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U.S.A. Gold Coin Reverse Side

U.S.A. Gold Coin Reverse Side

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OK, so I had this lame “donation” widget that never did work well. After far too long and far too many prompts, I’ve finally realized that Paypal has a page just for such things. So I’ve changed out that widget in the right hand side for a simple link to the Paypal page and included the needed email address for use in making donations.

It’s pretty simple, really. If you have a Paypal address, you just put in the two email addresses (mine and yours) and an amount. If you don’t have Paypal, you can use a credit card with some added steps. My email account is pub4all @ aol (DOT) com (though you need to take out the added blanks and turn the (DOT) into an actual “.” This is done to defeat the spam bots that harvest email addresses from postings.

The Paypal page is at:

So for those of you who do donate, let me know if this is better / easier. And for those of you who do not donate, no worries, eh? It’s entirely up to you and only you know if what I’m doing has any benefit to you and what your life circumstances might be.


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