Sri Lanka Floods Too

Rainfall "Normals" for Sri Lanka

Rainfall "Normals" for Sri Lanka

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Looks like Sri Lanka is getting drenched too. On The Weather Channel, they had 3 tropical storms running over norhern Australia. At the end of the line is Sri Lanka… The “voice over” said they had gotten a year of rain in a month.

Found that The Christian Science Monitor is still around, but in an online format. Ever hopeful for peace to come from trauma:

Floods displace 350,000

Now the floods have captured the attention of the nation, as well as international relief groups. The continued rains have prompted warnings from aid organizations that the situation will worsen. So far, 27 people have died and nearly 20,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. The Ministry of Disaster Management provided updates on its website.

The Sri Lankan military has been dispatched to help with rescue and relief operations. The Army says it has rescued more than 450 civilians as of Thursday and prevented the breach of several lake levies. Troops are also distributing food and building temporary shelters for displaced people, which now number more than 350,000.

The BBC has coverage and are pushing the “helpful UN” angle:

Thousands displaced by Sri Lanka floods to get UN help

The floods have been the worst to hit eastern Sri Lanka for several years

The World Food Programme (WFP) says it will provide emergency food assistance to flood affected people in Sri Lanka.

Nearly 8,000 houses were damaged by the latest wave of the floods caused by heavy rains and about 70,000 people are now being housed in emergency relief camps.

Authorities say at least 16 people were killed during the last two weeks.

The government says the military used helicopters to airdrop dry rations to flood-affected people in Batticaloa, one of the worst hit districts.

The WFP said in a statement that it is to provide food assistance worth 55m rupees ($0.5m or £0.32m) to 400,000 flood affected people in the east.

Sri Lanka Air Force helicopters already rescued 46 persons including a pregnant woman from Batticaloa district, the defence ministry said in a statement.

The government says that the army has deployed over 1,000 troops to help the flood relief effort, while the navy has dispatched boats to rescue people in the worst affected areas in central and eastern Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s two monsoon seasons begin in May and December.

In Conclusion

So we continue to have the pattern of a lot of ocean heat leaving as water vapor, dumping to the sky at altitude, and the water returning as rain. That is a clear demonstration of large heat flows out of the ocean.

The Pacific ocean continues to have a cold center, and the Arctic is continuing to dump freezing air into Europe, Russia, and North America.

This is cooling, not “the warmest year ever”.

I’ve not been able to find a current “total rainfall” map nor an anomaly map for Sri Lanka on line. If you know of one, please post a link.

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12 Responses to Sri Lanka Floods Too

  1. tckev says:

    Not so much on rainfall but local weather forecasters reported yesterday as lowest temperatures recorded for 61 years on the island of Sri Lanka see

    Also the Sri Lanka nation’s Agricultural Ministry reported that at least 21 percent (or 570,000 hectares) of the country’s staple rice crop has been destroyed, raising fears of higher food prices and shortages.
    Rice futures may be worth a punt.

  2. P.G. Sharrow says:

    This is becoming very interesting. The Mayan calender glyphs for this period is a down pour of water. pg

  3. George says:

    Thought I might share an interesting blog I happened across in Australia that I thought others might enjoy:

  4. Pascvaks says:

    AGW is now “Climate Change” (with a newspeak inbred emphesis on Good Ol’ “Global Warming” paranoia), however history would seem to say something else: ‘Climate Change with an emphesis on Cooling’ is our likely fate and it is actually worse than Global Warming. Between where we’ve been recently, and where we’re going in the scores of years ahead, seems to be a huge “No Man’s Land” minefield of Ups and Downs, Hots and Colds, Droughts and Deluges, Famines and Feasts. Why? Well we’re going from one extreme to another you could say and it’s going to be a hell of a roller-coaster ride.

    Someone I occassionally turn to for a little refresher on weather history (and that little thing called ‘climate’) is
    Ole Humlum at ‘climate4you’. As is nearly everything for the past few thousand years there’s a bit of a European slant to things, but it’s not hard to fill in some of the likely happenings elsewhere in the world.

    Link –

    Who knew we’d been here before? Looks like some terrible weather coming our way.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    I don’t know if the announcement that the UN is going to assist should be regarded as a curse or a blessing.

  6. Pascvaks says:

    O/T – Links within “Recent Posts” back to “https” mode.

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve done nothing and changed nothing… so “It’s wasn’t me!”

    @R. de Haan:

    I’d count it as at best neutral, at worst, worse….

    If I were stuck on a tropical island (i.e. no threat of hypothermia) I think I could have managed to make for myself a reasonable shelter, water supply, and probably even find some food to eat ( fishing comes to mind… and there are a load of tropical plants that are edible. After 60 days you ought to be up to your eyebrows in radishes, if nothing else…)

    Water purification takes nothing more than a dirty water supply in one hole and a ‘cleaner’ result in another (dirt filter via two holes near each other). You can usually find a stream and dig a whole a few feet away from it. Then wait.

    If you have a bit more time, some local growth can be turned into charcoal. Now you have activated charcoal bed and heating available as methods. If there is any bamboo at all on the place, it’s quick to turn the larger stems into a charcoal filter and / or drop hot pebbles into a ‘cup’ to pasturize it.

    What these folks need is guidance and innitiative (not necessarily in that order) not a UN that will promise to save them someday if they just do nothing and wait.

    @Pascvaks, Tckev, and George:

    Nice links.

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    Look up the Dresden Codex… If it’s accurate, and I think it is, this is just the start and it’s “not good”… Move to higher ground… ;-)

  8. So we continue to have the pattern of a lot of ocean heat leaving as water vapor, dumping to the sky at altitude, and the water returning as rain. That is a clear demonstration of large heat flows out of the ocean.

    The Pacific ocean continues to have a cold center, and the Arctic is continuing to dump freezing air into Europe, Russia, and North America.

    This is cooling, not “the warmest year ever”.

    Absolutely right. The compensation for that would be a southern seas very hot summer…however it is being really mild, here in the SH, so start chopping wood for your next winter :-)

  9. P.G. Sharrow says:

    Ah yes the codex. I have studied that and many other prophecies including my favorite Michel de Nostredame. That is why my home is 2,000 feet above the valley floor on 20 acres of oak and pine woods on a hill between 2 small spring fed streams. If the water gets too deep where you live feel welcome. When not gardening we could swap lies and savor home made wine and brandy. ;-) pg

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    Thanks, I hope I never need to take you up on the offer, but IFF I do, I’ll come with a goodly supply of ‘equipment’ and will happily chop wood for time by the fire. I’m also fair at making wine and beer ;-)

    I’m at about 100 ft elevation and with a mountain range between me and any waves, so I’m not expecting anything that extreme. When it hits 25 feet up, I’ll call. At 50 I’ll pack and head over ;-)

  11. lawrie says:

    As Adolfo mentions above we have had lots of rain in Australia but apart from SW Western Australia the Summer has been mild. I seem to recall EM, or was it Richard North?, writing a piece about hot and dry, cool and wet. Obviously with all the rain and evaporation around it has been cooler if humid and in WA it’s been hot and dry.

    Now the GWarmers have long been forecasting the H and D and totally ignoring the C and W. Until now that is when C and W was really predicted but they didn’t mention it at the time.

    I find it amazing that this current wet spell in Aus is being touted as unprecedented. At least in the last 35 years, but that isn’t mentioned either. Then again little Miss Nina has been totally overlooked by our BoM who now say they knew she was about but didn’t pay much heed because the theory was for more dry and more hot.

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    I wrote one, particular focused on the Western USA (though I’d expect some of Australia could be in a simliar climate type, we’re very alike in many ways.

    POST-diction is always so much easier than PRE-diction. And more accurate too ;-)

    I think those are most of the water related ones…

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