Journal Editorial Report Gets It!

The Journal Editorial Report Gets It!

Today, they had a very nice segment on AGW and Climategate. They actually mentioned both the email issues (including the subornation of the peer review process) AND the code issues (including the ‘fudge factor’ usage and cooking the books to achieve a goal).

Bravo Journal Editorial Report and Paul Gigot!

The transcript for this week is not up yet, but will be eventually.

Sidebar: For anyone who would like to throw rocks at The Wall Street Journal Editorial Report as a Fox News “creation” or being biased to the conservative side: Please note that The Journal Editorial Report started life on PBS. Yes, the lefty socialized media outlet. They have a business focus, but a more or less neutral political bent. Remember that there are many many rich limousine liberals who also care about money (such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and George Soros and …)

So it is not possible to classify “business people” as “conservative”.

At any rate, a good report on the likely demise of the Copenhagen “treaty”.


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3 Responses to Journal Editorial Report Gets It!

  1. stan says:


    Don’t you know that corporations are automatically deemed to be conservative? It doesn’t matter how left-wing a person is (see e.g. Soros, Buffett, Ted Turner), or how uniformly liberal the staff. If articles of incorporation are on file in some state capitol the owners, the staff and the business are magically changed into conservatives and should be referred to as “corporate interests” (aka the boogie man). It’s one of the liberal faith’s commandments.

    REPLY: [ I know it, I just feel compelled to try and tell them that it’s wrong… I also have this odd attraction to charging at windmills with a long pole ;-) – E.M.Smith]

  2. j ferguson says:

    Good morning E.M.

    you wrote:

    “… likely demise of the Copenhagen “treaty”.”

    I hope so, but doubt it. Recalling Crichton’s observations about the eugenics mania – and what it took to finally put a stop to it – Adolph H. The human cost of ending the eugenics mania was incalculable. If it takes something like that, I’m not as optimistic as you seem to be.

    NBC Nightly had a short segment on ClimateGate the other night which included two snippets. One was Oppenheimer saying that the revelations had no impact on the efficacy of the science and the other, an EPA official in a congressional testimony setting saying the same thing.

    Because I think it makes life simpler, I tend to take people at their word and assume they mean what they say – which is not to say that they understand what they are saying.

    It could be that we will get a skeptic mania to cancel out the CAGW mania, but that might not be so good either.

    The beauty of what has happened seems to lie in the exposure and the likelihood that “climate science” may henceforth be done in the knowledge that its entirety will become public, not simply the executive recommendations.

    Or even worse, the recommendations as bases for policy.

    This whole CAGW business has become a bit of a litmus test for discovering lightweights in our political arena – as if we didn’t already know who they were.

    Thanks again for your extensive efforts at clarifying these devious processes.

    REPLY: [ I’m not expecting an end to the AGW Movement, just that the “treaty” will become an “agreement on principles” or something else meaningless and the ball will be kicked to the corner for a couple of months, with a replay in the heat of August in Phoenix or somewhere… I’m also hopeful that each month of delay puts us closer to a “No Clothes” moment from reality. Accuweather is predicting a Blizzard from Kansas to the Great Lakes and then it will get colder. There is even a prediction of snow in the central valley of California. An “only in cold phases and only once or twice every 30 years” type of event.

    Nature is going to play the trump card here, and anyone who swims against that tide “too long” is going to be pilloried in the Laughing Stocks… It’s not just Adolf H. and friends who can cause a “sea change” it is also the derisive laughter of the crowd aimed at the buffoon… How is “I hold in my hand this piece of paper guaranteeing peace in our time!” greeted these days? One of my favorite metrics is “When you are the punch line on The Tonight Show, it’s all over.” And Climategate has been the punch line. Stir in a blizzard or two and “Global Warming” is a punch line, not a movement…

    An angry unemployed mob might well decide to simply wipe out the entire EPA when they are cold, hungry, unemployed, and angry about buffoons too dumb to “get it” that snow is not warm… The next round of elections will be very interesting.

    -E.M.Smith ]

  3. nevket240 says:

    Do not forget the big hippie himself. Branson. About as close to consevatism as AGW to reality.
    Its so easy for the scammers isn’t it?
    Tax payer funded to imprison the taxpayer in energy rationing.
    An amazing world, but dangerous.


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