Go USAF Space Command!

X-37 Space Plane

X-37 Space Plane

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At least something in space travel is working out OK. The US Air Force (may need a new name there guys ;-) is able to “Get ‘er done!”.

There is a nice article here:


that shows the results of an early flight and has a photo gallery. I especially like the video of the landing…

complete with infra-red…

Just what every kid needs, a space ship you can tow behind a pickup truck ;-) This one has some interesting ground crew action:

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2 Responses to Go USAF Space Command!

  1. Ruhroh says:

    Nice to see they remembered the windows for the occupants…

  2. Pascvaks says:

    Judging from the yellow stains on the top tiles in the link pics, the test pilot (monkey) lost his lunch a couple times during that flight. I’m sure things will go better on the next launch.

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