Frozen Florida Citrus

Florida Topo Map

Florida Topo Map

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20-Degree Temps Coming To Central Fla.
Ocala Could See Low Temperature Hit 19 Degrees

The coldest air of the season is pushing through Central Florida.
ORLANDO, Fla. — The coldest air of the season will blast Central Florida by late Monday night and record-low temperatures in the high teens to mid-20s are expected across the region.

Hard-freeze warnings — temperatures below 28 degrees for at least three hours — have been issued for Orlando and all of Central Florida.

The record-low temperature of 28 degrees for Dec. 14 was set in 1962 in Orlando.
Record lows in Daytona Beach and Melbourne for the same date are 26 degrees, both of which were also set in 1962. All three records could be broken early Tuesday morning.

Ocala, which is located about 75 miles northwest of Orlando, is forecast to have a low of 19 degrees early Tuesday morning.

OK, ’62 was back during the LAST cold phase of the PDO, but now we’ve got the AO and AMO chiming in too, I think? At any rate, it’s record breaking time. Hope you like frozen orange juice…

Unlike January’s freeze, when snow and sleet fell in the Orlando area , no precipitation is forecast for the rest of this week in Central Florida.
In Volusia County, the cold has already affected many local businesses. Empty restaurant tables have become a common sight as temperatures drop along the coast. The beaches were virtually empty through the weekend, although some people braved the colder temperatures.

Well, that’s a relief /sarcoff

I mean, really, can folks continue to claim it’s “Global Warming” when Florida is an Orange Popsicle? If it was warming, we’d not be talking about Snow in Orlando… and 19 degrees F? We’re talking “break the pipes” cold in a place that is completely unprepared for that kind of thing. They’ve never HAD to be prepared for it.

Well, at least it will knock down some of the invasive species. Last year it was “Raining Iguanas” as they went into a torpor and fell from their tree perches.

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8 Responses to Frozen Florida Citrus

  1. Adrian Vance says:

    Send Al Gore. He’s got enough gas to fire up all the smudge pots.

  2. Chuckles says:

    Should save a fortune in production costs, the juice coming pre-frozen?

    I’ll buy you one more pre-frozen orange juice doesn’t scan quite as well though.

  3. Ian W says:

    I would suggest stocking up on what fruit and vegetables are available now. There is likely to be a significant jump in prices. Remember California puts small fresh water fish above food production now.

  4. gnomish says:

    Oh, the huge manatees!
    They’ll have to find a handy nuclear power plant to stay warm now!

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ian W:

    Corn prices are up 40% this year (per news on Bloomberg TV IIRC) and fresh fruits are in trouble. There’s talk of grain failures from too much water (shades of The Little Ice Age…)

    Yeah, I’d suggest a bit of ‘reserves’. Then again, I always have.

    For anyone not familiar with it already, I have a page that describes a simple, cheap, and very effective way to store some emergency food and such. See the

    posting if interested.

    No big problems yet. Just some price dislocations. IMHO it will take a couple of more years for things to get noticably bad. For now it will be more Brazillian orange juice and less from Florida.

  6. PhilJourdan says:

    There is indeed a silver lining. The Boa constrictors were getting out of hand as well – so perhaps it is really just nature saying “You do not belong here!”. Which it is. The problem with man is his short sightedness. Several years ago, our area had a 500 year flood! Of course everyone was talking about it and wailing about what to do (basically nothing – the rain came down on top of the city, not up stream).

    But to the earth? 500 years is nothing! It was her periodic shower for her arm pits (some have nicer names for this area). So it is with the cold as well. The trees will survive (the crop probably will not). My in laws, living in Imperial valley, had a freeze about 3 years ago. It turned every tree out there brown (a color they are use to for lawns, not trees). Yet all came back, some better than before.

    There is a reason that the animals not native to florida were not found in florida. Every so often they do get freezes. Not every year, but it will tend to kill the tropical animals that have never seen snow.

  7. Pascvaks says:

    Ref – Chuckles
    “Should save a fortune in production costs, the juice coming pre-frozen?”

    Just think of ALL the industrial CO2 that we’re NOT producing. Weather like this isn’t a curse, it’s a miracle! It’s a Miracle! (SarcOff)

    I have a feeling the Warmists are going to want to put the Christ back in Christmas soon.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    As in “Oh Christ I’m cold! Got any spare change?”

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