North Korea Has The Bomb – tested nuke

Update 27 May 2009

North Korea abandons the 1953 armistice. Whoo boy…

Views from both sides of the political map: Fox News and, Dialy Kos

Mr. Obama, you are being tested. Iran is watching.

Might I suggest this is a good time to review your preparations for when The Bad Thing Happens? Things like evacuation paths, the Bugout Bag (clothes, tent, water filter, money, flashlight), both basic and auxillary, food storage system, etc.

Update 26 May 2009

North Korea has launched at least 3 missiles today. One air to ship, another air to ground. We haven’t started shooting them down yet. Maybe I don’t have the right mind set to be a leader of a country. I’d have taken out the launch sites by now… Guess it’s all the time I’ve spent hanging out with street cops. Nut case waving weapons around? Take him down then let the courts sort it out… “Talk to the judge, buddy.”

Well, That’s Not Good

It would seem that the rules of the game have shifted… Again…

They first tested a nuke in 2006:

At this point, I have no idea how this is going to settle out. With one of The Axis of Evil in possession of a working nuke and being an international arms dealer but desperate for food and money; and with another up to their eyeballs in oil money and desperate for a nuke: I can guess. Until now there was some hope that the sanctions were sufficient to keep them from proliferating. Now they’ve shown they have no inhibitions and they are in the business of making more of these things.

It is very clear now, though, that any launch from North Korea of any missile headed toward a U.S. Fleet, Japan, South Korea, or just about anywhere else much; will have the presumption of being a nuclear strike.

I expect we’ll see a fair number of things shot out of the sky from here on out.

I’m also concerned about what this means for any large city in South Korea. All I can say is that Obama will not be sleeping well in the next few days as he “comes up to speed”. I give him 2 years, max, to grey hair. The Office does that to folks. The Office with a nuclear nut case banging on the doorstep has to be faster…

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  1. Paul says:

    I appreciated your help on the nuclear bombs and nuclear power issue on wuwt. Where can I learn about your background? You have many interesting posts.

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you very much I find it interesting, perhaps you should keep your response up.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ll think about it…

    While it is fairly generic, enough training about ‘information leakage’ and having taught some computer forensics makes me a bit extra cautious about some information. Especially when I’m prone to tossing rocks at powerful folks like those in the AGW industry…

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