Cannabis Trades?

Cannabis or Mary Jane or Marijuana

Cannabis or Mary Jane or Marijuana

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Things I didn’t know….

So I’m watching CNBC and notice this ticker that goes by. CNBS CANB CANA CNBIS… whatever. It looks like an acronym for Cannabis in any case. I think “No Way. They can’t have a Cannabis Company trading enough volume to make the ticker!!”. So off I go in search of The Cannabis Trade. Little did I know…

Turns out there isn’t one (though I never found that particular ticker) but a whole herd of them…

There is even a web site devoted to them.

They have 10 different stocks in their daily price box.

So now I’m trying to decide if I ought to make a “race” tracking marijuana stocks or not…

Who knew?

The more I do market watching the more amazed I am at what trades…


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7 Responses to Cannabis Trades?

  1. Baa Humbug says:

    I wouldn’t bother E M. cannabis often trades HIGH

  2. mrpkw says:

    Bad investment !!!
    Profits go up in smoke !!

    “Dave’s not here ,man!”

  3. H.R says:

    Forty years ago cannabis “traded” at a nickel a bag. You could also draw twenty years in some places for possession of a joint.

    (Remember the old line, “Love is a nickel a bag?”)

    Look how far we’ve come. Today one can buy cannabis in shares or bags ;o)

  4. H.R says:

    And another thing… cannabis shares don’t give you the munchies :o)

  5. Baa Humbug says:

    Very good H.R. Very good

  6. George says:

    Maybe it could save Fresno.

    Apparently you can’t grow food there anymore.

  7. GregO says:


    Beats carbon trading – at least there is a market!

    And Happy New Year!

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