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Yvo de Boer

On CNBC World (the “global” version of the Commercial NBC network – a Finance and Trade channel) the European crew were interviewing a few folks all Gung Ho on Cap and Trade.

It’s an interesting window into another world… The Europeans seem hell bent on self destruction via Cap and Trade and excessive taxes and have an attitude that everyone else better damn well join them in the handbasket they are weaving for their trip on the road to hell. First was an interview with a Danish madam (who’s name has fled my brain) who is some sort of apparatchik pushing for cap and trade. Then came an interview with one Yvo de Boer.

Yvo had several chilling things to pontificate about, but before I “go there”, a bit of background. A few seconds with Google yielded that he is the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary. OK, that explains his rabid attitude about the need to control the world, suck up buckets of money, and mandate energy policies…

But a bit more yielded this bit: He’s tendered his resignation so he can go work for KPMG.


Oddly, while the article has KPMG in the title, is says nothing about KMPG in the body.

What we do have:

AMSTERDAM — The sharp-tongued U.N. official who shepherded troubled climate talks for nearly four years announced his resignation Thursday, leaving an uncertain path to a new treaty on global warming.

Exhausted and frustrated by unrelenting bickering between rich and poor countries, Yvo de Boer said he will step down July 1 to work in business and academia.

With no obvious successor in sight, fears were voiced that whoever follows will be far less forceful than the skilled former civil servant from the Netherlands.

So we have a PITA with a mouth on him who’s a bit frustrated. Well, at least there’s some good in the news.

His departure takes effect five months before 193 nations reconvene in Cancun, Mexico, for another attempt to reach a worldwide legal agreement on controlling greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for the gradual heating of the Earth that scientists predict will worsen weather-related disasters.

The resignation “comes at the worst time in the climate change negotiations,” said Agus Purnomo, Indonesia’s special presidential assistant on climate change. “His decision will ultimately add to the difficulties we already have in reaching a successful outcome in Mexico.”

And there is even a bit of positive news from it in that it’s a bit more sand in the apparatchik gears. Fine with me.

That article DOES have a link to:

That does say he’s likely off to KPMG:

De Boer became known as “the crying Dutchman” after he broke down in tears at the end of the Bali UN climate conference in 2006. But is the world’s most experienced climate change negotiator and the UN faces a difficult task finding a replacement at this late stage in what have been called the most complex negotiations that have been attempted under the UN system.

The job had become increasingly difficult following mounting distrust between rich and poor countries and their refusal by both rich and poor countries to compromise on fundamental issues.

He said that he had begun looking for a new job last year before the summit. He is expected to become a consultant on climate and sustainability issues for global accountancy firm KPMG.

His emotional instabilities are clear (Crying? Really?)… but it’s that KPMG hook that’s of note. He’s off to join the rest of the politically connected at the consultancy trough… (Remind me to doubt the veracity of any financial reports from companies with KMPG as their auditor. When folks are playing those kinds of games, the are not just being auditors. Reminds me of the Arthur Anderson behaviours.)

I guess we know what is motivating all that push for “climate change” legislation. The money trough at the end of the apparatchik rainbow.

FWIW, Mr. Boer was strongly advocating the need for BOTH “Cap and Trade” AND energy taxes. In his opinion there was just no possible way the world could survive without both being implemented globally and on all countries. He lamented woefully how horrid it would be if the USA wanted to join the third world countries at the free ride line…

And the news anchor was just lapping it up.

I’m left to wonder if most Europeans are that brainwashed, or if it’s a politically party line at NBC ( owned by GE last I looked – poised to make millions off of selling wind turbines…)

In either case, I think I’ll swap over to Bloomberg… ( Fox Business runs paid infomercials rather than actual business news as the Asian markets close and the European markets open. Go figure. Heck, I’d even watch the twelfth rerun of their daily news shows before I’d watch an infomercial… though some actual news can’t be that hard. An Asian and European stock ticker and a couple of talking heads? Beats another vacuum cleaner add from someone with a grating voice…)

OK, enough of a rant. It just really caught me off guard how condescending and entitled the EU / UN Mandarins could act. I’d complain more about the European penchant to put the yoke of bad government around their necks, but we in the USA seem to be headed that way at high speed too these days. (California has it’s own version of Cap and Tax, and so is in an economic tailspin with no end in sight.) Is there nowhere left in the world with a sane government and a dedication to individual freedoms?

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5 Responses to European Mandarin Watch

  1. David says:

    “Is there nowhere left in the world with a sane government and a dedication to individual freedoms?”

    Unfortunately I am afraid that sanity (read self-reliance and responsibility) will be forced on us. An indiscriminant free ride to anyone willing to fill out a form is not sane. We now have advocates that will help you fill out the form if you cannot understand it.

  2. athelstan says:

    The answer is yes people in Europe are brainwashed or perhaps the truth is denied to them.
    A constant comment from people new to sceptic sites during the Nopenhagen jamboree was; “we do not receive any information at all about AGW other than the ‘were all doomed EU line'”
    There is a tight clamp on scepticism and the media on the continent virtually ignores it, thus ordinary folk presume the science is cut and dried.
    This is shameful censorship but nothing new to the EU, they don’t want people to know that the ‘science’ is not settled and all BS.
    As Mikhail Gorbachev opined recently;
    “You (in western Europe) celebrated when the wall came down (Berlin wall) but have erected another in western Europe!” spine-chillingly prescient words and dead on accurate.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Once, a long time ago, I had a single Russian class. Never got very good at the language, but came to understand the nature of it. It lends itself to a certain directness of thought. A gruff direct clarity.

    English is in some ways far more fluid and has some attributes that make certain poetic forms easier… (deliberate confusion of nouns and verbs, highly optional word ending sounds – for example: use “kill” or “slay” as needed, and ambiguity of meanings with lots of double entendre available, etc.) but that fluidity can also be seen as slipperiness. All sorts of broken ideas can be easily packaged in English…

    Given that English is, substantially, “German after the French got through with it”; I suspect that they share this slippery nature. ( I know French does, I had 3 years of it). Perhaps that’s part of why the EU has been so.. so.. slippery…

    When I look across the European AGW landscape, I find the Czechs and the Russians both seeing clearly. And it leads me to wonder if there is something about the Slavic languages that encourages this clarity… The structure of declension and formality of word agreement.

    (I’ve also sporadically started to learn Greek, only to drop it when something else pops up asking for attention. As a similarly highly declined language, I’ve occasionally wondered which language lends itself most well to clear thinking and less well to fuzzy self deception… then again, both Russians and the Greeks have felt compelled to play with The Socialism Shiny Thing; so perhaps I’m just deluding myself that there is some ‘better’ language for clarity… )

    At the end of it all, I’m left looking at Europe wondering why so many people are so willing to be chattel. Why is there so little independent news, so little divergence from ‘the party line’. ‘Tis a puzzlement…

    So if there are any Greek or Russian speakers out there who can give an opinion on their merits relative to French / English / German… I’m pondering where to put my ‘language time’.

    I’ve started listening to Spanish CD’s to ‘freshen’ it – had several years in high school – but when I try to speak it now it comes out 1/2 French; and some German CD’s to try to learn a bit more of it – had one class in College, but it’s easy for an English speaker. But then I’m coveting Portuguese… and feeling guilty about never finishing any of the highly declined languages I’ve dabbled with. But I’ve only time for one new one, or 2 for ‘freshening’… A greedy mind is a terrible thing. It wants so much more than it can have…

    It would be nice to know if one of them was better for clear and precise pondering. Less prone to self deception…

    Perhaps it is a fools errand…

    ( Or maybe I ought to just go learn Coptic and read old musty scrolls … )

  4. Adam Gallon says:

    An interesting point about the current General Election in the UK.
    The only political party with a profoundly AGW-skeptic stance are the British National Party, a dismal bunch descended from the National Front, themselves the bastard grandchildren of the British Union of Fascists.
    All three mainline parties are firmly wedded to the AGW theory. Mind you, the BNP won’t ever gain power, so won’t have to raise any tax monies.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Adam Gallon:

    Well, at least you are not wedded to the Euro right now… Yeah, you have your own odd politicians to deal with, but at least you don’t have that “odd marriage” where Germany and the IMF are on the hook for the “less disciplined” countries… (Then again, maybe Britain could have gotten a 115 Billion Euro freebee …)

    Ah well.

    And all the Socialist True Believers complain at me when I point out that this is what happens in a Socialist system.

    It really isn’t any dislike on my part for the warm fuzzy feeling of taking care of everyone. It is just observing what ALWAYS happens (all that changes is the pace). Growing hoards of folks on various government payment systems from graft and civil service to mandarins and then the traditional welfare queens and government unfunded “social security” pensions of various sorts. All producing no real net wealth.

    High taxes convince industry (that does create real wealth) to relocate elsewhere. And the spiral decent continues… Eventually there is not enough money to pay for everything, and the government decides to just print more rather than un-do all the socialist systems (and they can’t get private industry to voluntarily put their neck in the noose) while at the same time government run industries will always end up over heavy with union labor and inefficiencies (as they will lean toward ‘social justice’ rather than ‘wealth creation’ and efficient competition).

    So it starts with floundering, but ends with a currency collapse and poverty as all the accumulated wealth of prior generations is spent (rather than invested in productive capacity).

    I think the major point folks miss is just how little it takes to derail advance. A very high national growth rate is 5%, normal is closer to 3%. That’s ALL there is above “normal” consumption and maintenance of the capital stock. If you deflect just 3% to at most 5% of national income into added consumption (no matter how well socially justified) you kill growth and start the decay / decent cycle.

    Then everyone loses. Everyone.

    Somehow this is a lesson most folks of the world can never learn. Very few folks are willing to “not spend now” in favor of “invest for the future”. In a very real sense, the triumph of Capitalism over Socialism comes down to that one thing. A greedy capitalist is more driven to invest to get ever more, present consumption be damned; while a socialist is often looking for ever more “justified” consumption to fund (and has little interest in growing the pot by NOT spending on ‘social programs’.) It’s all about investment discipline.

    Oh Well. Welcome to “The Dismal Science”…

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