GIStemp STEP2_split_binary

The program split_binary.f

Here is the listing. The explanation will follow some months or weeks from now below, after the === bar.

      integer,allocatable,dimension(:) :: idata
      integer info(9)
      character title*80,name*36,fileo*7

      read(1,end=100) info,title

      do n=51,56
      write(fileo,'(a6,i1)') 'Ts.bin',n-50
      write(n) info,title
      end do
      allocate (idata(info(4)))
   10 read(1,end=100) idata,Lat,Lon,ID,iht,name,m1,m2
!!    write(99,*) Lat,Lon,ID
!!    if(ID.eq.603550002) write(98,'(12I6)') idata
      if( mu=0
      write(mu) idata,Lat,Lon,ID,iht,name,m1,m2
      go to 10

  100 stop 0


The analysis of this program will have to wait a fair while as I’m still finishing another step. It looks like it’s a well done library of utilities so I’ll likely leave it to the end.


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