I’m Damned COLD

Please Forgive The Rant

I’m sorry, but I’m going to rant.

I’m Damned cold.

I’m sorry, but that’s just a fact.

It’s now 9 pm and I’ve been chased from my patio as the sun has set because I’m damned cold.

The “kids” (over 21 by a couple of months but still at home and going to college..) are sitting out by the fire pit with a minor bonfire to stay warm, bundled up a bit too…) are still outside, but I’ve come in. I was not near the fire as I wanted to give them their space. But this is July, damn it.

In prior Julys I’ve had to “water the roof” to keep the temperature down (the spouse gets headaches when the AC is on, so we do non-vibration techniques until there is no other choice. I learned to ‘water the roof’ from Mama Celarina – I don’t know how to properly spell it as I’ve only ever heard it; the Mother of my Mexican friend as I grew up – and it’s a very good technique) and put a fan in the window running until 2 am to pull the heat out of the house. But not this year. Now I’m running into a quiet house (no fan) and have run no water. We have a fire in the fire pit for the “hardy” to hang out a bit longer… and I’m cold.

A trip to Wunderground.com gives the
temps for Santa Clara as:

Presently 57.6 F with the normal MAX as 83 F and the MIN as 58F. Well, in my book 57.6 is below 58 F. (The records are MAX 97 F in 1996 and NIN 45 F in 1893, so we’re closer to the MIN than the MAX … and with more hours of cooling to come… yesterday was 77 F / 55 F..)

OK, it’s not a record, but still, its NOT WARMING. And I’m grumpy. I was promised Global Warming, and I WANT IT, NOW!!

Of note, Reid Hillview Airport is presently 64 F. It’s a small private plane airport, but it looks like it’s still 6 F warmer than here, though not very far away. I note also that Moffet Field NAS is 59 F. A bit cooler than Reid, but also right on the bay near the cold water. Palo Alto Airport (another private plane field a bit up the peninsula but also near the water) is 61 F while SJC (a major international airport also nearer to the water) is 58 F.

So it looks like the closer you are to the water, the colder you are, and the airports are a bit warmer than the non-airports.

OK, whatever. It is NOT the 80 F or so that I’ve come to enjoy the last quarter century of sitting out at night on my patio on summer evenings. I think I’m not going to like this “cold PDO phase” very much.

So you can now all commence to calling me a wimp for feeling cold at “50 something”… but it’s just not the Global Warming I was promised and I could have moved to Florida… If I’d only known it was going to be cold at night here.

Tomato Report

OK we’re within a few degrees of F of having most tomatoes not set fruit (50 F). I’ve got some Roma that I planted this year that are doing OK and I’ve got some Siberian and San Franciso Fog that are making fruit and that I hope are acting as cold pollinators. (They will set fruit down to 40 something F) But this is JULY, and I’m supposed to be up to my eyeballs in red fruit, not picking one a day of semi-pink and letting them ripen in the house.

The corn is also only about 3 feet high and looking like they really want some heat. Not even thinking about making an ear yet. Maybe in August…

And I’ve got maybe one handful of green beans.

It’s just not enough “degree days” to mature yet.

Given the cold in South America and South Africa and Australia, this is “not good”. We’ve got some heat in the Eastern USA and Russia, so with luck they will mature enough crop to be interesting. For us out in the Cold Zones, it’s not going to be a big harvest.

This is just not “Global Warming”.

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3 Responses to I’m Damned COLD

  1. CoRev says:

    While out here in the mid-lantic, it’s just plain hot!!! Hit 110 on my weather station (one Anthony would not be proud) two weeks ago. We are having a dry season also, so don’t count too much on the East for saving our bacon.

    As for that 110 degrees, we can probably deduct 2-3 degrees due to placement, but it was still very, very hot!

    Our garden has been stunted because of the lack of rain and heat, but in the past week or so we are getting an adequate supply of rain.

    A sad story of the weather, the 110 degree heat killed my whole family of Blue bird young about 3-4 days before fledging. Sad part was the mother sitting on the fence just looking at the nest box with a meal for them two days later.

  2. j ferguson says:

    Had you moved to South Florida, as we did in ’86, within 3 years you would have found your low-temperature threshold of discomfort near 75F.

    I discovered this on a trip out to your end of the country. It was in the ’60s in Marin County and I froze.

    For a guy who spent his early years in Minneapolis where outdoor play could happen down to -25F, this was embarrassing.

    Later, I thought it was shirtsleeve weather in Saint Louis in my motorcycling days when it passed 27F on the way up.

  3. What about humidity?, because if humidity is very high heat loss is bigger, like being inmersed in a bathtub filled with cold water. Same happens, I guess, all along the pacific coasts of NA and SA.

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