A Real Hmmmmer

Raw vs Proccessed from selected California stations

Raw vs Proccessed from selected California stations

Just a short note of another “you gotta read this” from Boballab. Here:


(h/t to Verity)

He compares some stations based on original raw data vs ‘as adjusted’ and finds that for a couple of matched stations, one in the Sierra Nevada foothills and one in the Great Valley of California, the raw is cooling while the “adjusted” is warming.

There is a small discussion of irrigation clipping cold excursions in the valley, resulting in higher T-Min but with T-Max unchanged and how this shift to agriculture and the heat capacity of water causes the perception of warming, when no warming is really in evidence, yet the “meat” is that the Raw does not support the “as adjusted” trend.

“Global Warming” is coming out of the adjustments, for these stations.

So just what are these adjustments, and why? Hmmmmmm?

For what it’s worth, I grew up in the Central Valley of California and it was standard practice to flood the peach orchards when frost threatened for the specific purpose of preventing a freeze. In Orange groves, there are sprinklers set up for the same purpose. Prevent freeze damage by clipping the low going temperatures with water.

IMHO, it’s a short and sweet “must read”.

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  1. boballab says:

    I started this because of a video of a lecture that Dr. Christy did at Auburn Univesity and it was used again in a debate with Gavin Schmidt. Also Dr. Pielke Sr. has looked at the same area and reached the same conclusions that Dr. Christy did. I encourge everyone to watch at least the short video and the paper from 2006 by Dr. Chisty to get the needed background on just how bad the NCDC adjustments are warping things.

    To put it bluntly Dr Christy and Pielke Sr. have found there is man made climate change in the San Joaquin Valley: From land use change not CO2. Matter of fact Dr. Christy has pointed out that what they found is exactly the opposite of what the GCM’s say should happen. So you can imagine how supicious I got when finding that the NCDC adjustments just so happen to change all the Tmax and Tmin trends so that they confom to what the GCM’s say should happen. I’ll find out if the same thing happens with the other USHCN pair once I get them graphed out, if it does it’s time to pull any up to date paper records you can get from NCDC for the other stations that Dr. Christy used in his paper and see what they show for Tmax and Tmin trends.

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