Shuttle Redux

NASA Prepares To Launch ... Again

NASA Prepares To Launch ... Again

(Sent to me in email so I don’t know the provenance, but looks like a US Gov. picture)

NASA Slides Again!

OK, the news today is a change from Nov 30th to Dec 3 with a limit of Dec 6 (or else it slips to February). Better for me, as Nov 30 was just a bit close to Thanksgiving and air fare was expensive for last minute flights. Time to check the ‘ol booking engine… again….

Schedule updates here:

As it stands now, I’ve got the viewing place all picked out, the car prepositioned in Orlando, a place to stay waiting, a light ‘travel camera’ with ‘superzoom’ and 12 Mega pixels in hand, and the AMEX in the wallet. Just need a ticket back and a real launch. It’s that ‘real launch’ part that’s the killer…

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4 Responses to Shuttle Redux

  1. Tom Bakewell says:

    Good luck this time! I and no doubt many others really enjoy the high quality writing you put out. Pix ain’t bad either.

  2. Pascvaks says:

    Don’t envy your flight, understand the boys at TSA are doing it the way the CIA does for suspected terrorists: “Intrusive Deep Cavity Search”. Understand it’s a lot like a long scope Colonoscopy but they don’t put you under.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Pascvaks: I gave a narrative of my experience going from Orlando back to California here:

    I’m thinking about the “trench coat and Hot Pants” for the return… ;-)

    @Tom Bakewell: Thanks! I’m still looking for the source of this picture (though not very hard…) probably on the NASA site… maybe after coffee ;-)

    I’ve got more pictures from my trip, but the MS Photo Editor chokes on the size (too many bytes!) so they are going over to the Mac for handling.

    At any rate, having just gotten home long enough to do all the accumulated dishes, refill all the food cupboards, pay the bill pile, plan for the Thanksgiving Meal, and generally do 2 weeks worth of ‘Dad will be home soon…” I find I’m looking forward to the idea of being on the road again ;-)

    Though somehow I suspect this one is going to end up slipping again. They have a 3 day window to launch? And don’t know for sure why there were cracks in things letting hydrogen leak out? Uhh… lets see… Risk it all on a faster launch and get laid off that much sooner, or, “be prudent” and have a pay check longer… Decisions decisions…

    Though the idea of a February “two fer” has a certain charm to it…

  4. Hal says:

    Book the flight on Southwest, you can keep changing for a year.

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