Important Physics To Know

And some biology and sociology and …

Well, I went out for coffee, and found it, but also bought a Fuji Film camera at the Target store that had a Starbucks inside… (So does that mean I bought a $200 Coffee Mocha?). Something for a later posting. Then ended up at Epcot at Disney… in “England”.

England, in Epcot Style

England, in Epcot Style

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(If you’ve not been there, you can ‘tour the world’ by walking about a mile around the ‘lake’ where each of several (11?) countries has an ‘exhibit’ staffed by folks from that country [ who, I think, can only work a year or two then are replaced as they become Americanized…] AND they have beer / wine service… So one of the fun things to do is “Drink Around The World” going from pub to bar to … I think the “Pub” is the building in the background down the street in this picture.)

OK, this process starts (going clockwise) on one side of the park with countries like Norway and Mexico, but it ends just after France with this fairly decent rendition of an English Pub. Yes, crowded with tourists and no place to toss a proper dart… but still, they have Bass, Boddingtons, Harp and a few others on tap.

Now, if you start counter clockwise, it’s first, and then you don’t get very far, so I advise against that. OK, we started counter clockwise, so we only made it to the pub…

Epcot Center Map

Epcot Center Map

Original Image from this site and this link: You can click the link for a larger version, or just click the picture…

With proper drinking music, on live Piano…

After a long night of merryment and mirth, the 9 pm Epcot closing time came, and we moved to the ESPN Sports Bar on “Boardwalk” (a fun place with restaurants, bars, street entertainers and some hotels. And that stays open later…)

DIsney Boardwalk

DIsney Boardwalk

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more interesting pictures here:

The “Bottom Line” is that somehow it became morning again, despite my best intentions and effort, and I’ve awakened to discover that I’m still out of coffee and milk. I can see this is going to be an issue for a while. So I’m going out AGAIN to try to buy coffee and / or milk. One can only hope that I don’t end up with a 2nd camera and back at the Pub… We’ll see…

(BTW, I found my keys. They were in my pocket… I hope they are still there today, as I can’t spend hours searching the room again…)

So, while I go looking for keys, milk, coffee and not a camera, here are some links to amuse, and educate. We’ll start with something light, like thermodynamics. My favorite version is the sort of a summary that says the three laws are: 1) You can’t energetically win. 2) You can’t break even. 3) You can’t quit the game. But this version does a decent job of explaining the first two (though they under emphasis the ‘can’t win’ issue). h/t bulaman:

Not as much fun, but does a nice job of “summing up” some of the things that are important to life on earth and why we’re here. Also, if you read between the lines, the existence of these things is important, meaning CO2 isn’t…

Perhaps the “Climate Scientists” can take some time from their “Research” to learn a bit more about how energy flows and why temperature is a lousy measure of heat…

Maybe even we can give it to Harvard to work on, when they are not fighting on the field:

It’s not exactly Rocket Science:

So on this marvelously placed and perfectly balanced place for life, what have we wrought in our attempt to perfect our special place as “intelligent life”? How are we protecting it from the inevitable destruction mandated by the Laws of Thermodynamics as the energy of the galaxy runs down?

But sadly, that’s not nearly as much fun as doing it the old fashioned way. And we’ve got so much practice at it. Why, oh why, are we losing our old fashioned values?

So why do we do this?

Just because that’s the way we’re made… We must twist as we do…

Then there is the law of conservation of energy, which means that we can change the form of energy, but not destroy it. So one is left to wonder if they’ve properly modeled the change from kinetic energy (heat) to potential energy (altitude) and the heat flows into evaporation and condensation. Perhaps we can give the climate modelers a practical demonstration…

For what it’s worth, the markets did a brief “pop” as the traders jumped on the “bugger the dollar trade”, then failed to continue as John Q. Public had decided not to play in their casino for a generation or so… I’m still in other markets (commodities mostly). Awaiting that time when our “economic stimulus” program runs down and we can get back to wealth creation instead of “make work” programs…

Lord knows our current congress couldn’t even get a boomerang to work…

Makes you almost want to die… but then you’d have to deal with disposing all the things, and critters, that depend on you for a decent life. That thermodynamics thing again…

A less PC earlier version that still contains the line of “Let me Abbers go loose”… I guess it’s become improper to remember the time when things were not PC…

A peculiar version done with The Beetles and with some very funny Kangaroo pictures:

So, I’m headed out, again, to see if I can find what I’m looking for… and sure hope I don’t find a pub with no beer…

And I’ll have to watch out for the American Alligator (though there is also a Saltwater Crocodile in Florida as well). Makes the sharks seem downright irrelevant…

wish me luck… or I might end up in a mud wallow…

but I’ve drifted away from physics… so I must mention that mud has a higher specific heat than simple water and retains more water on the skin surface, so it really does a great job of cooling you off…

Maybe we need to put more dust into the air so that it can become mud rain and cool the earth…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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14 Responses to Important Physics To Know

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    Ok, NOW I have a reason to go to Epcot! Having lived in Germany (and drinking real beer), I will try the English version just to say I have. But you did not say where the Gasthaus was located on the circle! ;)

  2. Soronel Haetir says:

    I prefer David Gerrold’s Laws of Infernal Dynamics:

    1) An object in motion is almost alwyas headed in the wrong direction.

    2) An object at rest is almost always in the wrong location.

    3) The amount of energy required to changed either of these states is almost always more than you wish to expend, but never so much as to make the task impossible.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @PhilJourdan: OK, I’ve added a map… Germany is near the middle. And technically Canada is first on a counter clockwise tour, but if you come in ‘the back way’ through Boardwalk, you enter England first… and still don’t make it past the pub…

    @Soronel Haetir: nice touch!

  4. Tim Clark says:

    Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “physics” has the same economic result as the climate science physics of loading the atsmosphere with CO2.

    Load 15 tons and whadaya get
    another day older and deeper in debt
    st peter don’tya call me cause I can’t go
    I owe my soul to the company store

  5. j ferguson says:

    Tim Clark,
    Your version is a ton short. Is there climate sensitivity significance in this?

  6. Layne Blanchard says:

    I made that trip around the world at Epcot some decades ago when I was a pup.

    We must have missed England because we started in France. I remember having Sake in Japan (and hating it). When we got to Germany, we were quite excited to see the Fraulein who was serving beer, but her excitement over 3 drunken males?… not so much. We got kicked out for raising a ruckus, and I was very disappointed to learn that they don’t serve booze in Morocco. As you can tell, I’m somewhat hazy about the order of these countries. Anyway, we decided we should do what any red blooded American males would do, and we proceeded directly to Mexico where we were welcomed with open arms. Fancy that.

  7. bulaman says:

    I like PJ O’Rourke’s description from Holiday’s in Hell. Almost exactly not like London.
    First and only visit while I was studying at Auburn Al back in 1988. Glad you enjoyed Flanders & Swann

  8. Jennifer Hubbard says:

    Really enjoyed the “Second Law of Thermodynamics” video on how small the chances are for other intelligent life in the universe. Beautifully presented. And the Tom Lehrer songs- I’d forgotten about him, but I love his wit, and nice to see science as a target by someone who can see the humour in it.

    I like where you’re coming from, Chiefio! You’ve also filled me with a desire, for the first time in my life, to visit the Epcot Center…

  9. pyromancer76 says:

    I think you want company on your trip! I’ve got to get SOME work done, but I keep listening to clever, witty, and engaging music. Yes, along with Jennifer H., another resister to Disney in Florida bites the dust. All it takes is a view with room. Thanks again.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Glad to hear folks are enjoying this variation from the normal technical / analytical style.

    FWIW, I’d intended to do minimal postings while traveling. Then the shuttle launch got scrubbed. So I’m just kind of waiting for the airplane day to come around (and dreading the airport… while I try to decide if my tire tread gage will be considered a ‘sharp’ as it has a metal tip, or if the 10 AA battery package purchase was a mistake as that could be made into something dangerous via the liberal application of SOS pads, or perhaps my AAA Maglight will be taken as it’s hard and I could whack a midget with it…

    It wouldn’t be nearly so bothersome if they’d just stick your stuff in a pouch and mail it to your home, but they take it and toss it instead. It also would be nice if you could predict what they would do this time, but it’s not at all clear. I’ve seen eyelash curlers taken… Those things with rubber squeegee things that squish eyelashes. Yes, they have a handle that looks sort of like a scissors, but really, are you going to curl their eyelashes until they die?

    So as I’m sorting what came in the car into “keep in the car” vs. “take home”; I’m also discovering an assortment of “maybe can’t take home, leave in the house here”… and while doing that, I get the urge for some musical relief… and make a posting out of it. (Hey, I’m listening to the tunes anyway, easy enough to grab the embed code and go for it while the tune plays…)

    FWIW, Epcot has now become my favorite part of Disney… I’m especially fond of the “Behind the Seeds” tour of the hydroponics / aquaculture operation:

    If you at all like gardening, it’s well worth it. (Bought at a small door at the back of one of the stores in The Land pavilion). What I’d like to have as a garden someday… They take you through the backroom of pretty much the whole greenhouse. It’s pretty large too. Even the Palm Tree is grown hydroponically. They’ve got a half dozen different systems in use (including aeroponics) and you can see how the different systems work with different types of plants.

    So it’s just a kind of sharing what’s caught my interest at the moment, as I cope with no shuttle… and try to figure out how to get to see the next attempt, if they ever get a round tuit…

  11. j ferguson says:

    Fed-Exing all the goofy stuff ahead has turned out to work for the people in our family who carry technical stuff around with them and fly a lot. It’s frequently cheaper than checking the secnd bag.

    Our return from France in September did not include shoe removal at Charles De Gaulle, even though France was the launch point for the only person known to have attempted an air-borne hot foot. Maybe they figure every country gets one and they had already had theirs.

  12. mrpkw says:

    We were at Disney/Epcot for 8 days last summer and we had the Princess Storybook breakfast at the Akershus Royal Hall. I could not understand why someone that was from Norway would want to come to Disney to work in a Norwegian restaurant. They could do that at home !!!!

  13. Paul Callander says:

    Just a small point about our great Aussie song “Tie me kangaroo down”.

    The correct (not PC) spelling of the abbreviation for Aboriginals is Abos.

  14. Tim Clark says:

    J ferguson:


    Too many numbers in my head!

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