Willie, I love ya.

What can I say. You’ve brought me more joy than most thing in life.

So here I am, listening to a video on my own blog, and the next song up after one on the play list leads to a song that then leads to:

And I’m just a jiggling mass of giggles in my chair trying not to spill my “Friday Night” bottle of beer all over myself…

(For the terminally curious, I’m very fond of Pilsner Urquell and Steinlager. Though I’m not picky… or proud… I’ve even been known to drink Budweiser and Miller when desperate… and it’s been, oh, I don’t know, 20 or 30 years since I’ve smoked any weed. Back when a baggy of Mexican was called a “Dime Bag” because it cost $10 and before the days of designer dope.)

So I’m sitting here sucking on a Steinlager and ‘click through’ a couple of songs on the play list and I’m face to face with some folks singing about Willie and him in the background just being him… and me just being me… and I have another of those moments. 100% connected with a guy I’ve never met and likely never will meet.

For those unfamiliar with the Whiskey River reference, here you go, some early Willie. WARNING: You will see some of “conservative country Red Neck culture” that some may not be prepared to accept as it will violate their bigotries:

And note that whiskey is properly spelt ;-)

I did some very early work in bioDiesel (say, about 1980, before it was trendy) and Willy has a gig going with bioDiesel. I grew up “a little bit country” (but also a little bit British… welcome to America…) and Willy is a whole lot country (and a little bit just his self..) and somehow out of all of it: I’d do anything for him.

I have no clue why.

I could spend hours talking about the genetics of kin relationships and altruism as a genetic trait. I could spend more hours spouting about cultural affinity and a whole load of other crap.

At the end of the day, I think it just comes down to this:

Willy is a genuine honest and honorable man. He does good things for folks. I plant my flag with him. I’ll raise my sword for him if he asks.

No, I can’t explain it.
No, I also can’t change it.
No, I don’t think I’d want to.

I suspect it is part of The Celtic Thread (c) that binds the heart of America. (Some Day I’m going to write a book by that title that explores the idea…) The bottom line is that some folks just deserve loyalty. Willy is one of them.

With that in mind, here are a few more moments of Willy.

(Oh, this clip sometimes starts with a commercial, so just turn the sound off for a minute if it does…)

(P.S. Willy: get some guy to follow the bus about a 1/2 mile back with the stash. You just know that the cops in Podunk Wherever would like to have some local news coverage, so, you know, like, have some guy in a VW Microbus about a half mile back just follow you around, OK? BTW, I used to own a VW Microbus, years ago, and don’t mind driving a lot… 8-o

FWIW, every time I head out somewhere in my car, this song, in this style, runs through my mind:

except when I’m not gong by car, then this runs through the old noggin:

A brief political note: Far too many of our politicians have no clue about this part of America. If you do not understand this “heartland” ethic of America, you can never predict nor lead it. I grew up in it, so to me it’s just natural; though I also grew up apart from it (that British Mom thing..) so I don’t quite “fit in” with it. But the simple fact is that when you get a bit outside of the towns, this IS America. For a lot of folks inside the cities, it is still part of who they are. And no, it’s not going to change any time soon…

Then there is the “soft side” of Willie…

The “Chemistry” in this one is interesting:

And in the end, what have we got?

Merry Christmas:

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14 Responses to Willie

  1. Baa Humbug says:

    Here I am watching one of those shows where the contestants have to finish off the lyrics, (my daughter insisted I watch with her, I get all the oldies, she gets the newies) I lift up the laptop cover and find you reminiscing about Willie, lol

    p.s. Mee too, whenever we set off on a road trip, “on the road again” is first off the list. The kid and I are into both kinds of music, country and western. (apologies to Blues Bros)

    Mum used to adore Willie Nelson. When I’d say “but he’s a dope head mum”, she’d say “I don’t care, he’s allowed to be.” lol

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  3. Chuckles says:

    Willie and Waylon and the boys, nice.

    I’ve spent considerable amounts of time in various parts of the world trying to explain to and convince people just how big Willie is in the USA. Usually to people who know they won’t like him cos they’ve never heard him…

  4. Hugh Miller says:

    If Whiskey is to be spelled correctly it shurely must be Whisky, or for the purists, uisge beatha (oO,)

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Hugh Miller:

    I think, lad, you’ll be meaning “uisce beatha” for the purists… you’ve gone and spelt it like those fellows who ran off from Scotia to Alba… Nothin’ against them, mind you, but they don’t even have proper pipes where you can stop a note and play the drones..

    But they ARE fine lads to have at a party and always good for a bit ‘o rough and tumble. And they do make a fine dram… but they ca’ne spell proper gaelic worth a damn ;-)

  6. Stephen Brown says:

    I’ve just spent over an hour and a half on this post, following YouTube threads, thinking and drinking some really good beer. Willie is fantastic and some of the stuff I saw on the ‘Tube took my back a few years.
    I’m in England (for my sins), the warble gloaming is thick on the ground outside and I’ve just been told that I’ve got to pay an extra $770 a year to keep my lights on. It’s to grow the windmills which are going to save the planet.
    Wish I had a “Whiskey River”!

  7. Chuckles says:

    @Hugh M,
    Yes indeed, if it Scotch we’re describing, it would be Whisky. Bourbon or Rye or any other, not produced ‘oop north’, is Whiskey.

    I think I could do with a touch of ‘Mothers, don’t let your children grow up to be cowboys’ with the brethren up there.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    I had it in the original “cut”, but after 3 tries each one of which came up with “Propery of FOO, embedding blocked, must watch on Youtube”
    I just yanked it out. (I think it was Sony…)

    I don’t mind them doing that, just wish they would do it WHEN you click on the “embed code” button on Youtube as that would save all the “cut, paste, save, load, click, OhWTF, cut, save” cycle on each trial…

    I’ll see if I can find one not so afflicted and add it to this comment…

    Sony and EMI are the worst at that stuff. I wish they would just add a “popup” to the playback that said “Click here and buy on iTunes for 99 cents if you want your own copy” and think of the blog postings the same as free radio air play. It’s annoying enough it’s causing me to see Sony electronic gadgets and think I’ll just give them a pass. Panasonic works as well and I’m not ‘reminded’ of the Sony behaviours…


    OK, all the Waylon and Willy together that I’ve found (in about a dozen tries) have been blocked. So you can click on “go to youtube” and hear it, or these three were not blocked. But don’t have those two together.



    CMT Top 100 Duets with them in the background of voiceovers then some new young guys give it a go…

    And… probably what you want, but you have to got to Youtube to hear it… has fun pictures of kids in cowboy gear though ;-)

  9. Glad ter see you drinking Steinlager. A good, workmanlike lager, from the Other Down Under (NZ).
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Pascvaks says:

    Life’s a curious mix of tastes and smells and sights and sounds and feelings and not. Life’s memories and wonders and knowings and not. Life’s seasons and seasonings and dreams and not. Life’s ups and downs and sideways. Life’s happy and sad and Life’s true and false and Life’s good and bad, for we cannot know the one of each without the other. Life is physical and Life is spiritual. Life is teaching and Life is learning. Life is long and Life is short. Life’s a beach. Forever changing and always the same.

  11. Ian Beale says:

    Pascvaks Re mixes of tastes etc

    Try Eric Rolls :Celebration of the Senses” if you can find a copy. Some description at


  12. Jerry says:

    Justice: Texas style :) just in case you did not see this.

    ‘Willie Nelson Can Plead Guilty, Sing in Court to Avoid Jail Time’


  13. Jason Calley says:

    @ E.M. “FWIW, every time I head out somewhere in my car, this song, in this style, runs through my mind:” (followed by clip of “On The Road Again”)

    My wife and I both have some Celt in us — her more than me — and we both sing that song at the beginning of long trips. We have modified the words a bit.

    On the woad again!
    I just can’t wait to paint on woad again!
    The life I love is making battle with my friends,
    and I can’t wait to paint on the woad again!

  14. Jerry says:

    @Jason Calley


    Thought you Celt guys would prefer Red Headed Stranger – course the way Celts have gotten spread out around the world I guess On the Road Again is pretty good fit. :)

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