TWC – Another USA Blizzard or 2 and 100 dead in EU from Cold

The Weather Channel warns of More Blizzards

The Weather Channel is advising to travel as far south as I-10 to avoid snow and blizzards (one moving eastward now, and another coming next week. That will be 3 in a row.) They are also advising that folks stuck at airports from last weeks blizzard on the East Coast and midwest take any plane they can to a warmer place and then rebook to your final destination (i.e. you will be snowed in again at that prior snowy airport if you don’t get out of there soon.)

They have said it will be moving slowly and dumping a lot of snow for days to come.

This is The Weather Channel “stormwatch” link so I expect content will change over time as the storms come (and go);

Europe Cold Too

There was also a “tease” about a story of 100 dead in Europe from ice and cold.

The BBC seems to have the same story here:

Be Prepared

For now, just realize it is cold. It is going to be colder, and if you have not already gassed up the car, put food in the pantry, bought some candles and thermal blankets, and set some “Presto logs” near the fireplace: This is the last call before a couple of more very cold snowy weeks

You may find this information helpful:


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6 Responses to TWC – Another USA Blizzard or 2 and 100 dead in EU from Cold

  1. Harold Vance says:

    Version: December 2009
    Year: 2006
    Station ID: beginning with “425”
    Total Station Count: 1177
    Stations Missing 9 or More Monthly Values in 2006: 1043

    April 2006 is the month year when the non-airport thermometers went quiet, when the Langoliers devoured them all.

    The true total for 2006 is really 134, not 1177.

    The true totals for 2008 and 2009 are also 134. The Maui station (42591190000) is missing 22 out of 24 possible values for the years 2008 and 2009. This station should not even be listed in the dataset.

    Maybe the Maui airportmometer went surfing or it got enough frequent flier miles to transfer to Bali.

    REPLY: [ Yes, that’s the kind of “stuff” you find in GHCN. On this abused and “cooked” data set, filled with intentional structural biases, all the major world temperature series are built. Frankly, I would not trust a weather prediction about a pick-nick on that data set, never mind thee fate of the world’s economy. -E.M.Smith ]

  2. Roger Sowell says:

    E.M., O/T, but congrats on (what appears to be) becoming a moderator at WUWT. What an honor! You deserve it!


    REPLY: [ Thanks! It’s more of a ‘fill in’ role. To help assure that there are no outages over the holidays / coming weeks. -E.M.Smith ]

  3. Jeff Alberts says:

    Not too bad in the PNW right now. We had a cold snap a couple weeks ago, but not nearly as bad as last December (with a foot of snow). It’s actually unseasonably clear right now here north of Seattle.

  4. j ferguson says:

    Merry Christmas E.M.and commenters,

    This was OT at Climate Audit on the VonStorch thread, and likely OT here, but…….

    Click to access 0707.1161v4.pdf

    This is an astonishing paper written directly to the basic assumption, theory, hypothesis, belief, ?? of the AGW consensus.

    I don’t know about you, E.M., but this was not the side of the street that I thought susceptible to urban clearance – and so timely.

  5. j ferguson says:

    Beware the stuff that seems to support your prejudices.

    Above reference involves unphysical speculations which diminish the reliability of it’s charming, hopeful conclusions.

    sorry to have wasted anyone’s time.

  6. Anthony Watts says:

    Hi E.M.

    I keep sending you emails, and I never get a reply from you. I’ve tried different email accounts of my own and I tried leaving a note in a comment you had a question about on WUWT. I’ve tried both of your AOL email accounts.

    Still nothing.

    I suspect the worlds worst ISP, known as AOL, is eating all attempts at communications with you.

    REPLY: [ It probably has more to do with the fact that, especially over holidays, I can spend a couple of days at a time AFK and my not read email for a week. It is the expectation of fast response that is most likely the ‘answer’.

    -E.M.Smith ]

    My email address will be in this comment, can you send me a reply from a working email account?



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