Rub It Good

BBQ Chicken, Pork, and Corn

BBQ Chicken, Pork, and Corn

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My BBQ Rub

Good on chicken or ribs. A simple straight forward “rub”.

For folks not familiar with BBQ, you can use sauce or you can use ‘rub’. Some of us even use both. Rub is applied to the raw meat, let stand for a while, then the meat is very slow cooked. Good bbq takes hours. The lower and slower you cook it, the better. Sauce is applied at the table, not on the grill or in the smoker…

So I’d made a nice general purpose rub, gave some to my son, then proceeded to lose the recipe. Said son called up to tell me it was great, a year after I gave him the jar…

Seems I’d written it down… on the jar I gave to him.

So, since I’d rather not go through that again, I’m making the recipe public by putting it here, where I can’t lose it ;-)

The Rub

A basic mix of sweet, salty, peppery, and savory. The “Chili Powder” is left ill defined so you can adjust the hotness to your tastes. I use a generic “McCormick Chili Powder” for the general purpose rub. You can use JalapeƱo for hotter or Chipotle for a smokey touch. I’ve also used an Indian powdered chili for a bit more ‘oomph’. The onion and garlic granules are McCormick dried granulated products, but any ought to be fine. If you use a straight powdered chili remember that chili powder has Cumin (comino) in it, so you will need 1/2 tsp or so of cumin with the powdered chili)

This makes about 1 cup of rub. (about 250 ml)

3/4 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Tablespoon each of:

Fresh ground black pepper
Chili Powder
Dried Onion Granules

1/2 Tablespoon

Dried Garlic Granules

1/2 Teaspoon each of


For those of you who are “fraction challenged” I think a Tbs is 15 ml while a tsp is 5 ml and a cup is 250 ml so 3/4 cup would be 750/4 or 187 ml more or less.

How To Use It

Just rub it on the meat about 10 minutes before your roast or grill. Roasts are best done uncovered (or they make a puddle of juices and dry out, uncovered the surface dries and locks in the juices) at about 200 F for a way long time. 5 hours for pork or 18 hours for beef brisket. As low as 180 F if you can make it happen reliably. Just before you start, do a touch up rub for any spots that have moisture enough to hold some more.

Grilling is best done with indirect heat. Low and slow… Chicken does especially well grilled this way. Choice of wood for smoke is up to you. I like ‘ol Hickory… but mesquite is good too.

It also works in the oven during those winter days for a reminder of summers gone …

Haven’t tried it on grilled vegetables, but I can imagine rubbing it on corn then pulling the husks back over the rub and doing a slow grill… And a veggy kebob ought to do nicely too.


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4 Responses to Rub It Good

  1. dearieme says:

    You were complaining about the unavailability of chicken livers. My wife has just returned from the supermarket with a few half pound tubs at 43 pence each i.e. roughly 68 cents US. They are a staple of ours; she makes lots of chicken liver and bacon pate and she also has a good chicken liver salad recipe. Yum, yum.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Dearime, you just have to rub it in, don’t you! ;-)

    Guess on the other side of the pond folks have more choices than here…. Sigh. I remember Mum doing very interesting things with chicken livers and bacon….

  3. dearieme says:

    We eat quite a lot of calves liver and bacon in winter. It’ll soon be time. Haggis, black pudding, sweetbreads, steak and kidney, … winter has its compensations.

  4. Verity Jones says:

    My mouth is watering. I’ve got to try that, although it is more likely to be oven-cooked at the moment.

    Oh dearieme – the thought of home made pate too…. Mmmm I have a recipe somehwere for chicken liver ragout with polenta that I haven’t made for years, but was memorable – Oh I am getting so hungry – dinner is in the oven (homemade chicken pie) and this is making me even more ravenous.

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