Eye Candy and Brain Marvelous Toy

Take just a couple of minutes to visit this site. It is a nice little interactive globe with “spots” you can click on. Each one brings up a very long lived thermometer and lets you see what we know with certainty about the temperature history of the planet. I particularly liked the contrast of NY the City with West Point and the Bahamas, but a lot of other places were fun too. It is a marvelous toy… and just a little bit addictive as you explore the planet. But the good news is that there is not much long lived history to explore so you won’t end up doing it for hours on end… well, not without some repeats ;-).


It is a fascinating way to see all the places showing what has not warmed, and those urbanized places where oceans of tarmac have shown warming, but due to the growth of cities and not CO2.

When you are done with that, there is an amusing posting here:


that leaves me a bit flattered, and with a bit of a giggle. ;-)

That site also has an interesting article about comparing charts of thermometers found in the leaked CRU emails with links to several other postings about them on Strata-sphere.com blog with a nice preamble and it collects the strata-sphere links together in one place.

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  1. VJones says:

    Well, what a surprise. Thank you!

  2. VJones says:

    I have just sent you two emails you might wish to see asap. V.

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Here is a time saver of many of the very long ones:

    And this:

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