Mount Sinabung in 1987

Mount Sinabung in 1987

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A ‘dormant since 1600’ volcano in Indonesia has begun erupting.

Mount Sinabung. Not a lot of death and destruction, but in keeping with the pattern that “dormant” volcanos become more active during Grand Solar Minima.

h/t Kevin Crossey

Sidebar: Youtube had a video up, but running it just gave an HBO copyright nag, so I guess HBO was up their grill about it. The above video clip works well, and is from Al Jazeera. So, Kudos to Al Jazeera. You can get more news coverage from them, including more video, at their English web site here:

and h/t to Al Jazeera for having open news coverage.

Also from this source:

We have a nice summary write up. Some quotes:

In the early morning in North Sumatra, Indonesia today, The Mount Sinabung Volcano finally erupted after 400 years. Known as Gunung Sinabung among Indonesians, the volcano forced over 18,000 people from 14 different villages to evacuate the area. Upon the eruption, Ash was seen spewing into the sky, up to 1 mile high and lava was flowing from the center of the crater at a relatively quick pace.
Mount Sinabung is situated in the Karo Plateau, and has been considered an inactive volcano since the 1600s.

Since the 1600s. Kind of makes me wonder about Mount Lassen that has only been ‘inactive’ since the 1916 or so time period… Mount Lassen is up near Anthony Watts and Chico, California…

And I just love the way “authority” in all countries and cultures just can not admit that they are not in control of nature:

“The situation is under control. Emergency response teams are already on the scene,” said Priyadi Kardono of the National Disaster Management Agency.

I’ll assume he meant the “human part of the situation is under control” and not the volcano proper…

You can watch ongoing quake activity in this prior posting (at least until another large quake goes off somewhere and gets my interest enough to make a new posting ;-)


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6 Responses to Sinabung

  1. Chuckles says:

    Surely it is now mount Sina, since the bung seems to have come out?

  2. tckev says:

    LOL – Mount Sina hahahahahah! :)

    There some more coverage at

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ll take my mounting as Sin – A non-bung…

    So we’ll see is Sina-non-bung catches on…

    But this does leave the question of when the bung comes back down, where will it “end up”…

  4. boballab says:

    Well according to the BBC Mt. Sinabung errupted again, this time bigger then the last. When I was stationed at Subic Bay that is what Pinatubo did before it really let loose, but each volcano is different so it might not mean much.

  5. boballab says:

    Another Eruption from this Volcano and it’s reported to be bigger then the earlier ones:

    BERASTEPU, Indonesia (Reuters) – An Indonesian volcano that lay dormant for 400 years shot ash 5 km (3 miles) into the air on Tuesday, its biggest eruption since it became active last week, and experts warned of more blasts to come.

    If this thing ends up generating an eruption as large as Pinatubo we will be looking at about a -.5°C anomaly in world temps.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

    So once again we’re right on track for more volcanic activity during a Grand Minimum. Something does stir the pot a mite..

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