Non-English Skeptic Sites

Ecotretas has a great web page up that lists Skeptic sites in non-English languages.

Ecotretas tem uma página web que lista grande de sites Cético em idiomas diferentes do Inglês.

Ecotretas tiene una gran página web hasta que las listas de sitios escéptico en idiomas que no-Inglés.

Ecotretas a une grande page Web qui répertorie les sites jusqu’à Skeptic dans des langues autres que l’anglais.

Ecotretas ha una pagina web su grande che elenca i siti Scettico in lingue diverse dall’inglese.

Ecotretas hat eine große Web-Seite nach oben, dass die Listen Skeptic Standorte in nicht-englischen Sprachen.

Ecotretas har en stor web-side op, der viser Skeptic steder i ikke-engelske sprog.

Ecotretas heeft een geweldige web page up voor dat de lijsten Skeptic sites in andere talen dan Engels.

Ecotretas hefur a frábær vefur síðu upp þessi listi efasemdamaður síður í non-ensku.

Ecotretas har en stor webbsida upp som listar Skeptic platser i andra språk än engelska.

Ecotretas har en flott nettside som lister opp Skeptic nettsteder i ikke-engelske språk.

Ecotretas on hyvä web-sivu ylös että luettelot skeptikko sivustoja kuin Englanti kielellä.

Ecotretas: имеет большой веб-страницы на которой перечислены Скептик сайтов в отличных от английского языках.

Ecotretas: Mae gan tudalen we gwych i fyny y rhestrau o safleoedd Skeptic mewn ieithoedd heb fod yn Saesneg.

Ecotretas: má skvělou webovou stránku, která obsahuje seznam se skeptika míst v non-angličtiny.

Ecotretas: Tá leathanach gréasáin mór suas go liostaí láithreáin Skeptic i dteangacha neamh-Béarla.

Ecotretas: İngilizce dışındaki dillerde Skeptic siteleri listeler büyük bir web sayfası o kadar vardır.

Ecotretas: มีหน้าเว็บที่ดีขึ้นให้กับไซต์ที่แสดงรายการขี้สงสัยในภาษาที่ไม่ใช่ภาษาอังกฤษ

Best I can do is just to point at it…

Translations above were done with Google Translate (but the languages I know looked more or less OK to me so I hope the ones like Thai and Icelandic came out OK too ;-)

He has buttons on each site for translation into English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German.

And yes, there really is a skeptic site in Thai… 3 in Finish (probably more after the weather this week ;-) and a very surprising (at least to me) 11 in Swedish. Honorable mention of one each in Icelandic and Norwegian. But despite a large number in French and Spanish, only 3 in Italian. Then again, the Italians are probably too busy at the beach and picking a nice wine to go with the pasta course to care much about “climate”… ;-)

If you do not see your favorite sites on the list, he does ask for guidance as to additional sites. So if you know of a good one in Latvian or Greek that’s being left out, give him a holler…

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4 Responses to Non-English Skeptic Sites

  1. TGSG says:

    what might it be in Klingon? :)

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Ecotretas: chong HaSta “web” tetlh vIt lI’ -be’ yuQjIjDIvI’ no’ Hol “English”

    as a rough free translation… but my Klingon is even worse than my Norwegian…

  3. Pascvaks says:

    Really surprised to see there are NO Russian or Chinese sites listed. And Japanese too. Skeptaism must be a Western Thing. ((Then again maybe there’s just too many to list?))

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    It may also reflect the particular language skills of the compiler of the list. Those using non-Roman characters are somewhat harder to ‘figure out’ without experience in the language.

    I don’t think the list was ever ‘advertized’ as exhaustive…

    Oh, and since the Russian Government official position is that the climate is headed for colder, much colder, they may not see a need for ‘skeptic’ sites. China is still very controlled from a web perspective…

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