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On the Bigcharts charting pages, you can select the “industry” for a given ticker. Then choose ‘show all’. For some industries, this gives a short workable list. For others it can be thousands of names and needs a bit of pruning. Here is the very short list for Platinum & Precious Metals. (There is a separate list for Gold – go figure…)

 All Stocks in this Industry
   Listed Alphabetically
	Symbol	Company Name
 	AGPPY	Anglo Platinum Ltd	
 	ASWRF	Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.	
 	ANO	Anooraq Resources Corporation	
 	ASGMF	Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.	
 	CALVF	Caledonia Mining Corporation	
 	CDGF	Consolidated Goldfields Corp	
 	EXK	Endeavour Silver Corp.	
 	FRWTB	First Majestic Silver Corp.	
 	GPGI	Global Platinum And Gold Inc	
 	AUMN	Golden Minerals Company	
 	GPM	Guyana Precious Metals Inc.	
 	HL	Hecla Mining Co	
 	HLPRB	Hecla Mining Co	
 	HLPRC	Hecla Mining Co	
 	IMPUY	Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd	
 	KXM	Kobex Minerals Inc.	
 	MVG	MAG Silver Corp.	
 	MTX	Metalex Ventures Ltd.	
 	MNEAF	Minera Andes Inc.	
 	MGN	Mines Management, Inc.	
 	PAL	North American Palladium Ltd.	
 	PAWEF	Pacific North West Capital Corp.	
 	PAAS	Pan American Silver Corp.	
 	PLG	Platinum Group Metals Ltd.	
 	RDIAF	Rockwell Diamonds Inc.	
 	SSRI	Silver Standard Resources Inc.	
 	SLW	Silver Wheaton Corp.	
 	SWC	Stillwater Mining Co

Next, what I tend to do is look at the 5 year performance. This tends to surface the long term growers and the guys who run the best shop for investors. It will also show you the ones that may be good trades short term, being volatile on the shorter charts, but are not good long term growers.

So here is the 5 year list (selected from a dropdown on the ‘industry start’ page)

Best Performing Stocks
  Symbol	Company Name	Percent Change 

  MVG	MAG Silver Corp.	953.52%  	
  SLW	Silver Wheaton Corp.	535.49%  	
  MNEAF	Minera Andes Inc.	164.06%  	
  EXK	Endeavour Silver Corp.	112.26%  	
  PLG	Platinum Group Metals Ltd.	82.47%  	
  IMPUY	Impala Platinum Holdings L...	81.04%  	
  SWC	Stillwater Mining Co	70.61%  	
  AGPPY	Anglo Platinum Ltd	68.12%  	
  HL	Hecla Mining Co	60.67%  	
  PAAS	Pan American Silver Corp.	58.62%  	

		Worst Performing Stocks
  Symbol	Company Name	Percent Change  

  MTX	Metalex Ventures Ltd.	-88.93%  	
  KXM	Kobex Minerals Inc.	-86.11%  	
  MGN	Mines Management, Inc.	-66.47%  	
  CALVF	Caledonia Mining Corporati...	-36.84%  	
  GPM	Guyana Precious Metals Inc...	-36.36%  	
  PAL	North American Palladium L...	-34.31%  	
  ASGMF	Avino Silver & Gold Mines...	-23.01%  	
  ANO	Anooraq Resources Corporat...	19.48%  	
  SSRI	Silver Standard Resources...	51.68%  	
  PAAS	Pan American Silver Corp.	58.62%  	

Right off the bat, notice that the bottom of the ‘worst performing’ was PAAS with a 58% growth? Some of the “worst” can often be quite good if the industry is doing well and there are not a lot of companies. With 33 companies, and 10 each in ‘best’ and ‘worst’ you can easily get some ‘pretty good’ down in the bottom group. After all, a company that lost 89% of it’s value is unlikely to stay around for the next 5 years, so there is some survivor bias in this approach. Those that survived are probably not doing too horridly…

But I notice with some sadness PAL – North American Palladium at down 34%. They are a nice trade vehicle and one of the few North American sources of catalyst metals. One can only surmise that the last 5 years of auto demand have been a bit, er, slack, and the demand for Palladium is way off as a result.

On the top of the chart we have SLW Silver Wheaton, one of the best metals merchants in the business. I’m not familiar with MVG (but I will be ;-) and HL is also well known. Some of the others will get a bit of a ‘brush up” by me since it’s been a while since I looked at them.

Then I’ll drop into a 1 year view. What have you done over the last year? Is the order much different?

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2 Responses to Precious Metals

  1. RuhRoh says:

    Hey Cheif;

    What’s your read on the silver spike?

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    I really need to finish what I started with this posting. I’d intended to have an exposition on how to go from the “what’s moving” page on bigcharts to selecting target tickers to then making a ‘race’ of them so folks could see the process. Got about 1/2 way through and WHAM the market started running…

    OK, on Silver it’s pretty simple.

    Silver is BOTH an inflation hedge AND an industrial metal. A large part of the production comes from electrorefining copper, though, so is not subject to price on supply. This mutes the industrial demand impact on price, as the supply naturally rises with industrial metals demand (that raises copper early…)

    But the demand does still rise.

    So when Gold takes off for “run to safety” reasons, Silver often lags a bit. It’s a nice way to play ‘catch up’ when you missed a Gold move. Not always, but often enough that it’s worth checking their relative prices.

    In times of ‘recovery’ from a ‘recession’ especially on with lots of ‘easing’ and inflation worries, it can run up on both causes. As now.

    OK, so what happened in the last couple of days?

    We’ve had a bunch of “Gold Bugs” touting it, some of them noted that Silver was lagging a bit and could be a good alternative (including on shows like Fast Money – that has very cluefull professional traders on their panel). Then, last night, Cramer had a main segment on the advantages of SLV and Silver over Gold at this particular moment.

    OK, nice to see them finally getting on the silver trade (that I’d mentioned a week or two before…) but:

    Look at RSI on a SLV chart. “Nearing 80”. This spike is getting ‘long in the tooth’. For DMI we still have blue on top and not yet crossed over the ADX black line, so there is a bit more run to go, but at this point I’d be looking to edge out of Silver over the rest of the week (let the 10 day hourly be your guide?) and buy back in on the inevitable return to the Simple Moving Average stack. It’s been hyped on enough TV shows now that the “pros” will be selling out to the audience…

    It pays to watch the Financial TV shows, but not always by following their advice so much as asking “What would a floor trader / broker who knew this 2 weeks ago be doing now that it has hit Main Street TV?” …

    At any rate, if my DSL ever gets put in today (my old service terminated just in time for DSL Extreme to tell me they could not install my new service after all… so now I’m waiting of the next tier of provider to get a round tuit… A trusted tech friend has DSL Extreme and loves it, but they local PUC / tariff rules do not let them service my place due to which telco I’m using. Not their fault…) But, as I was saying, when I’m no longer back in the land of dial-ups, I’ll be fleshing out this posting with one showing the steps of selecting tickers, making a ‘race’ out of them, and then timing entry / exit. Perhaps in time for a Silver Exit and Re-entry cycle…

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