Cuba – Not A Team Player

What to do about Cuba?

Here we have another Socialist Dictator who just won’t “Go Along to Get Along”. What to do, what to do… We get some “lift” out of the 1980 “Step It Up” and a bit more out of the “1990 Pivot” and then it all just falls apart in the end. (There is even a ‘drop out’ of a few years in the mid 2000’s). And at the end of it all, we’re still dropping like a rock. Somebody better get Obama on a plane to Cuba and talk things over, one Socialist to another, and bring Cuba back on board…

Cuba "Hair Graph" of monthly anomalies and summary average

Sidebar On Method:

This is an interesting example of where the dT/dt method pulls out things hidden by the other methods. Cuba, during 2003, (Gap), 2008, and 2009 has largely complimentary deletions of months. So, for example, 2008 is missing Jan – Aug, wihile 2009 is missing Sept – Dec. That “Gap” between 2003 – 2008 along with the “drop outs” would have GISS et. al. doing rampant “in -fill” from nearby and “spreading the wealth” (of higher temps) around.

In comparison, dT/dt just waits until it has a number for that thermometer for that place. So we ‘bridge the gaps” and get an “only Cuba” trend. Similarly, 1996 to 2001 is missing December and 1997 to 1999 is missing November too. Well, instead of “making up” some numbers, we just wait until we DO get that month, then find how much it really changed over that total period of time. No sense having a fictitious winter from somewhere more cooked, now is there…

Only “The Other Guys” would want that…

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6 Responses to Cuba – Not A Team Player

  1. turkeylurkey says:

    The thing I like about the hair graph;
    a very compact/rich way to show all of the data.

    otherwise fully occupied,

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, it’s nice to look at it and think: It is all the data, every scrap, yet unadorned and without made up bits.

    I’m also rather fond of how you can see the volatility just die when two slightly uncalibrated thermometer sets are merged. So the “average high” and the “average low” get compressed as the average gets pulled away from an extreme case by ‘the laggard’. And those “bullseye” times when they all pass through zero just scream at you that someone just went out and changed all the thermometers in the calorimeter ;-)

    Then the “value add” of the running total and segmenting it on ‘interesting bits’ just kind of puts a punchline to the whole thing…

    I’m most of the way through North America (between the posting a week or so ago and what I’ve put up today). You ought to take a look at the N.A. Canonical Graphs posting at the Central American countries. Substantially dropping, flat, cut-off early, or with a “little Dipper” in the baseline but with “now” about the same as “before the baseline”… I still have some “islands and USA” to go, but that will have to wait until after a lunch / coffee break…

  3. marchesarosa says:

    Dear Chiefio,

    How can I send you an email, please? I can’t see any link. I have a question. No, it’s not “will you marry me”!

    REPLY: [ It’s encoded under the “About” box in a way that SPAM bots can’t decode (and, it would seem, some people, as this question comes up from time to time ;-) It is PUB then the numeral 4 and “all” then the AtSign and as the ending… (And all proposals must incllude a proper gender matching and photographs… 8-) while beer requires no such vetting (and Scotch need only be from Scotland :-} -E.M.Smith ]

  4. marchesarosa says:

    I looked in the “About” box, Chielfio. No joy. Never mind. Did you get my email, yet?

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    From the “About Box” under “only one of me” is:

    I can be reached, sporadically, at: pub4all ATSIGN aol DOT com but as noted, I am AFK frequently and sometimes don’t check email for a week or so.

    And I’ll check email Real Soon Now since I’ve now got a chunk of Europe “up” and some family needs dealt with…

  6. M. Simon says:

    Where is “Our Man in Havana” when you need him?

    Why on YouTube of course:

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