Indicators, More Charts, Disclaimers and Disclosures

If you want more detail on indicators, I have a posting describing them in more depth.

For some selected pre-made charts, look at the “Racing Stocks” tab on the top bar.

For your own charts, you ought to visit big charts where these charts are coming from, and try the advanced chart option on a few of your own stock tickers. It’s free, it’s easy, and it is valuable. My only relationship is as a satisfied user.

DISCLOSURE: If I see a stock or fund that looks good, odds are I’ll own it if I have the free cash. It’s become too much work to keep up to date a specific ‘holdings’ page (and folks didn’t read it anyway) so watch the regular postings for buy / sell commentary.

Further: I’m not a registered adviser, registered agent, broker, or anything else. I’m just “some guy” trading his stocks telling you what he sees and what he’s doing. You want to do something? Do it because you decided to do it, not because I did something. While I hope you can learn something from what I say and do, you might learn as much or more from “me as a bad example” as from “my sage advice”… I’m just exercising my constitutional free speech right to talk about me and my trades, not giving anyone any personal advice. To do that I’d have to become a registered [something].


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