South Hemisphere Record Early Snow

It's Snowing Down Under


Is AGW Buried Under Snow Yet?

UPDATE: Looks like June Snow in Merry Old England:

Times On Line reports snow in June similar to what was seen in the 1790s.

In fact, the 1790s were a dismal period in British climate. A run of severe winters and cold wet summers ruined harvests at a time when the country was hard-pressed to feed a booming population in the new industrial towns. Shortages of food eventually led to soaring prices and food riots.

One hopes it isn’t like that this time…

Well, it looks like the 2009 ski / snowboard season is starting off fast, early, and cold in the Southern Hemisphere:

New Zealand is kicking things off with way early snow

Sam Lee of Snow Park NZ said they have the biggest base they’d ever seen at this time of year. “This give us a great head start and snow making will be even more effective allowing us to open all facilities as scheduled on 4 July.”

Lake Wanaka Tourism general manager, James Helmore, said town was buzzing in anticipation of an excellent season.

“It looks like mid-winter now and it’s only May,” he said

And the New Zealand ski resorts are opening early

A nice opening to the ski season too.

and a record cold May with more to come.

Australians are starting snow making early and hoping for a long cold ski season But it is being very cold and stormy a bit early.

A COLD blast has brought an early dumping of snow to the Alpine areas with Victoria buffeted by strong winds and rain. Up to 20cm of snow fell in the state’s high country, while NSW had its earliest snowfalls in more than a decade.

The Australian reports cold.

Yet even as the South opens early, the Northern Hemisphere is having a late end.

While Edmonton Canada is having a snow covered “spring”. Alaskan glaciers are growing and some are being closely watched by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

On a more somber note, some places, like Afghanistan, are not enjoying the snow with a ski vacation, but are having health problems from the cold:

“Portions of the country are experiencing their coldest winter in more than 70 years, mirroring other South Asian States, such as Bangladesh, India and Nepal, which are also facing dipping temperatures. In Afghanistan, eight major provinces – Kabul, Nangahar, Paktia, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Badakshan and Bamiyan – have been hit particularly hard, according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO). ”

(ht: JLKrueger for pointing me at Afghanistan)

There are also problems in Peru with many children dead.

So Who’s In Denial Now?

But that doesn’t stop a Bern University climatologist, Heinz Wanner, from denying that it’s getting colder globally despite lots of late snow in Switzerland! After all, if it’s colder and snowier and going to be that way for several years due to the AMO flip, well, he knows that’s just weather… the climate is still warming up.

“Wanner explains that the deep cold and record snow has to do largely with changes in the air pressure thousands of kilometres away between the Azores and Iceland. Conditions there influence Europe’s wind patterns, which this year have sent storm after storm barrelling across Switzerland. It’s a natural cycle, he says, but that doesn’t mean humans aren’t influencing those events”

“The global trend for the last three decades has been temperatures increasing on average about 0.2 degrees per decade. In Switzerland it’s actually higher, at about 0.3 degrees.”

swissinfo: But we seem to be having record cold with lots of snow.

“H.W.: It’s a cold anomaly in southwest and central Europe. I can imagine that in certain sites in the Alps and in the plains, the length of the period of snow cover will be quite high and a record at some sites, but it’s local.”

“If the system acts as it has for the past 200 years, I’m expecting a period of a few stronger winters again.”

“But then we have human factors, too, like the greenhouse effect, land use and air pollution. The balance between these factors has to be studied and the only factor that is really increasing is the greenhouse effect. Therefore, there is a strong human influence.”

Maybe he ought to ask a weather man what’s going on

Cold, getting colder.

So, looks to me like we’re headed into a cold snowy winter in the southern hemisphere, while a cold snowy winter doesn’t want to leave the Nothern Hemisphere just yet. So much for “global warming”…

FWIW, here in California, we had a couple of warm days mid May and now we’re back to unusually cool. This is not going to be a “long hot summer” on the Left Coast…

It looks like we’re going to be getting some snow in the mountains, in June no less…

And more at a list here:


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9 Responses to South Hemisphere Record Early Snow

  1. Roger Sowell says:

    Meanwhile, back in the States, Mammoth Mountain (California) continues to enjoy Spring skiing conditions, with base snow depth of 27 inches at the lowest elevation, and 72 inches highest elevation. This is not so unusual for Mammoth (they sometimes have skiing on July 4). But if the AGW hysterics were right, isn’t the snow supposed to be gone by now? After all, it is nearly June!

  2. H.R. says:

    on May 24, 2009 at 9:07 am Roger Sowell:

    “[…] But if the AGW hysterics were right, isn’t the snow supposed to be gone by now? […]”

    If they’d been right 20 years ago, you’d be typing that under water in Marina Del Rey ;o)

    What say we move the AGW goalposts (sigh)… again.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    We’re looking at both ends of the ski season stretching out in both hemispheres… I think that’s a pattern…

    I’m looking out my window at 49 F or so and heavy clouds, on Memorial Day…

    My tomatoes are not setting fruit.

    This is NOT warming.

    I wonder if there is still time to buy a warm 10 foot high tropical island on sale cheap due to AGW paranoia?…

  4. Roger Sowell says:

    H.R., and E.M., speaking of AGWers moving the goalposts, have a look at the last couple of paragraphs of this:

    I love “settled science!”

    Re the continuing cold: We are joining a group of friends for the traditional Memorial Day picnic and concert in the park. The question on everyone’s mind is how warm to dress? I’m thinking a sweater plus hooded sweatshirt. The locale is an inland valley, which in past years was quite warm. Not this year, is my guess.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Roger: Liked the posting… take a sweatshirt ;-)

  6. Roger Sowell says:

    E.M., yup, it got really cold really fast (for Southern California, that is), as soon as the sun dipped lower in the sky. It got much colder when the sun dropped even more, and behind a large oak tree and we were in the shade. Glad I had the sweatshirt.

    Many people brought blankets to wrap up in, not just to sit on. Based on that, it would seem Al Gore’s and MIT’s predictions of apocalyptic warming are being ignored, and thinking people bring sweatshirts and light jackets to stay warm.

  7. JLKrueger says:

    Meanwhile, here in Kabul, Afghanistan, May is about to pass without hitting 90°F /32.2°C). Temps running a good 10°F below “normal” all spring with more rain than they’ve seen in a long time. Snow is still visible as low as the 11,000 foot line on the mountains around Kabul. Higher peaks still getting snow.

    The city is much greener than any time in the last 30 years according to long-time residents.

  8. Roger Sowell says:

    E.M., just wanted to say thank you for the kind words over on WUWT — re the Renewable Energy Our Downfall post. I think a lot of the animosity is directed at an attorney – any attorney. People just do not like attorneys, until they need one!

    btw…although NorCal (Redding etc) is having a heat wave, we are still chilled in LA. I’m wearing sweatshirts rather than turning on the heater.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    Yup. Like police. Folks don’t like them until they need them, then they love ’em… Learned that as a law enforcement Eagle Scout. We were the “cops” at the jamboree… I prefer to judge folks by their actions and ideas rather than their labels. Heck, I was employed butchering chickens at one time in my life. Somebody had to do it… I’m sure my vegetarian friends would be startled to know I was “one of them”! Somehow I don’t feel like the job defined who I was, though.

    I also think that folks don’t understand what it means to be in California. That a small motivated radical group runs the government and that large swaths of middle and moderate conservatives are just trying to stay sane and alive.

    Like the nuclear prohibition and the concept of trying to build a nuke with things mandated by the NRC that are not available here due to CARB. My mechanic just got a several hundred dollar fine because some test found a small quantity of an unacceptable hydrocarbon in the solvent from his parts washer. Think about that a minute. You have to be careful what gunk is on the parts you wash because it might make the wash solvent dirty in an improper way! Just how do you take apart a 15 year old transmission from a junk yard (core) and clean and rebuild it while assuring that it only contains currently approved materials?

    He THINKS he has tracked it back to a stock of spray cleaner they were using up that is no longer available in California, but isn’t sure. For now they wash all the parts in another parts washer with the spray and a crappy solvent rinse; THEN they wash them in the good washer with the good solvent… He’s not exactly sure what he’s going to do with the solvent from the first washer when it’s time to replace it, but he’s hoping it takes a long time. He THINKS he can send it off as hazardous waste and he HOPES that will be cheaper than the solvent contamination fine. All this to wash transmission parts to rebuild them. And the state has to send a delegation to Nevada to find out why businesses are moving there?

    When you can’t use spray parts cleaner to clean parts, something is very very wrong.

    BTW, neighbor reports “heavy blankets back on the bed”. North coastal California is still cold. Redding ought to be about 90F this time of year. That’s not a heat wave, that’s normal. June, July, August it’s “110 in the shade and thar aint no shade! ” That’s where I grew up…

    Hottest I personally remember was 117 F about 1960? donno exactly, I was a kid…

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