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Well, we’ve got the market continuing to “violently go nowhere” but now with a downward drift to the week. I’m mostly doing nothing and waiting for something to make sense. A couple of the biggest name hedge funds have thrown in the towel and folks are generally saying it’s a terrible market to trade. I agree, so I’ve not done much. I’ll do a full WSW posting in the next day or two, but for now, not a lot of interest visible.

Global Warming stuff has reached a ‘pause point’ for me too. I think I’ve figured out a lot of what’s actually happening and some of what’s wrong with the codes being used by ‘climate scientists’ to make their computer fantasy models. So I’m waiting for the next bit of inspiration. There are a lot of ways I could go with it right now, but the lack of trading income means my time has to be budgeted to the things that matter the most. And planning schedule optimization does not make for good postings.

So here are some photos of ‘texture’ to stare at while pondering which way to take things. (That is something I tend to do. Just look at a photo of texture and let the mind calm. A kind of meditation thing. Then the inspiration tends to come.) This is a ‘mixed bag’ of some taken today and some from years past. No real theme, just things I like. I’ll toss in a few more ‘normal’ pictures of animals and plants just so things are not too strange…

Old Brown Paint

Old Brown Paint

I find it curiously interesting. What happens to old cars.

And from a dark, but not creepy side:

Dark Tree Canopy

Dark Tree Canopy

I have a version of this with the leaves more visible, but find this outline with green edges and very dark sky more interesting. In a dark kind of way.

This is our cat, which died some months back, in happier days. She loved to curl up in this ‘cat ring’ and sleep.

Starfleet in her cat ring

Starfleet in her cat ring

She had just shown up one day to adopt us, then stayed for 18 or 20 some odd years…

In the parking lot, folks rarely think about the pavement:

Pavement with fragments

Pavement with fragments

We walk over, and past, a remarkable collection of things. I once found $100 on the pavement just because I was the only person of the dozens walking past who bothered to see it.

Bunny eating a mouthful of leaves

Planting? You mean it's not a salad bar? Well at least I saved you some time...

Shadow of a Yucca on scarred asphalt

Shade, shadows, asphalt, and scarred surfaces

The texture of the pavement when scored for repaving, especially when a leave would fall on it, made for odd ‘strain’ in the pictures.

Scored pavement and old leaf

Scored pavement and old leaf

Pavement Scored Crossing

Pavement Scored Crossing

Then we have a study in feathers and eyes…

Me?  You Talking to Me?  Raptor looking at camera.

Me? You Talking to ME?

Amaranth, especially the red kinds, can be striking.

Red Amaranth backlit

Red Amaranth

I think that’s probably enough for now. I’ll look it over and see what I think. I’m pretty sure this is enough. We’ll see. But every project needs an end, and an exit:

Heading for the Exit

Heading for the Exit

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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8 Responses to Some Texture

  1. wolfwalker says:

    GREAT head-shot of that Peregrine Falcon.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Glad you liked it!

    As usual, click on the images to get really big full sized ones. Folks are free to use the images for anything non-commercial (with attribution if appropriate).
    If you make money off of them, I expect a “cut of the action” ;-)

    So you can make it your screen saver or wallpaper if you like…

    I have a thing for animals in general, but especially birds. There are three different species nesting around the house. Hummers out back, doves under the patio eaves, and something in a sack like nest in the citrus tree out front. Haven’t gotten a good look at the bird yet.

  3. Gnomish says:

    I’m anticipating parity of USD / CDN @ Sept 20-25.
    What do you guess?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    The Looney touched parity with the USD last April and has been on a slide since. Don’t see any upward momentum just yet. But when the USD starts to weaken (when the ‘run to safety’ ends and The Fed starts raising rates so folks dump treasuries) I’d expect to see strength in the looney returning. But Sept? Nope. First we need to get past all the folks who panic each October and go to cash… Then the election happens (that will likely strengthen the USD). Then …

  5. Verity Jones says:

    I love the colours of the Amaranth and it is great finally to see a photo of Starfleet. I love the contrast of texture – fur, sheepskin and blanket.

  6. j ferguson says:

    Old Brown Paint seems calligraphic. How marvelous that you saw it.

    I’m guessing that it’s quite small, but were it to be 18 inches wide or more, were it mine, and were we to have a wall, there it would be.


  7. Adrian Camp says:

    Not just ‘some Jags’ but a historical group consisting of most of the XKSS produced before the factory fire. Out of sixteen XKSS which still exist, twelve were on this run, over from Pebble Beach.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @J Ferguson: The paint spot is about 3 inches on a side. It’s also right next to the rear pillar of my ‘daily driver’ old Benz, so a bit hard to put on the wall. Bought the car for $1200 with all of 120,000 miles on it and nearly perfect mechanical condition. But it had mostly been parked under a tree as ‘the other car’ while the owner drove their SLC. Being used when the SLC needed service. So had some kind of ‘leaf juice’ acid (my surmise) damage to the paint. Mostly just oxidized, but this patch alligatored too. On my ‘someday’ list is to repaint the car… but then I’d lose this patch… Decisions decisions…

    The paint is worst in the places where leaves would sit. Nearly fine on verticals where they would not stick. The location was damp, too, so I figure it was a wet leaf paste. For decades.

    @Verity Jones: I put the towel under the ring for just that effect. Glad someone noticed ;-)

    And if anyone is wondering what Adrian is talking about, it’s the Jags in this posting:

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