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WSW Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Notes Wednesday, June 3, 2009 The Ministry of Stupidity Speaks had the congress interviewing Ben Bernanke. Ben is a great guy and does a wonderful job. He had to say that he will defend the dollar, and he did. … Continue reading

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Step2 Overview and Sizes

STEP2 – FORTRAN zonalizing   First up, what does gistemp.txt say:   And what does the gistemp.txt file have to say about STEP2? Step 2 : Splitting into zonal sections and homogeneization ( ———————————————————- To speed up processing, Ts.txt is … Continue reading

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ULUM – Ultra-Large-Uranium-Miner-ship

The Ultra Large Uranium Mining Ship Over on WUWT a person was tossing rocks at the idea that one could extract enough Uranium from sea water to run the world. He was not particularly tuned in to just how big … Continue reading

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Crisis Kits and Preparedness Packs

Preparedness Packs, Chrisis Kits, Survival Bags, a rose… Basic Crisis Pack ©2009 E. M. Smith   Packing it: Large hip bag or fanny pack Directions Survival Flash Cards or small booklet (purchased from local bookstore) (Tom Brown’s books of Survival … Continue reading

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