22 Year Project At Completion – Proud Papa

A New UC Graduate Is Minted

A New UC Graduate Is Minted

I Know, Pridefulness Is A Sin, But Sometimes…

For those wondering where I’ve been the last couple of days, the answer is “On The Road” and “At Graduation” and “At Disneyland” and “On The Road Some More”….

My son has just graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from The University of California. Magna Cum Laude and in 2 honors societies. After a tremendous amount of focus and work on his part, a project his mother and I started 22 years+ ago has reached a very successful completion point. At least for us, our part is done. For him, his part is just picking up steam ;-)

Ahead of him are the career years, some day a family of his own, getting a home, and making a mark on the world.

Behind him is a long effort, well executed.

But for now, for a brief moment in time, he is “On The Cusp”. No longer a student, not yet fully defined. A moment to be savored, how ever briefly, when all things are possible and more doors are opening each year than are closing.

For his mother and I, a very large door is closing; but vicariously we will get to watch those other doors open, and perhaps, from time to time, offer a bit of insight about them, and reminisce about some of our choices. And though this door is closing, I’m quite certain that we’re standing on the right side of it ;-)

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18 Responses to 22 Year Project At Completion – Proud Papa

  1. Don Matias says:

    Congratulatios to he young gentleman and his parents!

    First task for the new B. S. in Business Administration:

    “Please convince the majority of the U. S. internet merchants to sell and ship overseas as all the Asian merchants do!”

    Muchísimos saludos & mucha suerte*,

    Don Matías.

    *)Suerte = luck; “luck” is when preparation meets opportunity.

  2. Ken McMurtrie says:

    Congratulations, you all deserve a very bright future, judging by your contributions so far!

  3. vjones says:

    And his grin says it all…

    That is a lovely photo. You have every right to be proud of his achievments. Enjoy.

  4. Keith Hill says:

    Congratulations all round E.M. You and your wife have every right to be proud. There is no greater joy than seeing the children you have nurtured grow into wonderful, happy and well-adjusted young people who will make a difference in whatever field they choose.

  5. CoRev says:

    Congrats! Soon you will realize the meaning of: no matter their age of they are forever your children.

    Your next huge/major/life changing milestones? Their marriage and then Grand kids. The grand kids dominate all others except the first.

  6. Wes says:


    Congratulations. Well done.

  7. oldtimer says:

    Warmest congratulations to you all and every good fortune to your son.

  8. pyromancer76 says:

    E.M., your son’s beautiful smile at his parents and his graduation says it all. He exudes gratitude as well as joy and pride and looks ready to make his mark in the world. Yes, a door closes for you and his mother, but it has a big window in it so help or advice can be offered if needed. It probabaly will take a while, but I agree with CoRev. “…marriage and then Grand kids. The grand kids dominate all others except the first.” Even if he takes a different path, you can take great pleasure in his successes. Congratulations to all.

  9. Jeff Alberts says:

    I Know, Pridefulness Is A Sin

    Only if you believe in that sort of nonsense.

    Congrats to both of you!

  10. Eric Barnes says:

    Congrats EM! I just started my own 2 projects in the last year and a half. I hope I can be as successful as you. :)

  11. P.G. Sharrow says:

    Congratulation to the young Mr. Smith for compleation of this grand project. and his parents for their investment in the future. Now you will have to smile and grit your teeth and let him make his own mistakes. Grown children can be very entertaining. ;-q

  12. Murray says:

    Simcerest congratulations to all 3 of you, you, wife and son.
    It is a real accomplishment to get a child this far, so I think you are magna cum laude also. Best wishes. Murray

  13. Pascvaks says:

    There is no “sin of self pride” here! Just the opposite and deservedly so. Here is the pride a father has for his child. And it is so very well deserved, right and just.

    Life’s a beach, enjoy every moment in the glow of your son. Best, health, happiness, to you and yours. God bless you all!

  14. Janus says:

    Congratulations, I know how you feel. My daughter just graduated with a degree in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology, also Magna Cum Laude. She’s planning on going for her master’s degree.

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words. FWIW, he has a job now… short period ‘on the cusp’. Looking at a masters ‘some day’ but enjoying the idea of going to work, having money, and no homework… (Shhh! Don’t tell him… ;-)

  16. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Congrats likewise! Tough degree. I wish you, he and family well for the future.

  17. Larry Geiger says:

    Nice, very nice. Graduation days are such great days.

    How did he do in statistics? :-)

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry Geiger:

    Well, he had Honors Calculus going IN to UC … and he had to be darned near straight A’s to get Magna Cum Laude, so I’m pretty sure he got an A in Statistics, but I’ll have to ask him to be sure. (There is a slight statistical possibility that the stats class could be the one where he got an A- instead of an A ;-) so I’ll need to verify… )

    But yeah, ‘good at math’ kind of runs in the family…

    (Haven’t been able to get him interested in working on the GHCN / GIStemp / weather data, though… I think he’s too bright for that ;-) or he’s heard me cursing enough to know he wants to play elsewhere … )

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