June Skiing! Are You Ready?

Squaw Valley High Camp Camera

Squaw Valley High Camp Camera

Note: This ought to be a live camera shot so it will be dark at night in California. Snow on the deck and in the background as this is published.

Global Warming? No Way, Dude! It’s time for June Skiing!

From Mammoth Mountain we have this report:


Yes, that URL says JUNE 14th. As in 1 week shy of the summer SOLSTICE.

Ski Your heart out till Memorial Day this year!. Mammoth has promised till the end of May after a wonderful season. The snow is still fresh and Mammoth skiing, is still… well Mammoth! There is a 4-6 foot base reported and the snow is holding although spring conditions are here. That means cold nights below freezing and warm days in the 50’s. Sorry fisherman, but we don’t do early mornings this time of the year! The main lodge is open with all lifts around Main Lodge operating, including 1, 3, Gondola to the top, 6, Stump Alley and the terrian parks, Unbound Main, Disco Park, Forest Trail, Main Superpipe and Main Super-Duper Pipe (that’s the beeg one!) So get on your skis, your board… your shorts and tank top and go for some runs.

Yup, it’s loads of snow and plenty of runs!

Is It Just One Mountain?

No way, dudes and dudettes! Squaw Valley is doing the ski party this weekend too!


Squaw will be open for skiing & riding this Memorial Weekend.
Join us for Memorial Weekend at Squaw Valley USA! This is the place to be for skiing, riding, scening Cable Car rides, mountaintop dining and swimming at the High Camp Swimming Lagoon & Spa.

The high camp camera shows plenty of snow right now.

Just A California Thing?



Shows some Colorado resorts closed crazy early for no good reason, but with some folks taking advantage of long sticking snow and cold conditions this year. In particular:

Even with some resorts looking to stay open into May & June this year, the 2009-10 Colorado Ski Season is still coming to a close. We know this news will be hard for some of you, but looking back it has been an amazing winter season in Ski Country. We here at Colorado Ski Country will be cherishing this season’s memories for many a year to come.
So grab that box of tissues and your favorite blanket you’ve had all these years, here is the list of projected closing dates* for the resorts all across Colorado.

*All dates subject to change
Arapahoe Basin – June 2010

So at least one is keeping the doors open.

Similar story in Utah:


Snowbird Remains Open Until June 20
5-20-2010 – Snowbird will remain open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until Father’s Day June 20th. We’re still skiing in Utah!

BUT: Common Guys! Just One More Day and you can have a summer solstice skiing special! Just imagine the fun of a hillside covered in Druids on Skis!

All the Earth Mothers and Wiccans skiing by moonlight on the mid summer day! (But be prepared, many neo-pagans practice their spiritual quest in the buff…)

It’s a whole new market!

I’m sure there are more

This was the result of just a quick look at some local (to Western US) ski areas that most folks have heard of before I’m sure there will be others, too.

And I’ve heard that the ski season is coming early to the Southern Hemisphere this year… Forget global warming and The Perpetual Summer, it’s time for The Perpetual Ski Bum!


reports a 120 cm base at Mt. Dobson, so we’re likely to have a June opening available.

This travel company site has an early June open listed for some runs:

Queenstown ski resorts

Coronet Peak ski field:

Ski runs open 05 June to mid October 2010
Night skiing (Fri & Sat) mid July to mid September 2010
Heli skiing trips (helicopter skiing!)
25 mins drive from Queenstown

So now there is no reason to ever put those skis away! If we keep getting “Global Warming” like this, we’ll be skiing on the 4th of July in Colorado and California…

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15 Responses to June Skiing! Are You Ready?

  1. RK says:

    Too bad I hang up some board a few years ago due to a knee injury otherwise I would go to Squaw this weekend just to say that I skied on Memorial Day weekend.

  2. kuhnkat says:

    If you haven’t run across this already, I KNOW you will find it interesting.


  3. Ric Werme says:


    I didn’t look at it closely, my lucky streak of no colds this winter/spring ran out yesterday.

    It looks to me as though the authors of the real article at http://www.ilovemycarbondioxide.com/pdf/Greenhouse_Effect_on_the_Moon.pdf
    have no concept of thermal inertia and likely don’t have a woodstove lined with firebricks.

    They cling to idealized concepts that don’t exist, like ideal black bodies and follow that to statements like “The purple balloon has been converted to a blackbody, which is just as smooth as the real balloon yet reflects no light from its surroundings — which is impossible because it’s nearly as smooth as glass. Logically, then, this absolutely non-reflective balloon must be infinitely rough — but once again it can’t be, because it is so smooth!”

  4. Andy Scrase says:

    Down here in New Zealand we’ve had some early season big falls of snow.

    It’s bitterly cold and windy outside.

    Here’s the latest from Mt Hutt ski area (some weeks before the start of the season):

    The base had taken a real hammering from rain but there is a real buzz amongst the Mt Hutt staff because the snow has just transformed the conditions,” he said. “We have yet to venture out past the top of the Exhibition Quad chair due to low visibility and deep snow drifts – there’s a good chance that its been snowing at the top of the mountain over the last few days – we can’t wait to see how things are looking up there.”

    Heavy snow is forecast for the Canterbury ski area over the next three days and the mountain staff are looking at their options to ensure that preparations for opening continue to plan.

    “We’ve transported our team to the base area on snow cats this morning and made sure they’ve packed their bags for a couple of nights up on the mountain.”


  5. Mooloo says:

    Coronet Peak ski field is in New Zealand. Southern Hemisphere. It’s, um, winter here!

    REPLY: [ Well, that was sort of my point. The two seasons are overlapping so that you can ski year round. While this has happened before, it was not the way things were ‘supposed’ to be going. 8-) -E.M.Smith ]

  6. Ecotretas says:

    Europe is also good for skiing this time of the year.
    Check it out:

    Skiing In Kilts At +20C In Scotland


  7. Windy City Kid says:

    Feeding the temperature information from Gavin Schmidt’s car in NYC into a super computer and then incorporating secret extropolation and adjustment (best model fit) methodology, GISS was able to determine that the “official temperature” of the snowpacked area in the above picture is 80F degrees.

    It’s obvious something must be wrong with the camera or someone left the artificial snowmaker on last night! Well at least that will be the official position of the GISS who will soon be announcing that due to more positive feedbacks being added to their models, climate change is worse than they thought and Earth’s GMST will exceed that of Venus by 2100 . lol

  8. papertiger says:

    It’s not exactly cold, just cool for this time of year, and for an unusually extended amount of days. I’ve been mulling the proper term for it.
    The opposite of a heat wave.
    How about a “Fonzie”; as in California is suffering late Spring Fonzie weather?

  9. P.G. Sharrow says:

    What ever you call it, I’m tired of it. The sun finally came out late this afternoon, nice. Had to have a fire in the stove for the last 4 days as 60 F inside is not enough for me, must be getting old, and gardening in the mud is not much fun. Maybe I can set out the tomatoes tomorrow. We have been matching record lows for the last week and had frost damage earlier this week.
    I hope you Snow Bunnies have fun. After living in snow country for most of my life I got very tired of the white stuff. Nice to look at but damn miserable to work in.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @Papertiger: “Fonzie” reminds me of ‘jumped the shark’… maybe we ought to call it ‘slurpy’ weather or ‘slushy’… both cold things that are not quite frozen? Or perhaps a ‘droozily’ ;-)

    @P.G.Sharros: I got my tomatoes in last week (about a month late…) and some greenbeans too. Then it rained… And “living in snow country”? Surely you jest! Everyone in California is supposed to know that you live near the beach and visit the snow. That’s why we keep it up in the mountains! 8-)

  11. P.G. Sharrow says:

    Yeh! When I tell people that I lived in the part of California that has 5 months of serious winter with sub “0” F cold, sometimes 40 below, they don’t believe me. Even Alaska considers “Modoc” to be a hardship area. Governor Pete Wilson said ” no one lived in Modoc County”. Hell of a thing to say about the only solid Republican county in the state. At least it has more square miles then people. :-)

  12. Pingback: TWAWKI » Climate update – June 2010

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Modoc sounds a lot like Alpine County… population 1145 is on the low side… but it’s small enough to have 3 people per square mile… Gotta love it when 3 / sq. mi. is relatively ‘urbanized’…

    BTW, there are other Republican counties out there in hill and valley country… Lots of rural farmers are so inclined.

    Also, FWIW, on this first day of June I’m finally getting a bit of sun peeking through the overcast…

    It ought to be 90 F and clear blue skies. It isn’t.

  14. papertiger says:

    What’s wrong with reminding people in an offhand way that global warming alarmists have ‘jumped the shark’?

    Our Fonzie continues. Rain is expected Thursday. We are only 5 days away from equaling the record for the latest date when the temperature first reaches 90 degrees in Sacramento, June 6th 1971.

  15. Another half-meter of Gerbil Worming Powder is a’fallin’ on the slopes of – well – everywhere on NZ’s Southern Alps as we speak. Fire a’blazin’, new ski jacket awaitin’, and must scrape the summer wax off of my trusty SuperSports.

    Check out the ski reports, and go straight from Mammoth to the Remarkables…..Endless Winter.

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