Rhodesia Rising – Zimbabwe Not So Much


I’m starting to do the Africa series. My intent is to divide it into 5 groups (as there are so many countries – 60 graphs in all, plus 4 “null data” countries). But along the way I’ll post the occasional interesting detail. One of those is Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Monthly Anomalie Graph and Running Total

Zimbabwe Monthly Anomalie Graph and Running Total

While the ‘trend line’ is technically slightly up, it’s all from that “start of time” rise in the 1898 to 1924 era as we jump from 3 thermometers up to 5 thermometers. Whenever we have a ‘dropout’ in the time period we have a ‘down anomaly’, which implies that the dropped thermometer is warming. (We ‘catch up’ with the warming when the thermometer returns as dT/dt keeps track of the running total of anomalies and ‘just waits” for a missing data gap to be bridged on return of the instrument).

Later, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, we have some drops and rises on thermometer drops. But the trend in the last 1/4 Century has been dropping. Then it gets taken out in 2004…

Yeah, revolution and political turmoil. You see a lot of that in the “temperature record”. Much more than you see any ‘global warming’… and almost as much as you see ‘Instrument Change” and “methodology change”…

Zambia – Right Next Door

For comparison, we have Zambia right next door. Dropping nicely until we graft on a “Hockey Blade” at the end at the 1992 “bullseye” in the graph.

Zambia Monthly Anomalies and Running Total

Zambia Monthly Anomalies and Running Total

Then it ends in 2006…

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4 Responses to Rhodesia Rising – Zimbabwe Not So Much

  1. KevinM says:

    You need to get your work published.
    You’ve found the truth and you’re beating it to death.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    With a “hockey Stick” 8-}

  3. Ken McMurtrie says:

    Congratulations on your continuing efforts. Very rewarding to the seekers of truth.
    One question – it puzzles me that the thermometer count graph usually changes with a slope. Why isn’t it a step function?
    Keep up the good work.

    REPLY:[ Thanks! Just got ALL the Africa graphs done… Over 60 of them (ugh!) Now I get to upload them and turn them into postings… THEN I get to go back over the canonical set of graphs doing a QA check and looking for interesting things to put in postings. I put up a few along the way, but there is much more I skipped in a rush to “just get the graphs up”… Per the ‘slope’. I suspect it is a simple artifact of the way the lines are drawn. Put a point in 1990, then another point in 1991 lower down, you have a slope if you draw a line connecting them. Basically, the width of the line is less than the spacing between points, so it slopes. -E.M.Smith }

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