Now That’s Low in Tahoe

Yesterday and the day before were “a bit cold” in Truckee Tahoe California. I’ve heard on the news that it was a record. What does Wunderground say?

Note that “low” of -13 F / -25 C

Truckee Tahoe California 25 November 2010

Truckee Tahoe California 25 November 2010

Notice how the temperature is way below the ‘averages’ for that date…

Here is yesterday:

Truckee Tahoe California 26 November 2010

Truckee Tahoe California 26 November 2010

Notice the dropping barometric pressure? There is a winter advisory and more on the way…


Truckee broke their record lows of -1 & 1 Tuesday & Wednesday night set back in 1966. The lows this year were -9 & -13. South Lake also broke their record both nights set back in 1978 of 5 & 2 with lows Tues & Wed night of -8 & -7. Reno came within 1 degree of it’s record low of 9 set back in 1952. Pretty amazing. No changes to the Saturday storm from the forecast yesterday. BA

Still looking for an official confirmation of the new record lows…


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  1. boballab says:

    Hasn’t popped up yet on the NCDC record look up yet, but they state what they got is for only the stations that have reported in and are subject to change. You can do a record look up here:

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