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Thermometer Years by Latitude Warm Globe

Original Full Sized Image. As the Thermometers March South, We Find Warmth Ask any retired person which way to get warmer. They will tell you it’s to head to the tropics. Well, I couldn’t sleep until I found out if … Continue reading

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WSW Sunday, August 16, 2009

If you are expecting global warming stuff, it’s here: This posting is about the other thing I do, looking at investment markets. Daily Notes Tuesday, August 18: Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. An up market day in what ought … Continue reading

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Bottom Quartile of Thermometers

The Bottom Quartile of Thermometer Life Span In some ways, these thermometers matter least, since they have the least total data volume in the record. Originally I was not even going to bother putting up the list of them (due … Continue reading

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Quartile 2 – Middle Top Thermometers

The 2nd Quartile, or Middle Top of Thermometers These are the thermometers that have the next to longest lifetime. They matter more than the shortest, since the shortest lived thermometers do not have enough total lifetime to impact the averages … Continue reading

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