December 7 – A Climate Date that will live in Infamy

Sacramento California Snow

Sacramento California Snow

Today the EPA declared CO2 an environmental threat.

They could not have had more exquisitely bad timing I’ve they had let me set the date.

Sure, timed to coincide with the Copenhagen treaty opening. So they are going to double dip the fiasco…

Why a poor choice? Well, the title of this posting is one reason. They have no sense of history. Another? Current weather predictions are for the center of the USA to be 20 Degrees F below average for the next few weeks. It has even snowed today in Sacramento, California.

For those not in California, Sacramento gets to 110 F in the shade (and there ain’t no shade!) many summers. It is often over 100F. I’ve lived in or near it for most of the last 50 years+ and I can remember 3 or maybe 4 days with snow. (There were probably more, I was not always paying attention to the weather, but not many more…) Snow is almost unheard of on the Central Valley floor in most years. Certainly not in years of supposedly record warmth.

These folks have set them selves up for the most spectacular “belly flop” in living memory. They are parading naked down the street and don’t even know it.

There is a nice little set of pictures of Sacramento snow down the side of this link:

BTW, it also snowed in the hills around the San Francisco Bay Area. This is an area significantly further south, Morgan Hill, even south of San Jose. They usually do not get snow covered hills to look at:

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10 Responses to December 7 – A Climate Date that will live in Infamy

  1. spartan says:

    Is it mere coincidence that they choose Dec 7th or does fate have a perverse sense of humour?

  2. Harold Vance says:

    Speaking of snow, Houston got its earliest snowfall ever — by something like six days. And there were plenty of heavy, wet flakes with which to build snowmen, something which hasn’t happened since the mid-1970s.

    December 7 also marks the attack on Pearl Harbor. The self-loathing nutters at the EPA chose this day to launch an attack on humanity at large. Carbon is practically the basis of life. There would be no life without it.

    I guess that makes us all criminals now.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    I suspect that God is bored, and choosing to toy with those who would claim dominion… so yes, fait has a sense of the absurd…

    And there will be even more snow to come. This is the start of a several week weather event that will turn into a several year event. Gee, the ’70s were the last time the PDO was in the cold phase… cycles inside cycles inside cycles…

    BTW, there is a blizzard alert for N. Arizona… Yeah, THAT Arizona. I’d laugh if it didn’t hurt so much, and I’d cry if it wasn’t so funny.

    I think it’s time to go inspect the beverage cabinet and check the popcorn supplies. (Despite the California Fireplace Gestapo, I’ve lit a fire in the old stove tonight. “Recycling” a limb the storm last year brought down… I’ll find out if its a ‘burn day’ or a ‘no sinning day’ when they give me a ticket, I guess. But if it’s snowing in the hills, and expected to reach my front yard, I’m by God going to have a fire to keep me warm.) Yes, I’m a “fireplace criminal”…

  4. pyromancer76 says:

    Yes, it is absurd, but this was planned all along, IMHO. IPCC and the EPA announcement. Do most conferences start on a Monday? In my conference experience for “working people”, conferences begin on or around Thursday scheduled to go through the weekend (and some sessions in the evenings). But then we expect to get back to work on Monday, not to play jet-set-in-leisure at taxpayers’ expense under the guise of fraudulent science. Limousines should be banned at taxpayers’ expense.

    Or was the December 7th date planned as an in-your-face to the good-old-USA? I hope Tea Partiers take over both parties and demand in addition to transparency, accountability, limited government (with an eye out for general welfare – old, lame, halt, blind), energy devlopment, and free market principles, weeding out the thousands of “civil service” bureaucrats who are part of over-priced government in every federal department and on the state and local level. (I am not a conservative Republican! I am a Liberal!) Oh, and by the way, no retirement stipend until after 30-or-more years of respectable work and at least age 65. No retirement stipend for elected representatives at all level of government! It is an honor to serve “the people”.

  5. PJ says:

    E.M.Smith, awesome blog, great post, and linked to this article.

    It sounds like you are figuring out, based on the Bolivia case that they are selectively removing inconvenient thermometers. BTW, if you are reviewing the GISSTEmp records, you might do the “John Daly” thing and share the single station records. What we need, if it is at all possible, is a continuous record of temperatures at various sites that are all rural. That will provide a real ‘baseline trend’ that, if not fully global, should be a corrective to all the biases of the reconstructed trends. In particular, getting the trends from 1900 to 1980-1990 right, since the satellites can be uses for the past 20+ years.

    if you are in Austin, TravisMonitor will buy you a beer. ;-)

    “Do most conferences start on a Monday?” Some do. A better question – do most conferences last 10 DAYS?!? This is a huge huge shindig, way beyond the necessity of a few ministers figuring out how to steal our money to buy off CO2 users.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks, glad you like it! The single station records are on the NASA GISS site already. I’ve selected out the ‘best stations’ and they show no warming signal:

    I sometimes pass through Austin on my way to visit family and friends further east. So, what is a “TravisMonitor” and how do I find it? (Feel free to insert “shameless plug”…)

    And per the 10 days. Yeah, the hypocrisy and blatant party / waste “gives the lie” to the whole question of motivation. The event is about power and self indulgence, not “saving” anything.

  7. Roger Sowell says:

    Ed, my sympathies re the Bay Area burn-ban law. Our South Coast AQMD burn-ban law kicks in in a couple of years. Here’s a website for Bay Area ban alerts:

    Also, great post on the most recent lunacy at the EPA. I wrote about it on my blog also.


  8. mojo says:

    Isn’t it sort of unusual that the EPA gets to decide what they are empowered to rule on?

    Neat trick, that.

    REPLY: [ Yep. But I suspect they are going to “break their teeth” on this bite at the apple. Frozen folks will replace their masters and perhaps demand the end of the agency. If not, the USA ends up with the “California Problem”. We’re bankrupt and business is gone. NOBODY with a brain will put any manufacturing here. The “business” that is left is largely retail and malls. The core economy is gone or leaving. Now the same folks who brought that to California with CARB (California Air Resources Board) want to bring the same thing to the rest of the country… I just wish that the rest of the country would look at California and learn by observation rather than personal experience. -E.M.Smith ]

  9. Roger Sowell says:

    E.M., agree with the California Problem. But, there is a saying amongst cowboys:

    There are only three kinds of people. The first group learns by watching and listening to others. The second learns by reading about others. The third kind just has to stick his tongue on the electric fence.

    REPLY: [ Still have “fond memories” of the first time I learned about electric fences ;-) – E.M.Smith ]

  10. yonason says:

    You know, this could work in our favor.

    If this judge allows standing to sue over Katrinan,…

    …then maybe we CAN sue the EPA over damage due to cooling, and a LOT more people will be affected.

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