Buck Up or Sit In The Truck

Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell

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The Dimocrats Think it’s Fringe On Top

First, a note about Democrats vs Dimocrats.

I have many family and friends who are Democrats. I’ve been a registered Democrat in the past. But we, collectively, have little in common with the Dim leadership of the Democratic Party. Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc. They wish to force a socialist “progressive” agenda on America with a Euro-centric Nanny Government CENTRAL AUTHORITY point of view.

America has clearly said “We don’t want that”. And they have shoved it down our throats anyway. In my book, that makes them pretty Dim, and thus Dimocrats.

OK, the party leadership hanger-ons get the same talking points each day (like a gaggle of parrots, they all sound the same note). Like Tim Kaine who is almost giddy over the Tea Party candidates winning. Dim to the core. Mary Ann Marsh too. They think this helps the Dimocrats. Karl Rove is saying the same thing. Party Machine is the same on both sides.

The attempt is to paint the Tea Party as the “Radical wing of the Republican Party”, as a “Fringe” element. Well folks, this surrey is leaving the stable and if it’s got a lot of “Fringe” on top… well, we like the way it looks.

Who Am I / Who Are We?

OK, not one of me and my friends and family are Tea Party members (but I’m ready to join up). I’m now a registered “Independent” as I find no representation in either party. A friend in Florida is a Democrat, but strongly supporting the Tea Party ideals. My Texas Uncle is a Democrat and absolutely livid at the Dimocrats. (Though, as I’ve said before, a Texas Democrat is more conservative than a California Republican… ;-) and while I briefly registered as a California Republican, I found it very unsatisfying being a Socialist Lite.)

What do we have in common? We want a government that leaves us alone and does not take our money. We want the kind of government that John Kennedy promoted (in many ways) and that Ronald Reagan delivered (in large part). We want a middle-America free market world with clear bounds on evil actions, but freedom to try and to fail. We don’t want a Euro-socialist Nanny State with 50%+ Taxes and the government ALLOWING us to do certain things. Please note: WE own the vote. WE allow the government to do certain things. And we feel they have overstepped their bounds.

And we are not “Fringe elements of the Republican Party”.

So the difference is what?

The Dimocrats see the world as ‘right wing’ vs ‘left wing’. That is simply broken. The metaphor comes from Europe (France in particular) and simply does not map to America. The Tea Party is the Heart Of The Eagle, and not any single wing. The Euro-view is that there are Right Wing Dictatorial socialists and Left Wing Communist socialists. The Daddy Dictator and The Peoples Party. Missing is the idea of The Free People.


I’ve used this metaphor before, but I think it is most apt. The Republicans care about what I do with what is in the front of my pants. They are deathly afraid that I might commit some grave Sin and are all wound around the moralist mandate to control the front of folks pants at all cost. BUT: they think the government ought to damn well have a light touch on the wallet in the back of my pants.

The Dimocrats are deathly afraid that I might commit some grave Sin with that wallet in the back of my pants (only they can properly decide how to spend my money ‘for the greater good’) and are all wound around the socialist mandate to control the wallet in the back of folks pants at all costs. BUT: they think the government ought to damn well have a light touch on what is in the front of my pants. Only the individual can decide on abortion and sexual propriety. Anything goes.

What do these folks miss? For most of us, EVERYTHING below the waist is none of their damn business.

The Future

So the Republican Party has been a bit easier to “spank” on the issues of small government and lower taxes. (After all, historically they had held to those values). What they are missing, though, is that attempts to push the “moral majority” agenda is also not going to fly with the middle of the road folks.

The Dimocrats think that since their “leave the front of the pants alone” position has left them alone for now, they get the rest of the agenda too. Well, there will be a surprise coming. All those “Southern Democrats” are NOT happy. They are being told they have to accept the Dimocrat Socialist Agenda or go join the Republicans. Now they have a choice.

So going forward, after the Republicans have been spanked a little, the Dimocrats will get the same treatment. As an independent I can vote in their primaries, and I’m going to vote for the person who says they are in keeping with low taxes, smaller government, and getting out of my bedroom.

The Tea Party is NOT “Republican Fringe”, it’s middle American. It’s folks like Sarah Palin (who causes apoplexy among both left and right). Yeah, she is in many ways just a Soccer Mom from the sticks who got 15 minutes of fame. But she tells the truth and she shoots straight (both literally and figuratively). That “works” in middle America. We like “Buck up or sit in the truck” (which Sarah said today) and we “get it”.

And I’d trust her with my kids any day. Not so for the Dimocrats.

And it’s folks who are Classical Democrats. My Texas Uncle who was a prison guard prior to retirement (and a union member) and folks like my Florida Friend who likes the Classical Republican ‘wallet light’ approach but thinks they have no business in telling him what to do in the bedroom or with what he puts in his body so has stayed Democrat. But both are feeling very abandoned by ‘their party’.

Folks with overalls and blue jeans in their closet (or their past) and folks who like their freedom (how ever meager it may be these days). Republicans who watch football and drink beer and fix cars for a living. Democrats who watch football, smoke some, and make union cars for a living. We are friends and family. We watch the game and party together. We argue about the merits of union vs not or beer vs smoke or missionary vs variety but: we all agree that the government need not apply to those discussions and mostly just ought to be keeping other governments from attacking us and keeping $Billionaire capitalists (many of which are Democrats) from stealing us blind with monopoly practices, fraud, and government corruption.

Arrogance and Incompetence

Further, the sheer arrogance and incompetence of our two political parties as they have gone about following agendas that were largely NOT what Joe and Jane Sixpack wants has reached a breaking point.

“Let them eat cake” (or “let them have subsidy”) is NOT enough to get a “pass” any more.

We’re simply tired of watching tantrums and food fights between politicians that we would not accept from a 5 year old. No budget in California despite how many months past the legal mandate? But lord help us if we don’t report for Jury Duty on time.

The smearing and character assassination is leaving a bad taste too. Trying to assert that a bunch of middle aged middle class folks waving flags are somehow automatically racist is just incredibly lame. It’s clearly a ‘machine talking point’ and just shows the machine lying and with no moral compass. Dripping with innuendo that if I’m white I must be racist.

Sorry jack. I’ve met more asian and black racists than white. And do I really need to point out that Obama was elected by a majority, so a heck of a lot of whites voted black. FWIW, I have a great “Kilimajaro” motorcycle suit. Given to me by a very close black friend when he moved to Korea with his Filipino wife (and gave up the bike). When your riding buddy gives you his ‘suit’ and you wear it with pride, that says something. And I’m not special. Go to any tail gate party and look at the mix in the crowd. Nobody cares much anymore. Then look on the field. Exactly who are those Red Necks in the stands cheering for?…

So we see The Machine lying and smearing at every turn. And it turns our stomach.

So that’s why we have the “Toss the bums out” mood.

If it has to start with tossing out the “Republican Light” candidates and putting Tea Party folks on the ticket, so be it. If they win against Dimocrat candidates, great. If they don’t, well, next time we will have a go at the Democratic primaries and get a Tea For Two.

Because we’ve talked to our family and friends. And we found that we’re all pissed off. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. And we’ve decided that we’re not going to take it any more. The Tea Party gives us a way. It’s the “Pox on both your houses” party. We are willing to accept someone with a DUI or a failure to pay taxes on time in their past, they are more likely to understand the average Joe and Jane. And they have said they understand that we want LESS government from either side.

So in many ways this comes down to a “Party Power Structure” vs “Peoples Representative” argument. And we have already decided that the “Party Power Structure” with the inside baseball of ‘electability’ just ends up with more of the same old same old. We’d rather have Crazy Jane from down the street than your Party Politics Power Machine. We know she is willing to kick you where it hurts rather than give in to being strong armed into ‘toeing the party line’. We don’t want a ‘party line’. We want a representative of US.

We’re tired of the arrogance and incompetence. Maybe we might only get rid of the arrogance with this round. Guess what: We’re “good with that”. Besides, Crazy Jane throws a good party and generally treats us fair. Even likes beer and watching the football game…

Get Over It

So get over it. We’re done playing the game by party rules and having the parties pit one against the other based on the front of our pants vs the back of our pants. We’re taking their hands off our pants, period. Yeah, it will be messy. Yeah, it will have a lot of rough edges and folks with ‘no experience’ (a feature as far as I’m concerned, as it will take that much longer to corrupt them when they get into the party clutches). Yeah, it’s not optimal by the rules of Professional Politics. And yeah, we don’t give a damn. We don’t want professional politicians. We want the friend from down the street who’s coming back home in a few years and wants what we want.

And we’re not going away. We’ve tasted success at tipping some old guard ‘deal makers’ out on the street. Heck, I’ve not even gotten off my butt to go find a Tea Party and join. So there are a lot of folks ‘waiting in the wings’ to join up. This is going to be a permanent feature in party life. Politicians need to wake up and realize that having their party behind them is not enough. They need the people behind them, or we’re going to dump them out on their butts. In either party.

(The fastest growing group is the ‘independent’ voter. If you don’t carry them, you don’t get elected…)

So read my lips: Buck up or sit in the truck. The rest of us are going pol huntin’.

Want a beer?


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16 Responses to Buck Up or Sit In The Truck

  1. marek says:

    Good hunting …

  2. oMan says:

    “Going pol hunting.” I’d love to join you, Chiefio, you have caught my attitude perfectly. What’s puzzling is how the Elites (both parties) have become so completely clueless. Lecturing us on how stupid and hateful we are is just not a bright idea. If they’d remembered anything from 2nd grade, they’d know that. Yet that’s all they’ve got.

    The “parties” are over.

  3. kuhnkat says:

    I read an article where Rove was unhappy that O’Donnell won. All I have to say to Rove is to start throwing out the Rinos or expect more of this!! If Rove is a Rino, OOOPS!!

    Many of us are not willing to accept the dictates of the elites of the parties anymore. Thus the Tea Parties telling them we ain’t gonna take it anymore!!!

  4. P.G. Sharrow says:

    ” Chiefio” Nice rant! :-).
    I’ve been a democrat all may life, but “Jimmy Carter is the last democrat I’ve voted for. Damn bunch of progressive liers. This is not the country that my ancesters created.
    I spent two years In Alaska and was involved in the local politics. When Palin was nominated I checked up on her resume, Wow! I was impressed, and I’m still impressed.
    The republicans had best wise up, this is their last chance.
    The dimocrat progressives have just used up their last chance. The Obamanation will destroy all credibality of the dimocrats over the next two years as they fight a rear guard action to try and preserve their gains and rule by decree. pg

  5. TGSG says:

    The voters are as serious as a heart attack! Look at the numbers of people who oppose some of the sh…. stuff that’s been passed in the last year or so.

    The numbers: Bank bailouts, 61 percent disapprove versus 37 percent; national health care, 56 percent disapprove versus 39 percent; auto bailouts, 56 percent disapprove versus 43 percent; stimulus, 52 percent disapprove versus 43 percent.

    The Tea Party sentiment started when GWB signed the huge entitelment of Medicare B, then the first bailout, then someone on television gave it a name. We were sold down the river by that crap and a lot of people saw it for the assraping it was, and the R’s imploded from the disgust among their ranks. The “back of the pants” had been violated.

    It has to stop and be reversed soon as we stand on the precipice of a financial tsunami (to murder a metaphor) of unfunded mandates. I see I’ve just gone on and repeated what you wrote above so I’ll quit. Just needed to vent a bit.

    Thanks for your insightful post.

  6. boballab says:

    EM here are some videos that say it all:

    Throw the Bums out by Ray Stevens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q59ZcFguUOo&NR=1

    We The People: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc_-L4fyLUo

    On Immigration:

    On Global Warming:

  7. RuhRoh says:

    The last time I voted D was for Lyndon Larouche…

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @boballa: How could you! Took me two times to realize I needed to watch the ‘ticker tape’ … “.. at the zoo”… still rolling in the isles… ;-)

    And I gotta get me one o’ them left handed hammers. I got a whole set of left handed screw drivers I bought at the flea market last year and they’d make a nice box set together!

    “it’s the cars” … ;-)

    @TGSG: It’s OK to say “shit”. I’ve shoveled a load of it (from barns, from under pens, from..). As a farmer friend in Illinois said “That’s not the smell of shit, that’s the smell of money!” (we’d just run the manure spreader on many acres of pasture…)

    I require that folks be honest and polite, but not mealy mouthed. And frankly, shit just is… so it’s an honest word.

    @all: I’m very glad to hear others with the same feelings. I’d been a bit worried about a posting that was so linked to the peculiar nature of US politics and a very specific reaction to it. But figured that saying a truth was better than pretending a lie, so went for it. Happy with the result ;-)

  9. boballab says:


    One of the best ones IMHO is where BSNBC fires Keith Doberman after his mother is caught watching Fox News.

  10. Mike Patrick says:

    The Rinos are busy saying, “If you want to win, you can not stand on principles or ethics, you must vote for the candidate with the best name recognition.”

    The Tea Party and I do not see any positive factor in electing someone who will vote against everything in which we believe, just because of party affiliation.

    While party affiliation means access to larger, organized donations pots (often with money coming from organizations wanting something in return), Tea Party Candidate O’Donnell in Delaware has received $700,000 in campaign contributions since her win in the primary yesterday. I doubt that much of it came from big oil or labor unions. Such is the power of a true grassroots organization.

  11. Larry Geiger says:

    I always knew that there was some reason that I liked Ray Stevens!

  12. GregO says:


    Great post. I’m a life-long republican and the GOP is in an organizational mess right now. I am just stunned at the stupid remarks made by Karl Rove about O’Donnel’s victory in the Delaware primary. Also it’s just nuts that the GOP hasn’t made better common cause with the Tea Party Movement. IMHO, the Tea Party Movement is as much about cultural awareness of American values of freedom and independence as it is political party. Limiting government and somehow forcing fiscal responsibility on Washington are my hot buttons and voting out Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the hard-left neo-Marxists is job number one.

  13. P.G. Sharrow says:

    At present I can’t afford Beer but I made 5 gallons of blackberry brandy a month ago:

    2 gallons 100 proof ( my best stuff)
    2-1/2 gallons blackberry juice ( from my woods)
    6 cups old honey ( our hives)

    Ought to be drinkable by November. I should taste it this weekend and see if it is palatable.
    Medical purposes only. ;-) pg

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    Sounds like good hooch! Bet it’s good for curing ‘melancholy’

  15. PhilJourdan says:

    Like Tim Kaine who is almost giddy over the Tea Party candidates winning. Dim to the core.

    I suffered for 4 years under that dimwit (the stories I could tell). You were too kind to call him dim tothe core. If he had 2 brain cells, he would be pregnant!

  16. LarryOldtimer says:

    I agree with you completely, and that is exactly how I personally feel.

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