Middle East Frozen Too

Well, you can add Syria and Israel to the places getting their Nose Froze and their Toes Froze…



Syria Under Snow

Syria Under Snow

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Snow brings relief to drought-hit Syria / PHOTO
Snow blanketed the streets of Damascus for the first time this winter in Syria, bringing some relief from a drought which has gripped the country for the past four years.

Heavy rain and strong winds battered cities along the Mediterranean coast. Syrian authorities closed their main port of Tartous, while 4-meter (12-foot) waves forced Egypt to shut down the port of Alexandria — the country’s largest — as well as another in Nuweiba.

While just a short distance away:



Winter takes Israel by storm; services down, property damaged, flights disrupted
100 km/h winds and massive rains knock out trees and power throughout the country.
By Haaretz Service


The snow that began to fall on Saturday left the Hermon covered in the white powder, after twenty centimeters piled up on the lower half of the mountain. Snow also fell in other parts of the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee villages on the Lebanon border. Students in Kibbutz Sasa were sent home because of the weather conditions.

A great deal of property damage was reported on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv, where large waves demolished whatever lay in their path. “I have lived on the ocean for 27 years, and what is happening right now is just crazy,” said Kinneret Avivi-Bloch, a resident of the marina in Tel Aviv.

“This is a hair breadth’s away from a catastrophe,” said her husband Amos Bloch. “We’re lucky that the marina is new. Before the renovations, the marina would not have stood up to this.”

Next stop, Egypt… then on to ???

Maybe it will snow in the Sahara… but if it does, I’m sure that would be “consistent with Global Warming” as it seems that even Hell Freezing Over is consistent with Globull Warming…

These folks:

http://www.distant.ca/UselessFacts/fact.asp?ID=103 say it only happened once:

For the only time in recorded weather history, snow fell in the Sahara desert in southern Algeria on February 18, 1979. The storm lasted only half an hour and the snow was gone within hours.

We’ll just have to see if we have that happen again. I note in passing that the ’70s were the time of the New Little Ice Age scare. Wonder if a New Little Ice Age is “consistent with Global Warming” ;-)

After all, these folks say melting ice is causing the volcanoes in Indonesia to get all rumbly:


The recent volcanic eruptions in Indonesia may have a simple rational scientific explanation; land ice melt.

And as a footnote, this huge increase in ocean water weight may be the contributing factor in the unusual intensity of this year’s earthquakes in Chili and Haiti and probably has had an influence in the ongoing Icelandic eruptions.

Gee, wonder what caused them during the last few million years …

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2 Responses to Middle East Frozen Too

  1. Pascvaks says:

    “”I note in passing that the ’70s were the time of the New Little Ice Age scare. Wonder if a New Little Ice Age is “consistent with Global Warming” ;-)””

    I’m really freightened for the Warmers. They think that everything is about Warming (eventually). Sooooo… if/when things in fantasy land go from cold to colder to coldest-ever (well for a hundred and fifty years or so) then these poor folls are going to pass quickly under the ice for want of blankets, food, and other assundry essentials. I’m here to tell you, if those terrible days ever come again (the way they always have for several million years) I’m not going to have any problem at all sitting on a jury and finding every one of them NOT GUILTY for burning down Fat Albert’s many mansions or tarring and feathering his oversized postieror a few hundred times as he trys to make his way South into Mexico to get some sunshine at Cancun or wherever. (Half Sarc Off)

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    The good news it that even incredibly fast climate events run on a very slow clock from a human point of view. So it’s unlikely that the folks in a panic about AGW today will live to see a frozen world.

    The bad news is that AlGore will not have to worry about fires and pitchforks any time soon. Most likely just increasing levels of redicule as he slowly sides into history as the modern day Chicken Little.

    Unless we have an event like the one 5200 years ago…

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