GHCN V3 Beta is out

And I’m starting to look at it.

Link is:

The README is a pdf
README for GHCN.v3 Beta

PNG preview version of GHCNv3 “README.pdf”

PNG version of GHCNv3 “README.pdf”

Nice that they now flag what “vintage” a given copy might be. The older “Journal of Irreproducible Results” constantly changing “vintage” with no way to know which one you’ve got may be on it’s way out. At last. Still no ‘by year’ meta-data, so an airport in 2010 was an airport in 1800 … Maybe someday…

They tossed all the ‘duplicate numbers’ and decided to just pick one for each period of time where there is overlap.

And the USHCN stations appear to be integrated, but under their USHCN Station IDs rather than the pseudo numbers GIStemp created for them (that will be fun to sort out for comparisons /sarcoff> )

More as I work my way through it, but so far looks like a minor facelift, a bit of clean up, a smidgeon more data, and tossing out some older 1800’s data.

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  1. Jeff Alberts says:

    Is “peak” meant to be a pun?

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Um, I don’t see “peak” in the posting… Where ever it is, if I used it to mean peek, that would be a shortage of coffee indication ;-)

    UPDATE: Ah, found it. In the “excerpt” Fixed. Tend not to proof read the excerpts, not that it would matter ;-)

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