Things I Never Knew

So I’m looking at a video about GIStemp data transformation, and Youtube has this “what’s similar” panel to the side.. but in it is a video about makeup… how to do the perfect “Barbie” transformation….

OK, fine, except the girl in the video thumbnail looks vaguely Asian. The notion of an Asian Blond Barbie just can’t be ignored… So I watch it. And near the end I realize that I’m completely hooked. She is putting makup on parts of her face that I had no idea you could put makup on, and in different colors too! At least 4 colors just on the eyes, maybe more, I lost count. I find myself thinking “No, No Way!”, yet there it is. She’s painting that part of the eyelid INSIDE of the eyelashes toward the eye. The “waterline”… that I didn’t even know had a name….

It’s strangely compelling.

Is it because she’s cute? Is it the “transform” into a cartoon character, that is actually alive? The sheer strangeness of realizing what can be done with makeup? The realization that after 1/2 century of being very attentive to noticing all sorts of subtile things that I Had No Clue this was even possible, let alone how to accomplish it?

So, for better or worse, just in case you, too, had no clue, some makup magic…


Snow White

Who knew…

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7 Responses to Things I Never Knew

  1. Malaga View says:

    Sounds like you didn’t read and inwardly digest the Disney messages in your youth…

    ME?… I just assume I know nothing… it works every time…
    Never failed me yet… so I always ask questions…
    Just like this one :-)

  2. boballab says:

    Some how, some way this can be used in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon…

  3. Interesting Connections says:

    I didn’t know that birth certificates get changed when you are adopted, either.

    What is the result if the name on the ballot is not the legal name of the winner?

  4. H.R. says:

    Look, E.M. I had my choice whether or not I wanted to be an international jet-setting drunken drug-addled high-rolling gambler or fund my wife’s make-up and like an idiot, I chose the more expensive option.

  5. Frederick Davies says:

    Now I know why there are more famous male painters than female ones: the women use their own skin to show their skills; men only use canvas!

  6. P.G. Sharrow says:

    Aren’t painted ladies wonderful? My wife owns a salon. I get to do the honeydos at the shop. pg

  7. George says:

    Now I see where Hannah Minx gets her eye makeup tricks.

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