Memorial Day Eve, 4pm, 64F

Well, at 4 pm on Memorial Day Eve it is all of 64 F in my back yard in what is normally the hot part of the San Francisco Bay area. I was just chased out of my lawn chair by the cold at what is supposed to be the hottest part of the day. In fairness, I was a bit damp from filling my “earthquake water jugs” but normally this is a feature in the 90F heat…

Further, the only tomato I have that has set fruit is my Siberian. They set fruit in the 40s F. My “4th of July” and “Sweet 100” are making flowers, but they are damping off. That tells me the night time temperature has, substantially, been below 50F and daytime has not been warm enough to make up for it. Basically, it is abnormally cold or I would have more tomatoes setting fruit. The only ones “working” are the ones that work in the *$&(*)@#$ cold.

IMHO: Global Warming My ASS!

Here is is, almost Memorial Day, and I’m wondering if I ought to put away the cold beer and break out the Hot Toddy mix… AND a fire in the fireplace has a certain attraction…

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  1. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, this site:

    has about 19 or 20 sites with quakes of over 5 on the scale.

    One hopes that this is not a trend… 2 of these are in California including one in Long Beach and one south of Mammoth.

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