After Landfall

The Red is "destructive winds" still after landfall

The Red is "destructive winds" still after landfall

Just a quick update on the status of things in Australia.

That ‘red center’ is destructive winds. It’s weaker, but not broken up.

You can get updated maps here along with details on the ‘color scale’:

That we first looked at in this posting:

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3 Responses to After Landfall

  1. xyzlatin says:

    No deaths or injuries reported so far. 3 births. Is now proceeding inland as a category 3 and will gradually weaken. The cyclone crossed at Tully at 12.05. Tully and Dunk Island both in the eye at the same time. A fair amount of damage to property. Because it slowed its speed, and crossed later than the high tide, the surge was not as high as feared.

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    I think Yasi (a muslim girls name by the way) is breaking up.

    The trailing yellow orange red to the west of her used to be one of her outer arms about 24hrs ago 2nd Feb brisbane time).

    The loss of this arm is what prompted me to think she’d lost some power.

    Yes there is plenty of damage along the track of her eye as one would expect, but her arms did very little damage.
    Nor did she cause the storm surge predicted.
    Not so much a “killer” cyclone, more like a “threatening language” cyclone.

    I doubt very much she’ll get anywhere near Mt Isa as a cyclone.

    p.s. The wind speeds reported by the MSM are gusts, not sustained speeds. I doubt Yasi was a cat 5 when she crossed land. The precipitation she caused was…well…comparatively pissy really. that tail of hers might bring some rain hampering recovery ops.

    Bullet dodged I reckon

  3. GregO says:


    Hey, all good news; thanks for the concise update. As usual, the blogosphere trumps MSM.

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