in some situations, produce pro-inflammatory cytokines. They’re mostly involved in “trash cleanup”, and the antiviral response. Interestingly, they appear to be unique in the patrolling behavior they exhibit around the blood vessels.

The authors believe these monocytes were drawn to coronavirus-infected cells in the blood vessels, where they ingested them, and then put a coronavirus protein on their surface to alert the immune system. The problem in long COVID occurs when they are drawn to the blood vessels and injure them, or cause the blood vessels to inappropriately dilate.

These nonclassical monocytes are the only monocytes to carry the CX3CR1 receptor, which when it binds to fractalkine, turns on an anti-apoptotic protein that allows the monocytes to survive longer than usual. It also causes the monocytes to revert from their anti-inflammatory state, and start pumping out pro-inflammatory cytokines.

These are important steps as most monocytes die within a few days, and having very long-lived (up to at least 16 months) coronavirus protein-carrying monocytes is a crucial aspect of Patterson’s hypothesis. Patterson also needs these monocytes to attack the blood vessel walls.

CX3CR1 is also an important player in getting the monocytes to engage in their vascular patrols, and deleting CX3CR1 has been shown to reduce their patrolling behavior.

Monocytes carrying the SARS protein and endothelial cells are producing high levels of CCL5/RANTES – a chemokine that draws the monocytes cells to the endothelial cells. Patterson reported that CCL5/RANTES was upregulated in 80% of long haulers. Once at the endothelial cells, the monocytes bind to them via fractalkine – a kind of immune Velcro.

There’s more at the link about mechanism. Let’s skip on down to treatment:


Successfully treating long COVID is. Patterson, an MD, reported that they started treating long-COVID patients in September 2020. Patterson’s protocol has two main goals:

Use CCR5 antagonists to reduce CCL5/RANTES levels, and therefore prevent the monocytes from getting to the blood vessels.
Damp down the CX3CR1/fractalkine pathway in order to turn off the long term monocyte survival mechanism that’s allowing them to survive longer than usual. Over time, the monocytes carrying the coronavirus protein will die off.

The Protocol

The treatment protocol is remarkably brief – just 4-6 weeks
. First, immune labs are taken and then 3 drugs are given. (The fact that none of these drugs have been used in ME/CFS should remind us how vast the medical drug toolkit is and how many possibilities it holds.)


CCR5 antagonist – Maraviroc (Selzentry (US), Celsentri (EU)) is in an antiretroviral drug used in combination with other drugs to treat HIV. (HIV can use the CCR5 receptor to enter the cell). Its efficacy against the coronavirus is also being explored. Maraviroc also stops monocytes from moving around the body in response to CCL5/RANTES – a chemokine which is produced in endothelial cells. Maraviroc comes with plenty of warnings, including a black box one, but Patterson says its is safe – and has two papers coming out on it. Most long haulers are on for 2-4 weeks and the longest has been 8 weeks. Maraviroc, he said, was incredibly effective in relieving tinnitus and brain fog and typically did do so in 3-5 days. He said “we see it (tinnitus) a lot, and treat it a lot and are very good at eliminating it.”

Statins – by inhibiting fracktalkine, it stops the monocyte cells from attaching to endothelial cells on the blood vessels.

Ivermectin -an immunomodulator and anti-parasitic drug is used because of its persistent antiviral properties.
It also affects cell membranes. A meta-review of 11 randomized Ivermectin COVID-19 trials found a significant reduction in hospitalization and and 56% reduction in death. Many of the trials were not peer-reviewed, and a wide range of doses was used. A placebo-controlled Ivermectin COVID-19 study is underway at the University of Oxford.

Here’s the Dr. Been Videos.

Some of Dr. Been’s audio is a bit garbled, but the rest is fine. This is the one about Long Haulers. One hour, 24 minutes:

Spike Proteins In Immune Cells – Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul
567,348 views Streamed live on Jun 25, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Dr. Bruce Patterson’s team has discovered that the S1 pieces of the spike proteins persist in the monocytes resulting in immune dysregulation and long-haul syndrome. Let’s discuss these findings with him.

Dr. Patterson’s site:

Then the other video on how the S1 Spike bit causes lung injury in mice which human ACE2 enzyme. 26 minutes:

Researchers Show How SARS-COV-2 Spike Protein Causes Acute Lung Injury in Mice
137,347 views Streamed live on Sep 1, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures

First study in mice demonstrates that S1 part of the spike protein in combination with hACE2 enzyme triggers cytokine like storm and acute lung injury. Let’s review this study.

Study PDF:

Long Haul Post Vaccine?

I’d not heard of “Post Vaccine Long Haul” but it looks like for some folks “it’s a thing”:

Long Haul Post-Vaccine Syndrome: Share Your Experience
By Dr. Brimah -August 17, 2021


by Dr. Perry Brimah M.D., M.S. Twitter: @DrPerryBrimah


Long haul post-vaccine syndrome deals with a variety of symptoms that have been reported post Covid-19 vaccine. Some patients are reported to have presented with symptoms which resemble acute Covid-19 infections and others have presented with symptoms seen in patients suffering from Long haul Covid. Long haul post-vaccine syndrome may present in patients several months after taking Covid vaccine shots. According to leading physicians dealing with the syndrome, it is manageable and is treated similar to Long haul Covid. The suspected culprit in both syndromes is the ‘spike protein.’

Covid Virus Spike Protein

Covid-19 virus’ pathogenicity is courtesy of its spike protein. Upon entrance into the body, the spike protein attaches to ACE2 (angiotensin converting enzyme 2) receptors in the cell membranes (Pillay, 2020). ACE2 receptors of epithelial cells lining the airways are a first target of the virus upon inhalation. Upon attachment, the spike protein gets activated and changes from a ‘pre-fusion’ shape to a ‘post-fusion’ state where it is like a spear that pokes through the cell membrane and allows the viral genetic material entrance to your cells to replicate.
Long Haul Covid

Long haul covid or Long-COVID or COVID long-haulers according to a new review can present with as many as 55 long term symptoms. The most common of which are “fatigue (58%), headache (44%), attention disorder (27%), hair loss (25%), and dyspnea (24%)…Diseases such as stroke and diabetes mellitus were also present.” Psychiatric problems like dementia and insomnia are also included. Smell and taste deficiency may persist as also cough and lung abnormalities. Autoimmune problems where the body fights itself is also part of this plethora of presentations. Weight loss, palpitations, renal failure, mood disorders, throat pain and sputum, myocarditis, arrhythmia, OCD, intermittent fever, digestive problems are some more.

The precise cause of Long-COVID and Long-Post-Vaccine is being investigated but it may be due to organ damage or persistent autoimmune or inflammatory damage after the infection. Another recent study found Epstein Bar virus reactivated in 73% of long haulers and blamed this for the chronic fatigue, raynaud’s phenomenon and other related symptoms.

I’ve seen an assertion that post vaccination various endogenous suppressed viruses are able to reactivate. Shingles outbreaks, for example.

IF In fact Long Covid is due to just the S1 protein on monocytes, and both the vaccine and the disease can cause that to happen, then being vaccinated alone will be a big problem for some folks.

I note in passing that Robert Felix of / died after a sudden resurgence of an autoimmune illness that had been in remission, and that this started about 2 months after he was vaccinated. He did not believe his illness was related, due to the passage of many weeks after the vaccination. But not all reactions are immediate… It looks like his web site is now gone, but I found a copy on the Wayback Machine:

All Cause Mortality numbers must be compared pre and post vaccination campaigns to have any clue how much damage is being done by turning people into S1 Spike Protein factories.

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My Left Wing Brothers & Sisters…

The Crap being shoved at us is not Right Wing vs. Left Wing. How do I know? Because I regularly point out I am staunchly middle of the bird. I do not care at all who you have sex with, how you “do it” or under what circumstances. I really do not care. Just don’t shove it in my face.

I’m a “sperm donor” to “two Moms” who wanted a kid. I’ve got more than a dozen or so offspring in that circumstance, and, near as I can tell from those who have contacted me, they are Great Kids. I’m 100% in their corner and happy for them. ANY of them who want me to help in whatever way, I’m there for them. Yet there has been no bad outcome. Several have contacted me (Open ID) on entry to college and, curiosity satisfied, have got on with their life.

I’ve been on TV News shows advocating for this whole process. I’m all about empowering people to love their life and live it as they see fit. I’ve been in bed with a Gay Guy only to discover that it wasn’t for me… but I was ready to find out. Does that sound like a hard core right wing nut?

BTW, I’ve also grown marijuana in my living room while in college and developed the “acetone extraction” to make hash oil (of a very green kind) based on acetone solution and then evaporation onto any substrate of your choosing. Then published this.

Not exactly a Right Wing Nut eh?

What I believe in, and advocate, is simple: INDIVIDUAL CHOICE.

This life is NOT a dress rehearsal, take big bites. Some of them will be stupid and painful, and mistakes. But some will be exquisite experience you would never have if you didn’t roll those dice.

Sure, things like The Old Testament can give you some good guidance as to what’s a bad choice. (HINT: Girls getting knocked up by guys who bug out on them is not very good. Similarly guys who boff women with 10,000 other guys before them can expect medical treatment in their future. These are just facts.)

So roll the dice, enjoy the ride, but don’t be stupid about it. OK?

In that context, there are Left Wing Folks who I dearly love. Jimmy Dore is one of them. He’s sometimes wrong (as is common on The left) but usually admits it when the penny drops. And more often than not, has a good bit of clue about Stupid Left Games. In that context, this: (Has F-bombs, but only where appropriate…)!–Biden,-Fauci,-Pelosi-Opposed-Mandates:d

How The Power Left opposed Vaccine Mandates until they were in power…

From a fellow traveler…

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No RV After All, & California Diesel Killer Law

Well, I’ll not be doing the RV Coast To Coast thing after all. Spouse gets a headache or a bit dizzy in some vehicles ( I can feel it too) due to low frequency resonances. Infra-sound sort of stuff.

We first noticed this in a Ford Van about 30 years ago, so didn’t buy it either. In an extended test drive of a nice new Newmar, I could feel it and she reacted to it. So a no-go on that plan. ( I may try an old Blue Bird “someday” to see if it is just a size thing or if it is a maker / model thing, but not in time to move…)

So she’s going to fly out, and I’m going to drive a car load of stuff. Then either movers move the house full or I get a big truck and DIY. TBD at this point. (Likely movers I think…)

BUT, along the way, saw several ads for Diesel Trucks and Buses that said something like “Can’t use this anymore due to new Smog Law”. WT? In California, old Diesels have typically been exempt from any smog laws. Only after 2007 was there anything applied to Diesels.

Well, I decided to find out just what was what. Don’t live in California so don’t care? It applies to people VISITING California in an RV too…

New Laws in California Could Be Trouble for Diesel RV Owners
by Cary Hillside on March 29, 2021

Having enacted many laws and regulations over the years to curb the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), California has long been known as one of the most active states in the fight against climate change. Whether these regulations are good, bad, or in-between, consumers’ perspectives are often significantly influenced by the type of vehicle they drive. Some diesel RV owners may be bristling right now at a new proposed law that could spell big trouble for them.

Climate Change, huh? Do they know that Diesels get much better MPG so emit far less CO2 / ton-mile? Do they know that “smog controls” for most vehicles cause them to consume MORE fuel and emit MORE CO2? Broken logic runs deep in these folks.

An embedded tweet says:

California EPA
Last month, @CAgovernor directed @AirResources to develop regs to achieve 100% #EV car sales in CA by 2035, transition to #ZEV short-haul trucks by 2035 & ZEV heavy-duty vehicles by 2045. This will protect the air we breathe. #CleanAirDayCA #airpollution #emissions

So Zero Emmissions heavy-duty trucks… boy is that going to drive prices of everything shipped through the roof. Nothing but EV cars to be sold starting in 14 years.

But what does this have to do with old trucks?

By 2035, California hopes to move to 100 percent zero-emission vehicles and phase out remaining diesel vehicles by 2045. Along with the California General Assembly, CARB has aggressively targeted diesel-powered vehicles, given that they produce more GHG than gasoline-powered ones.

Definitely short on the “understanding physics” department. Diesel Powered trucks make more gasses because of their SIZE not their type of engine. For a given SIZE the gasoline powered trucks make more exhaust gasses.

But they are correct that an 18 wheeler makes more exhaust gas than a Toyota Prius…

A recently approved law should be of specific interest to diesel RV owners. Senate Bill 210 directs CARB to develop a “Heavy-Duty Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection Program” applicable to all vehicles greater than 14,000 pounds operating in California.

In short, these vehicles will have to follow California’s emissions standards and hold an annual certificate from CARB validating their vehicle meets these standards. This regulation will apply no matter where the vehicle was registered, according to Camper Report.

Senate Bill 210 directs CARB to establish this program starting with a pilot, followed by a full inspection program. The inspection program will be coordinated with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and include procedures for both visual and functional inspections and necessary emissions testing. Those who do not comply would be assessed fees, and penalties CARB establishes.

This proposal is one of many CARB measures intended to curb diesel emissions from trucks, both operating in-state and out-of-state. But it also has implications for diesel RV motorhomes owners residing in California, along with owners traveling to and from the Golden State.

It very well could reduce emissions significantly. But it could also have adverse business impacts on the transportation and tourism industries.

“Could” have adverse impacts? Could. Ya think? How about flat out killing off a chunk of visitors in the most expensive and biggest RVs around? Folks who drop money like crazy. Movie Stars who live in coaches “on set” fairly often and the movies they make going elsewhere?

Were I running a trucking company, I’d just charge a huge fee for anything going to California and arrange a “trailer swap” location on the Nevada or Arizona border. Things will take longer to move, and there will be an added charge for the truck change and two drivers coordinating and the land for the swap spot, but hey…

Were I an ocean shipper I’d just land cargo in Mexico, Oregon, Washington, or Canada and skip the whole California thing.

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom approved this bill in September 2019. And while the long on-ramp for implementation of the law (coupled with the pandemic) may have muted public reaction, industry and environmental groups have, and continue to, weigh-in.
However, other industry groups within the transportation and agriculture industries, including the California Farm Bureau Federation, California Cattlemen’s Association, and Western States Trucking Association, oppose the law, as per CDLLife.

Senate Bill 210 could put a damper on what has been a historic period of RV sales. The RV Industry Association has also taken note of the bill. It plans to work with CARB to ensure that the development and implementation of Senate Bill 210 do not unduly burden diesel motorhome owners in or visiting California.

As of now, the certificate requirement is not yet in effect but is expected to be effective sometime in 2023. So if you own a diesel-fueled motorhome and were planning on one of California’s many RV parks, you may want to do so soon.

The Stupid, it burns… But at least in late 2022 there will be a lot of cheap Diesels to buy and drive out of California…

But at least now I know why folks are saying they are selling their old trucks and buses due to the new smog requirements. Dump the old Diesel, buy a replacement Gasoline bus, burn more fuel and make more CO2. Way to go, Gov.

This Forbes article about increased regulations on NEW trucks quotes a “spokesperson” who says it “only” will increase costs by 6%. Sure…

The omnibus regulations apply to California-certified vehicles sold starting in 2024 and will increase the cost of a truck by less than 6%, according to a spokesperson.

Figure closer to 10-12% when it is in place and operating. So hitting new trucks one way, old ones another way. And then they wonder why there is a Trucker Shortage…

Manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks have several engineering options to comply with the new rules, according to CARB. Strategies include better engine calibration, improvements to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, and new fuel-saving technologies like cylinder deactivation that also enable much lower NOx emissions.

When fully implemented in 2026

So 4+ years until that one is fully cramping truckers.

California Mandate: We’re Coming For Your Diesel Truck

by Thom Taylor on June 29, 2020

In a landmark decision that will reverberate for years, California announced it will require manufacturers to start selling zero-emission vehicles by 2024. The mandate applies to medium-duty and heavy trucks. The goal is to have a minimum of 300,000 zero-emission trucks traversing the state by 2035. By 2045, all medium and heavy-duty trucks will be ZEVs. In other words, California is coming for your diesel truck.

Another mandate will follow from the California Air Resources Board requiring large fleet owners to purchase a certain amount of ZEV trucks.
Heavy-duty diesel trucks are the number one source of smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution in the state. The goal is naturally to reduce climate-warming emissions to improve public health. It is also seen as a way to increase the health of low-income residents living in fairly close proximity to freeways.

Yeah, because buying electricity from out of State is so much more efficient at reducing emission IN California… But at least we know Tesla will have a mandated market for his e-Truck regardless of cost or efficiency…

Note that California imports a load of electrons from the Palo Verde nuclear plant in Arizona and via the Pacific DC Intertie from Washington State.

Oh, and I wonder what happens to shipping / trucking when we have a rolling blackout hit the Truck Charging stations?

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