Southern States Have No Warming

It is clear to me now that Global Warming is a Confederate Plot! The South Shall Rise Again! By convincing everyone that they must give up fossil fuels and industry, then showing that The South is not warming, they can cause massive relocations of industries to the Old South and South East. People will flock there as the only place still cool enough to live, and with no Carbon Guilt Indulgences needed.

In fact, each warming state ought to pay the relocation costs of any person wishing to move to the Southeast and Texas, since every person who does so will be one more person causing cooling and one less causing warming.

What am I talking about?

Well, in a comment here:

Boballab pointed out that per the NOAA NCDC web site, Texas was not warming:

Texas Temperature Trend per NOAA NCDC

Texas Temperature Trend per NOAA NCDC

This is a “screen capture” with the edges trimmed to the graph they make (as I could not figure out a way to save just a copy of the graph nor get an embed URL). You can get a bigger clearer version of the graph by clicking on it. The web site is here (this one gets you Nevada):

Then from a drop down you can get other states to show up, or even regions, the whole country (but not including Alaska and Hawaii… I guess they don’t count ;-) and you can even select regions by type of crop grown for a couple of major crops.

Here is that Nevada Graph:

Nevada Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

Nevada Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

One can clearly see that all the Carbon Sin is happening in Nevada. That place is Hot Hot Hot! and just jumpin’ with action. Clearly THEY need to pay those cooler states with cooler heads for all the heat they are creating!

In fact, looking at the entire Bible Belt of the Southeast, it’s in a significant cooling trend. There’s only one logical conclusion: The Bible Belt is God’s Chosen Land. The rest of the country needs to pay a Sin Tax to the Southeast states, as they are the ones preventing God’s Own Retribution from causing the entire country to melt into sinful ruin!

Southeast USA States Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

Southeast USA States Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

As you can see, this is all the fault of those folks up in New York City and the Bos-Wash Corridor:

Northeast US States Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

Northeast US States Temperature Trend - NOAA NCDC

I’ve checked many other states, and among the worst are those sinners in California and New York. Clearly we need immediate Reparations Payments of no less than $10,000 per person to be given to every person in the Southeast States and Texas by those who are destroying the planet. Oh, and make that “per year”. It is absolutely essential that every person who is a citizen of The South be given the opportunity to sit sipping mint juleps and conserving their energy even more; so that the polar bears can stay cold (and out of Florida) and so that the people of The South can spend more quality time on the beach with the A/C turned off.

If all you evil polluters up North will just kindly send your checks, those in the south will save your immortal souls, and the planet, by continuing to not do much of anything they can avoid…

We thank you for your support.

(I include me in there ’cause as soon as the first checks arrive I’m headed to this Fine Florida beach I know with a very large ice chest full of cold beer … I’m doing it “for the planet” and “for the children” ;-)

For The Humor Impared

Just in case you missed it, this ought to be read dripping in sarcasm..

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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18 Responses to Southern States Have No Warming

  1. David says:

    Thanks for returning to AGW issues. I see many good posts referring to similar issues. Yet Mosher and others appear to maintain that it does not matter; pull what stations you wish, use whatever stations you like, factor in a different UHI adjustment or not, raw or adjusted or not, spread individual stations or not, all the results are still very similar within a small fraction of a degree.

    The differnt methods of temperature adjustments and the different buracratic levels involved all combine to make sorting this out and draw conclusions difficult. Color me confused??

  2. Pascvaks says:

    In The South Sah, we believe it is the opposite of what you contend. We believe that it is a sinister plot on the part of them Damn Yankees up thar in them polluted, rundown, worthless 19th Century Northern cities. We believe, I say, we believe Sah, that it is for the purpose of destroying our beautiful environment that this is happening. When they have raped us, as they did after the War of Southern Liberation, sometimes referred to as The Great War of Northern Aggression, they will rebuild their own cities with new, modern, 21st Century, ultra-energy efficient, climate controlled, technology and plumbing (imported from China and Mexico), and once again leave us used, abused, and scrued, Sah. And that Sah, is the Mother Lovin’, Fried Chicken, Corn Bread, and Black-Eyed Pea truth!

  3. reid simpson says:

    What sarcasm?

  4. boballab says:


    On the Chrome Browser, at least, there is a way to copy the Graph only as a PNG image. Just run the mouse pointer over the graph, the pointer will change shape from an arrow to a hand. From there right click and in the menu was an option that read: “Save Current Graph as PNG Image”. Click on that option and on my Win 7 box it asked where I wanted to save the image. I selected my Pictures folder and used the default name they gave (Multigraph) and saved. Went and checked the folder and there it was a nice, cropped image of the graph.

    For those that would like to take the data from multiple graphs and compare, besides the data just beneath the graph listed horizontally, there is an option to get it in comma delimited format. Just click on the highlighted word “Display” int he sentence “Display comma delimited format”.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:


    Nice try, but I am quite sure all the hickory pit and other open fires for barbeque (which, I note, you conveniently left out of your list) are the source of most GHG and, thus the cause of northern warming. When ya’ll are reduced to eating nothing but goober peas fixed over solar heaters – you will be forgiven.

  6. Gary says:

    Come on, the Northeast is all Blue (chilly) states. Our heat comes flowing up from the Southern states via the Gulf Stream. They owe us reparations for taking the heat. It’s making us do crazy things list this:


  7. marchesarosa says:

    Wolfram Alpha shows Nevada as trending down since 1980.

    Where do they get their data from?

  8. Adrian Vance says:

    California has had two of its coldest winters in history and a far larger snowpack in the mountains than usual. We see geese from Canada in August instead of October! When I look at the atmosphere in the light of the Le Chatelier Principle and that water vapor is seven times a better an IR absorber than CO2 and precipitates when additional CO2 appears the cooling trend makes sense. The phenomenon is not “global warming,” but global cooling!

    For politics, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at: for broadcasters, editors and you. Now on Kindle.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I can see I’ve started something here:


    Sah, I sit corrected! And when I stand, the South Shall Rise again!

    @Reid Simpson:

    Well played sir, well played….


    As I could not shut off the ‘auto update’ feature and it was, er, chatty about what I thought ought to be private info; I’ve removed Chrome from my box. That feature might make it worth having on an isolated dedicated box that is left shut off most of the time, though ;-)

    @John F. Hultquist:

    Anyone who has had good Hic’ry pit BBQ knows that afterwards everyone just lays there wishing they had the ambition to get up for another beer. (The more wise pick up extra beers on the inevitable ‘motivation’ of the run to the outhouse…) The total energy saved in not driving, or even walking around, must far outweigh the BBQ coals… besides, think of all the Pork Fat Carbon being sequestered in all those bellies!


    I think you will find that the “Nevada Temperature” query will get you a single station near the center of Nevada ( KP6B when I did it). That has a what looks like a flat segement from 1980 to now (with wiggles so a LSqF will likely have some tilt one way or the other) but with most of the trend line to dropping based on that early very high data point in about 1945. One of the weaknesses of W.A. is that you can’t pick the individual exact station well (it likes to pick) and you can’t ask for averages of collections (as near as I’ve been able to find).

    They have a series of button clicks for where they get there data, you could start with the “source information” button on the bottom of their graph / page. I think it is the usual USHCN but may include some PRISM data:


    Well, Sah, when y’all get cold enough, you ken jus come on down ta The South and get all warmed back up agin…


    I never really left it. Just “stuff happens” in my life and I get looking at some detail for a while. Can’t stop it. If I saw a meteor explode overhead and give a great display of color and light, I’d be off learning ever more about them for a week or so. It just happens.

    So while I’m becoming a bit of an armchair expert on Kidney Stones (against my will…) I’m not forgetting everything else, it just ‘goes slow’…

    Basically, I rotate between interests, with some stochastic variation, as things pop up.

    But to your point:

    I’m from the “understand the details and mechanisms first” school. Mosh are from the “get the big picture first” (and model it) school. I think they miss essential elements in the “glossing and averaging”. They think me foolish for wasting time on minutia…

    But great structures fall when their foundations are one sand…

    So I look at things like “the average of temperatures is not a temperature” and it causes me to wonder why they spend so much time looking at averages of temperatures as though they were a temperture… I’ve taken endless rocks for trying to a) Point that out and b) use the average for non-temperature purposes.

    So point out that the Global Average Temperature is NOT a temperature and that a 0.1 C rise of it is not in the units of C and you get flailed. Then say “You can use it for interesting forensics about the data structure” and you get flailed again for “using an average of temperatures instead of anomalies”. Say that the average of a bunch of temperatures has lost it’s meaning and you get branded an idiot. Yet an average of temperatures is still not a temperature…

    (Easy proof: Take an ice cube and a pot of boiling water. Average their temperatures and you get 50. Yet NOTHING in the system is at the temperature of 50 C. There is no 50 C temperature to be found. It is a statistical characteristic of the two numbers, not a temperature.)

    Another example?

    Folks constantly treat temperature as a proxy for heat. They talk about “global warming” of 2 C. But heat is not measured in temperature degrees. You just can’t do that. It’s a “units error”. Basically broken at the level of physics.

    Raise that point and you get either blank stares or dismissive sniditude.

    In that context where so many fundamental errors of physics and simple clean thought are made daily by almost ALL the participants, it’s not at all surprising to me that you would be “confused” by the pronouncements…

    I periodically point out those sorts of issues… but then even I will make a graph of “average temperatures” changing and talk about the “lack of warming”… as you will not be part of the dialog if you do not speak in their (foreign) language…

    Otherwise you could only say:

    Temperature is NOT a proxy for heat, and averaging a bunch of temperatures doesn’t give you a valid temperature anyway, so the whole process is built on a farce.

    And then you are done. Time to go home and take a nap.

    Not much point in that. (Though I do it about 2 times a year in one place or another, like here and now).

    BTW, that’s part of why I like to look at individual thermometer records in individual places. They DO let you make statements about warming or cooling as that place is either hotter or colder.

    It is also true that there is some (sometimes strong) corolation between thermometers over large areas, so an average of them will tend to reflect the action of the individual devices as well. As a PROXY for temperature change, it can be illustrative (as long as you don’t change the insturments too much, like that 1990 Great Dying of Thermometers).

    And finally, while dew point, humitity, rain, snow, ice, etc. all confound the temperature / heat corolation, there is still a basic connection as the total mass of the planet is more or less constant and over the course of decades one can hope that the rainfall doesn’t change too much…

    Then again, one look at Memphis Tenn. this week gives the lie to that one…

    So I “play the game” all the while complaining that the Ref needs glasses and the “3 point line” is a perversion of the rules and … about that “infield fly rule”…

    Hopefully that hasn’t caused too much more confusion…

  10. R. de Haan says:

    “pull what stations you wish, use whatever stations you like, factor in a different UHI adjustment or not, raw or adjusted or not, spread individual stations or not, all the results are still very similar within a small fraction of a degree”

    The reality of today is that Anthony Watts Surface Station Project has resulted in a peer review scientific report that has been accepted.

    What the Surface Station Project revealed is the fact that most of the surface stations are biased due to a complex of causes and as a consequence measure our temps too hot.

    What also can be concluded is the fact that the incorrect measurements are a few factors bigger than the entire Global Warming since 1870.

    We are cooling all right and there will be a moment in time that it will hit us like a brick in the head.

    Our political establishment is betting serious money on a very dead horse which is kept alive because it helps to steal the big money from tax payers.

    Just like Osama Bin Laden was useful to steal our civil rights.

  11. R. de Haan says:

    By the way, great post E.M., love the humor and the your fact finding mission in my humble opinion is rock solid.

    Keep up the good work as the number of zealots, happy climate hookers, profiteers and mafiosi continues to rise.

    Every article that puts the spot light on this scam is a help to create that big broom we need to clean house.

  12. R. de Haan says:

    This includes media like the NYT, always ready to sell the public their pathetic propaganda.

  13. vukcevic says:

    OT :
    Today’s EQ record in LOYALTY ISLANDS is very reminiscent of Japan’s Honshu build-up. Pacific islands and Australia should be on tsunami alert.

  14. R. de Haan says:

    Dr. Timothy Ball has made a nice assessment of the set backs caused by the AGW scare mongers

  15. Doyle says:

    I look forward to your post on kidney stones, having suffered them once(and freaked out our company receptionist in the process)

  16. gnomish says:

    doesn’t have to be complicated to make the best sense, eh.
    but you totally take away the mystery – the magic – the divinely revealed.
    oh, well, there are plenty of folks that have visions.
    may darwin’s gremlins reap a bountiful harvest.

  17. gnomish says:

    if this is a rerun, plz forgive –

    did you hear the one about the statistician who was found with his head in the oven and his feet in the freezer?
    he was dead, but on average he felt fine.

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    OK, about a month from now, where can I buy you too much Tequila?

    BTW, I “feel fine” right now ;-)


    OK, Iron in the fire. Now we wait and watch….


    I’m focused mostly on Calcium Oxalate. (80% of stones). If yours are “other” please advise…

    @R. de Haan:

    Thanks, and glad you liked the “style”…

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