Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it’s 6:30 AM and time for me to get started making “Turkey Day” happen…

The stuffing is pre-made (last night) as is a nice vegetarian gluten free (rice noodles) lasagna and a corn casserole. So mostly it’s just stuff the bird and get it into the oven soon… The rest will be cooked in the last hour, approaching noon.

So to all, enjoy the holiday (even if in your country it’s just another day) ;-)

And that you all for your presence and for giving me reason to make this site what it is. Were it not for you, and for your participation, none of this would be. I’ll be back ‘on line’ after the day is done ;-) Until then you will all ave to amuse each other ;-)

As a minor aside, just in case folks are looking for something to ponder, I’m wondering if an early archaic human type can be found that has some of the Cro Magnon features (squarish eye sockets, small face, high forehead, peg teeth, etc.) but perhaps smaller in stature, such that an earlier hybridization event between Neanderthals (or perhaps Heidelbergensis) could have resulted in Cro-Magnon suddenly appearing about 30,000 – 50,000 years ago… That would then make the the baseline of any Neanderthal contribution to modern DNA further back (and make it easier to show a small difference with Cro Magnon DNA despite a larger contribution to moderns). The older human fossils have some interesting more gracile members and Cro Magnon are themselves described as large and ‘robust’… so I could see a ‘robust’ type like Neanderthal crossing with a gracile type leading to Cro Magnon that then ‘blends away’ the Neanderthal uniqueness in a rapid rush as they are already of the relatively large and robust sort. Some of the older fossil types look like it would work. It’s a muse, anyway…

In essence, I think the role of hybridization is underrated in the narrative of the rise of species and the role of genetic change from mutation overrated. You get more change faster from crossing inside a species than from slow drift between species. Just look at the Cockapoo and the Labradoodle ;=) or any of the fancy breeds of pigeon and rabbit…




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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving E.M.

    Talking about stuffing:

  2. Today I am grateful that a benevolent Higher Power controls the universe, including leaders of nations and scientific organizations that falsely claimed mankind’s CO2 causes global warming – AGW.

    The seed of Climategate was apparently planted on 24 Oct 1962 in a message from USSR’s Khrushchev to USA’s President Kennedy:


    That is ref #7 in this update on the historical roots of Climategate:

    Click to access 20110722_Climategate_Roots.pdf


    Grateful because society’s current demise can be traced to the 1962 seed of “Fear-based Climatology” and the 1971 decision of world leader to “Save the World from Mutual Nuclear Annihilation” by manipulating information.

    Summary: The current demise of society was triggered by fear when the world faced the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation in 1962, after first witnessing the destructive force of the nuclear explosion that vaporized Hiroshima in 1945,

    Unaware that new findings would show the same nuclear force in A-bombs
    a.) Made our elements
    b.) Explosively gave birth to the Solar System 5 Gyr ago, and
    c.) Now powers the Sun as a stormy star [1] that causes continuous climate change and continuously evolving forms of life, . . . .

    1. “Living with the Stormy Star”, National Geographic Magazine (2004)

    World leaders agreed in ~1971 to use global climate change as the “Common Enemy” to “Unite Nations” and “Save the World.”

    Conclusion: Climategate confirmed the unsustainability of deception and the earlier conclusions of President Eisenhower and Madam Curie:

    Government deception and personal freedoms are incompatible.

    Best wishes for Thanksgiving!
    Oliver K. Manuel

    PS – WE now know neutron repulsion is the nuclear force that plays the role of the Hindu Supreme Being in destruction, protection and creation:


    World leaders knew only its destructive role in 1971 but ref #55 of the Climategate review shows neutron repulsion as the primary energy source in:

    a.) A-bombs and cosmic explosions
    b.) Powering the Sun and sustaining life
    c.) The birth of the Solar System and the creation of its elements

  3. Matthew W says:

    Ham Day for me !!!!
    Best to all today !!

  4. pouncer says:

    May you be blessed, as I consider you and your commenters here a blessing to me.

  5. Edward says:

    I was modeling some numbers over the weekend…

    Einsteins fudging constant seem misnamed? Consider a plasmionic souping constant? Our cosmology formulae are vacuum based, but the spiraling of a galaxy states that either gravity has a as yet unrealized higher order differential, or the cumulative plasmionic density of natural space is enough to change velocity.

    In modeling the assumption that a plasmionic density redistribution has a cumulative effect on the velocity causing declining orbits, one simulates the orbital shape of the spiraling as seen in galaxies.

    if there is a failure in the density clustering dependence on the local gravitational acceleration value, then a cumulative effect is somewhat mitigated. (so plasmionic velocity dependence).

    To me, if we ignore this effect, (which given our current energy transformation methods), we ignore the only instance which we can directly control.

    In any event, the most unlikely cause is the consideration of an aging sun, faster than our models predict, such that the value of g increases… And this is obviously beyond our control, unless this is accelerated by plasmionic density changes due to manmade earth emissions? I’m yet to read your Suns Origins pdf… which I’m getting now… so I’ll get back to you on this one.

    I’m writing this because I was thinking further about humanities fate and our ability to enforce a measure of will (higher powers). Seems more prudent to invest in areas we can effectively control.

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