Welcome 2012, Views of the 3 Socialisms

The old year ends, the new begins…

One amusing side light is Samoa. It has now added it’s own little bit of Calendar Confusion by swapping which side of the International Dateline it embraces. On old maps of the international dateline you will see a little ‘jog’ as the date line swerves around Samoa. This was done so that it would be on the same day as American Samoa just near by.

Well, as of now, Samoa has decided it would rather be closer to China, New Zealand, and Australia than the USA. So they have swapped sides of the international dateline. This means that they are the first in the world to enter the new year of 2012 instead of the last. It also means that they have lost one day from their calendar. In an interesting twist on the events of Europe when the Gregorian Calendar dropped some days to get back in sync with the seasons (and folks rioted about having days of their lives stolen and wanted them back!), the Samoans will be paid for the day that has been ‘taken’ from their work month…

However, a fun future trick question will be “What happened in Samoa on Friday, December 30, 2011? They skipped it, so it doesn’t exist…


On a slightly more serious note, we have the continued social unrest and rebellion (along with suppression by the military) in Syria, and the Revolution Part Two in Egypt. Iran threatening to shut down the Persian Gulf (with the US sending targets ships to stop them). For the coming year it looks like plenty of “news” will continue to come from The Middle East and the Arab World. Sigh. Sometimes I’d like less “news”… maybe a nice report of someone inventing a new kind of fuel process instead.

¡Viva la revolución!

Sometimes you start wandering down a path and find that someone else has already cut back the bushes and added lighting. From time to time you find they are people of some rank and with an interesting history, but somehow never quite showing up in the common flow of information and news. I’d gone off to look at one video from a comment ( h/t Adofo here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/marx-progressives-socialism-and-agenda-21/#comment-28109 ) and ended up in an odd corner. What looks to be very old video (from a couple of decades back?) but with a very small number of ‘plays’. Is it new to YouTube, or just not ‘found’ yet? Who knows…

The original link that lead to the rest of them below:

What I found intriguing about it was two fold. First off, a person who had worked at the Hoover Institute (academic ‘think tank’ connected to Stanford University) was making the same connections I had made. Dr. Anthony C. Sutton. He states that there are (at least) 3 kinds of Socialism. The Soviet Communist form, the American “welfare socialism”, and the Hitlerian National Socialism. But that is only in passing. The core of what he does is basically a kind of forensic accounting (not as dry as it sounds!). He does a ‘follow the money’ on who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and how Hitler got his early money.

Those funds, he finds, trace back to Progressives in the USA and UK. Not all that surprising, really. While not a popular idea among Progressives today, they were, in fact, quite fond of “the revolution” and were just happy as could be with the Third Way economic planning of Fascism. It was seen as a model for the Progressive World and promoted by folks like FDR and Wilson. For Britain there would be the added benefit that destabilizing Czarist Russia might give them an advantage in The Great Game

He even has a wiki page:


So one must wonder to what extent the Three Socialisms are all growing from the same root?

But, one supposes, time moves on. Russia didn’t stay a nice company friendly Third Way socialism, it went to whole hog Communism. Still, some money was made out of it (via selling arms to both sides of wars), but eventually the USSR needed to go and we now have a much more Third Way style of Socialism there. (And about the same time China moved to that same Corporatist / Fascist model of Third Way Progressive Socialism… and got a LOT of US Corporate support… hmmm….)

With that, for your viewing pleasure, some videos. As Dr. Antony Sutton looks to have written several books, I’ve now got even more to add to my reading list, too.

Some connections to Standard Oil (which in the 1930s was THE major oil company) and ITT helping make German airplanes. It is surprisingly similar to the technology transfer being demanded by Agenda 21 and the technology transfer being done today to China. There is an interesting side note that says Standard Oil provided the synthetic oils technology to Germany. If true, a very interesting point.

An interesting point about some Americans of the era fitting the criterion of Nazi War Crimes, yet somehow the whole thing gets swept under the rug… Along with some history of loans to Germany, reaching back to W.W.I that lead to the German weakness that lead to W.W.II (and odd thread to pull ‘some day’). Then it looks at how Bolshevism got some funding via Chase Bank.

This one is amusing as it talks a bit about Oxy Petroleum. Al Gore has a load of connections to Oxy Petroleum and his family made a bundle from it (not the least being a sweetheart deal when the US Government sold the Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve to Oxy…

Here he mentions some connections he had pointed out in his book National Suicide. He touches on the Trilateral Commission and a connection back to the Ford Foundation. (Old Man Ford was fond of German Fascism and advocated for Third Way economics)

This one wraps up with a bit of paranoia, connecting all sorts of groups (including the Masons). I find that a ‘bridge too far’, emotionally, yet there is ample evidence for folks like The Trilateral Commission et al controlling and manipulating things. The necessary conclusion is that there is insufficient evidence to support the notion of a truly free political process in the USA (or globally, for that matter). Does that justify the melodramatic quasi-religious wrap up? Who knows… What is very clear is a long history of attempts to parasitize various government agencies and recent success at it by the Agenda 21 folks. That makes it a fair question to ask “Was it done before?” and “Are these folks just the latest ‘re-candle’ of the movement?”

End Note

An odd set of ‘connections’. Now we have the same philosophies showing up in the EU unelected government and the UN attempts to direct the actions of national governments via a similar unelected body and Agenda 21. It looks to have roots that reach all the way back to the origin of the Progressive Movement (a not very surprising thing, they are kindred spirits with a published history of support for the ideology).

The more worrying bit is simply that this looks like a simple continuation of a pattern of control reaching back to at least 1900. One can only wonder what the real world is like; it bears no resemblance to what we are told is the way governance works…

So to all the usual skulduggery and intrigues of international affairs, we must now add the question of “To what extent are the bodies of governance just Zombies under the control of parasites?” My son always told me I needed to watch those end of the world Zombie movies. Maybe I ought to have listened more ;-)

And, with that, welcome to The Brave New World of 2012!

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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32 Responses to Welcome 2012, Views of the 3 Socialisms

  1. pyromancer76 says:

    Interesting collection of information. I haven’t been working with early 20th C American history for some time, but my memory is that the “progressives” of the TR-reformist type had many main streeters and small business types included (against the Standard Oil-big corporation tyrants) and were advocating enough government regulation and anti-trust laws that they (and American citizens) would not be ruled by big corporations or big labor. The marxist European immigrants of the time were the key to the statist progressives who especially took over the reform movement with Wilson. TR’s impulsive move to a third party run defeated the “free-market” representative-government “progressives” and they have been prevented from national leadership until today. (Maybe Reagan? Maybe Eisenhower?) From my background, the term as it is used today has little relationship to the grassroots reform movement. Today it is pure cover for socialism, usually of a radical marxist variety.

    I sure do appreciate those historians who follow the money, no matter where the trail leads. I, too, will look up his work. It seems that the “big money” types always want more money and power, of whatever variety. Henry Ford is a virulent example. My preference for a reform movement would have workers receive some percentage of what the owners and upper management of a corporation receive — an agreed upon ratio. In my fantasy those huge profits that lead people to go crazy — more money and more power — would be limited and prosperity born of creativity and productivity would be spread much wider.

  2. adolfogiurfa says:

    @E.M. Perhaps is the end of such a “Brave New World” and will mark the return of a more human order.
    Buy more popcorn!….The Mayans are coming! :-)

  3. Peace in a Chaotic Universe?

    Dear friends,

    The results of observation, experimentation, contemplation, meditation and prayer suggest that a blending of science and spirituality may be society’s only hope for Peace:

    1. Observations our chaotic universe:


    2. Experiments on the “Origin of Elements in the Solar System”


    3. Meditation and prayer all yield the same conclusion:

    “Fear not! The universe is in good hands!”

    Click to access No_Fear.pdf

    Futile efforts by leaders of nations and science to control Nature and information:

    a.) Global Climate Changes (1971-2011)

    Click to access Climategate_Roots.pdf

    b.) Corruption of Government Science (1961-2011)

    Click to access Summary_of_Career.pdf

    Set the stage for conflict in 2012: Occupy Wall Street? Tea-party? A quiet Sun? Economic collapse? Global Warming? Another Ice Age? Depression? Data manipulation? Terrorists? Freedom of information? Mutated flu virus? Americans to Gitmo? Drug abuse? WikiLeaks? Corruption? Genetically modified foods? Prison planet? Nuclear proliferation? Undeclared wars?

    If “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,”


    Then the world’s most powerful leaders are trapped, like you and me, in a drama that may end in disaster for all if we do not find a path to Peace.

    May 2012 Bring Peace,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  4. adolfogiurfa says:

    If you want to change the world you must start with yourself, change yourself and it will be a great change for the world” said a Hindu master to Paul Brunton, an english journalist, at the beginning of the 20th.century.
    It happens that sometimes boredom has a peculiar effect is some sons and daughters of daddy and mommy, who having too much money to do anything, they decide one day to “improve the world”….though I suspect that someone told he or she, they not only have a privileged status but also a privileged intelligence (of course to get some good bucks out of them) and probably, after, that someone, in order to have more control over his newly acquired “client”, told he/she that he knew a very secret order, known as the “White Brotherhood” and he has been sent to make contact with such gifted individuals like them and they were invited to participate in that secret brotherhood…..The rest of the story we all know it….

  5. adolfogiurfa says:

    Please!, “God does not play dice” and we all know that “chaos is only in the mind of the beholder”…The world is OK buddy!, have a Happy New Year!

  6. You can find much of what Sutton is saying in a book by Ted Flynn called:
    “Hope of the Wicked”.

    Flynn’s book is not an easy read, especially if you choose to check some of the 40 pages of references.

    Besides all the stuff about the CFR, Federal Reserve, Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, Flynn makes connections with the Masons, Illuminati, Leo XIII and much much more.

    Chiefio does not buy the ancient conspiracy stuff and I don’t either. If the elite were so smart and powerful we would be serfs in plantations or harems.

  7. Pascvaks says:

    Someone said, I think, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I never could remember names very well, and it seems to be getting worse. Johnson? Machts nichts.

    The natural inclination that humans have to “help” each other when we’re able, must be the root of it; reinforced, in time and teaching, with the Christian “Good Samaritan” story. The other story of the Rich Man and poor Lazarus the Beggar also tends to reinforce it too. Socialism, I mean.

    Once a crazy radical or zealot get their teeth into something or someone there’s no letting go. So that doesn’t explain anything except how crazy radicals and zealots bite and hang on. But, maybe, once a very mean rich man gets old he must remember the story of the rich pharisee and poor old Lazarus the beggar. And how they ended up after they died. Think it might be that simple?

    This is crazy! There’s no one here that has enough money to answer that question. Why is the Wizard of Omaha so supportive of Obama? Is he afraid of something in the great beyond? Does he think that the New World New Age Socialist UN-Christian Democrat Platform is his ticket to a great palace and tremendous estate in the hereafter? He does seems to like making a killing, in a manner of speaking. Think, maybe, he might only be after helping his fellow man now, so late in life, just to get a big bank account later? It couldn’t be that simple, could it? And Soros? Nooooooooo waaaaay! They CAN’T think G_d is THAT stupid, can they?

    What’s that old saying about camels and the eyes of needles?

    Getting a BIG heavenly estate has got to be harder than being a New Age Socialist Billionaire with a BIG, cut-throat, stone cold, sharing-everybody-else’s-money heart. Yah?

    As the old year wanes and dies, and the new year is born anew and starts its trek into the future, I sincerely hope that we (collectively) do not do too many stupid things in the next 12 months, and that Mother Nature holds back her fury and let’s us wallow in ignorance and bliss one more year. Good health and happiness to each of you. And as Tiny Tim was heard to say, ‘God bless us, everyone.’

    L’chaim! Zum Wohl! Prost! Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo! Vashi! Saude, Viva! Gan bei! Skål! Tervist! Ba’sal’a’ma’ti! Kippis! Sláinte! Jamas! Kedves egeszsegere! Salute! Chukbae! Keskun! Cheers! To Life! To Love! To You and Yours! Happy New Year!

  8. John F. Hultquist says:

    From the cold and windy Kittitas Valley
    east of the Cascade Crest of Washington State
    Happy Twenty-twelve

  9. kuhnkat says:

    “Chiefio does not buy the ancient conspiracy stuff and I don’t either. If the elite were so smart and powerful we would be serfs in plantations or harems.”

    Except for one small issue that never ceases to succeed.

    The elites and conspiracies etc. can NEVER stay completely in agreement on ANYTHING for very long!!!! They end up with factions and infighting destroying their perfect world even without rude peasants with torches, hammers and pitchforks objecting!!

    No argument that they can really F things up though.

  10. kuhnkat says:


    “The natural inclination that humans have to “help” each other when we’re able, must be the root of it; reinforced, in time and teaching, with the Christian “Good Samaritan” story. The other story of the Rich Man and poor Lazarus the Beggar also tends to reinforce it too. Socialism, I mean.”

    Sadly this is a common misunderstanding of Christianity. NO WHERE in the Bible does it talk about forming groups and TAKING resources from all to help others. It always talks about using personal resources!!

    To believe in God you must believe he gave us Free Will. Our forcing our will, beliefs, ideas on others would seem to be a contravention of how he organized his creation. (then again we are stuck with what he created unless we can change it!!)

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ Pascvaks wonders if the Buffets of the world think that they will receive grand estates in the hereafter as a reward for their success in this life. That might not be a reward! Think of the young Muslim warrior promised 72 virgins if he dies in battle. Now just what can a spirit do with 72 virgins? Sounds like hell to me. 8-) pg

  12. John F. Hultquist says:

    “Sigh. Sometimes I’d like less “news”… maybe a nice report of someone inventing a new kind of fuel process instead.” [EM]

    Sorry, I don’t think you will get delivery of either. However, I did notice terminology morphing while reading this week. A few years ago folks were commenting on using “advanced” methods to make ethanol. One thing that would qualify would be tweaking algae to excrete “oil” and not having to be killed and processed to get the oil. There have been other processes proposed, such as using poultry and related waste to extract fuel. Now it seems the term “advanced” gets applied to the ethanol itself, rather then the process. As in “advanced fuel.”

    Second thought: Awhile back you posted about safety kits for autos, including power inverters, lights, and so on. We had a nasty weather system blow through last night – some snow and wind to near 50 mph. A big truck jack-knifed on the nearby mountain pass. While exercising our dogs and feeding horses (time for thinking), I thought of being stuck for a few hours on a cold night. Maybe a hydrogen cell could be made into a safety device – producing heat and a little water. I haven’t yet found anything just like what I have in mind, although there are many hydrogen cell ideas on the web. There are gelled alcohols (Heat Cell is one) that are claimed to be clean and non-pollutant but in a closed or nearly closed auto they may not be the ideal thing. Anyway, here is a site for emergency things where I found the Heat Cell. Search box in the upper left.

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Happy New Year! From California as the date turns…

    May this year be the beginning of an appreciation for the value of truth.

  14. If “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” as Shakespeare suggests:


    Then the world’s most powerful leaders are trapped, like you and me, in a drama that may end in disaster if we do not find a path to peace.

    Science and spirituality are both great tools for accessing reality; Spirituality includes humility – the key missing ingredient in the search for world peace in 2012.

    May 2012 Bring Peace,
    Oliver K. Manuel

    PS – Dogmatic scientists and dogmatic religionists seem to be identical twins hiding under different cloaks of social respectability.

  15. R. de Haan says:

    Don’t forget dogmatic politicians Oliver.

    Happy New Year

  16. adolfogiurfa says:

    @P.G.Sharrow: You just made me remember of C.G.Jung, the famous psychiatrist, who had among his patients, many of the kind you refer as the “buffets of the world”, who after fixing the lives of all of us, just for the sake of their most dear “profits”, ended on the psychiatrist couch crying like old ladies…
    Commoners and simpletons like us do not even try to change or fix anybody´s life but live and let the rest live to their own accord. That is “common sense”, the sense of us, the commoners.
    It happens that not everybody has such an eagerness for meddling in other people´s lives but only those who recurrently fall in the error of forgetting their traditional religion and end up worshiping the “Golden Calf”….Perhaps Abraham will have to come down from Mount Tabor again… :-)

  17. Pascvaks (02:18:09) :
    “This is crazy! There’s no one here that has enough money to answer that question. Why is the Wizard of Omaha so supportive of Obama?”

    That’s a puzzler. It is easy to understand the looters like Immelt if one has read “Atlas Shrugged” but I find it hard to think of Buffet or Gates in those terms.

    John Edwards based his presidential bid on the “Politics of Envy” and now Obama has adopted this approach to gain a second term. The ideals of Robin Hood inspire many people but why would Buffet not understand the depravity it implies?.

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    I think there are two things behind it.

    1) Look at how much cheap stock he has been able to pick up. Whenever the economy recovers (and remember he has a 10 year plus planning horizon) that will be worth a whole lot more.

    2) With great wealth often comes a kind of guilt. Folks try to rub away that feeling by having the government give away other peoples money… to “fix things”…

  19. dougieh says:

    @adolfogiurfa (22:40:31)

    I remember reading that guys books back in the 70’s (assume he is Dr Paul Brunton) on the “overself” , trying to get to grips with religion & my place in the cosmos etc.. , then real (mundane/need to make money to survive) life somehow derailed my attempt to find the answer to everything (for me anyway).

    still believe he had some real insights (or interpretations on old wisdom) which could help us all & along with Jung as mentioned above, lead to a
    more rounded personality for all man/woman kind (another area to dig into E.M. you need to be cloned fast or get a golem)

    life is a battle, but with people like you & most commentators here in a mad world there’s hope.
    my hope for the future 2012 onwards, look to the stars & dream of the possibilities.

    anyway, thanks for the forum & commentators E.M. & all the best for the future for you & yours & the wabbits.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    Buffet himself said that he was not a deep thinker, he was just a bean counter that learned to extract wealth buried in companies unrecognized by the stock market. In the words of EMSmith “To acquire wealth unearned”

    Gates was a predator that used the legal system to take the over the creations of many innovators of software.

    Not people that I would admire or follow. pg

  21. P.G.Sharrow,
    No matter what Gates’ shortcomings, he has done more good for me personally than the people who say they “care about me” or my children. While Gates does not care about me he does not force me to buy his product. Yet I used to vote for Bill Gates with my dollars (not since discovering Ubuntu).

    The people who say they care about me dictate what school my children will attend and when I ask them, cap in hand, for permission to send them to a different school they do not care enough for me or my children to allow it.

    Can you blame me for admiring Bill Gates much more than the petty office holders who control my life whether I like it or not? Don’t get me started on the “Department of Children & Families” here in Florida.

    Have you got an opinion of school boards, the DCF or any other “services” your government provides?

    Here is Mark Twain on school boards:
    “God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board.”

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ camel; I had the good fortune to experience several different kinds of school systems. Large and small, public and private. I would say that the smaller the better. Board members must have skin in the game, local property owners with children or grandchildren in that school. Board members should NEVER be paid.

    State and federal government should have NO say in anything that is local. Get rid of departments of education and family services. They have proved to be counterproductive and destructive to those they claim to be serving.

    When I was a child, California had the best schools in the Nation, then the socialists improved things by creating the present system. A disaster! They all need to be put into reeducation camps and taught valuable skills like ditch digging or field laborers. pg

  23. adolfogiurfa says:

    @P.G.sharrow: That would be the IDEAL….but that was before the UN and UNESCO, and before all governments of the world (don´t know if Russia and China too) signed binding agreements with these lovely guys.But now to have a better education we should have to wait after December 21st. 2012…if Mayans were right ….

  24. gallopingcamel says:

    Amen to everything you said in your (17:59:20) comment.

    Although my model for a “World Class School” is the Belfast Royal Academical Institution (founded in 1805), I tried to set up smaller versions in North Carolina. Six schools were created and managed with the idea of keeping them small (<300 students).

    Since my retirement these schools have been managed by people quite different ideas. Most of the schools have grown dramatically which could be seen as "Success". My feelings are mixed.

    Take a look at a school that was set up by four amateurs (parents) sitting around a kitchen table in 1998. This school is perennially in the top five of North Carolina's 370 high schools when it comes to scholastic achievement:

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    What you did not see of Gates was what I did. Predatory policies toward computer makers and other vendors. Legal manipulations. Squeezing patent concessions out of companies or they ‘wake up dead’. Etc. Very much a classical Monopolist at heart. Not a benevolent person, period. Use your ubuntu with pride…

    @all, per schools:

    My spouse has a k-12 AND ONE ROOM SCHOOL credential. In theory, she could be handed a building and kids and be told “Go for it”. IMHO, every step larger gets a little less effective. At about 200 kids and one principle you reach the max ‘reasonable’. Over 800 kids and a school board who’s children are not in THAT school (and unpaid…) you’ve lost it.

    I’ve seen some 3000 student “schools” locally. Horrid in comparison to where I went to school (and it could have been improved…)

    THE worst things to land on the schools? State direction several decades back followed by Fed Meddling a couple of decades after that. There simply needs to be NO Federal and NO State “departments of Education” nor any laws about it. It’s the school boards turf. Period.

  26. p.g.sharrow says:

    Yes to the Camel. It is easy to get good education. Just get rid of the professional administrators and government interference. And let teachers teach, most are good at their job. Get rid of tenure, it only protects the poor teachers, the good ones are squeezed out in spite of tenure. Schools cannot be managed well if the numbers of students and staff grow large. Once a small community gets too large the personal connection is lost. The one in charge controls a growing Empire and the students become bodies, a commodity, not the customer. pg

  27. Pascvaks says:

    The only way to get Gobment out of Edycation is ta go private! Ain’t know odder way!

  28. DirkH says:

    Thanks, ChiefIO, I didn’t know Sutton before.
    His findings explain why the USSR didn’t collapse instantly. I always wondered what took them so long.

    I already found an interesting comment on Mother Jones, but Mother Jones knows only half the story, the American support for the Nazis, anyway, some more interesting details:
    Karin Karejanrakoi 08/10/2011 05:52 AM
    The US ruling class, like most bourgeoisies, supported the Nazis, seeing them as a ‘bulwark against
    Bolshevism.’ This support was not only ideological (Joseph Kennedy, Prescott Bush) and financial (Henry Ford) but also practical (GM, Curtiss-Wright, Standard Oil, Chase National, IT&T)
    — and the practical support went on even while US soldiers were fighting and dying in Europe.
    A few examples:-
    Joseph Kennedy (father of Camelot president John F) and Prescott Bush (grandfather of Lil Dubya) were both outspoken in
    support of the Nazis’ policies of anti-Semitism and anti-Communism.
    Henry Ford, entrepreneur and anti-Semite, bankrolled Hitler in the early 1920s, at a time when the party had few other
    sources of income. In fact, the party might have perished without Ford’s sponsorship. Hitler admired Ford enormously.
    In fact, Hitler presented him with Nazi Germany’s highest decoration for foreigners, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.
    General Motors, controlled at the time by the DuPonts, owned 80% of the stock of Opel AG. When Hitler’s panzer divisions
    rolled into France and Eastern Europe, they were riding in Opel trucks and other equipment. Opel earned GM a hefty $36 million
    in the ten years before war broke out, but because Hitler prohibited the export of capital, GM reinvested the profits in other
    German companies. At least $20 million was invested in companies owned or controlled by Nazi officials.
    Employees of Curtiss-Wright taught (or rather *demonstrated* since it would have been illegal to give direct instruction)
    dive-bombing to Hitler’s Luftwaffe.
    Standard Oil developed and financed Germany’s synthetic fuel program in partnership with the German chemical giant IG Farben.
    As late as 1934, Germany was forced to import as much as 85 percent of its petroleum from abroad. This meant that a worldwide
    fuel embargo could stop Hitler’s army overnight. To get around this threat, Nazi Germany began converting domestic coal
    into synthetic fuel using processes developed jointly by Standard and Farben. Standard taught Farben how to make tetraethyl-lead
    and add it to gasoline to make leaded gasoline. This information was priceless — leaded gas was essential for modern mechanised
    warfare. Standard also conspired with Farben to block American research into synthetic rubber, in exchange for a promise that
    Farben would give Standard a monopoly on its rubber-synthesising process.
    Chase National Bank operated branches in Nazi-occupied Paris and handled accounts for the German embassy as well as for German
    businesses operating in France. As late as six months before the start of World War II in Europe, Chase worked with the Nazis
    to raise money for Hitler from Nazi sympathisers in the United States. Even after America entered the war, the Chase Bank in
    Paris was the focus of substantial financing of the Nazi embassy’s activities, with the full knowledge of Chase headquarters in New York.
    IT&T owned substantial amounts of stock in several German armaments companies, including a 28% stake in Focke-Wolf, which
    built fighter aircraft for the German army. IT&T would have been permitted to repatriate its profits but chose not to,
    choosing instead to reinvest them in the German armaments industry. The German army, navy, and air force hired IT&T to
    make switchboards, telephones, alarm gongs, buoys, air raid warning devices, radar equipment, and 30,000 fuses per month
    for artillery shells used to kill American troops after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. In addition, IT&T supplied ingredients
    for the rocket bombs that fell on London, high frequency radio equipment, and fortification and field communication sets.
    Without this supply of crucial materials, it would have been impossible for the German air force to kill allied troops.

  29. p.g.sharrow says:

    Small wonder the “former” Nazie Soros is funding the Destruction of the West by funding and directing the”Watermelons” that are pushing to close down everything. pg

  30. adolfogiurfa says:

    @P.G.: “Open Society” for everyone!.

  31. E.M.Smith says:


    Soros made his Billions (at least the first ones) by “breaking the bank” of England. Then he was complaining that the socialist programs were not supportable and it would break. He bet that the Pound would crumble, and it did.

    Later he seems to have learned that folks would NOT stop the greed and self dealing, and that it is easier to break things than build them. At that point he started supporting the polices that break countries and currencies.

    At this point, I think he’s most likely actively working to undermine things while making currency bets that they will fail.

    All it really takes is realizing that it is easier to break than to build. Easier to pander to class envy and the welfare state than to support capitalist freedoms. I could easily see the line of reasoning that says “Well, if they want to run off the cliff, I might as well sell running shoes…”


    That’s part of why I regularly return to the point that “Corporatism” is just another side of “Fascism” and “Nazism” and all three are variations on Socialism. (As, BTW, is Communism).

    All of them favor collective action, centrally directed, concentrating power. They all work to avoid Free Market Competition. They all work to avoid individual sovereignty. It’s a long list of ‘similars’ and a very short list of ‘differences’. (Fascism and Nazism advocate for Nationalism. The Nazis added a racist element. Communism disparages Nationalism advocating for the International flavor. Communism absorbs all corporations into The Collective. Fascism and Nazism don’t absorb them, just centrally mandate what they can do. Parasitism of a sort. Corporatism advocates for being ‘active collaborators’ rather than absorption or parasitism. Mostly just arguing about how to carve up the Central Authority Pie rather than asking if it ought to be at all… )

    In no case are they interested in just setting fair rules for all and letting the competition between free agents lead where it may.

    If you ‘swim up stream’ just a little, you find them all joined in The Progressive Movement. Look up the history of Progressives and you find the roots for all of them. Eventually leading back to the Utopians of Britain and then on back to The French Revolution.

    Don’t know any way to “fix it” (and keep it fixed…) other than periodic revolts against governmental over reach and persistent self dealing. A certain amount of ‘permanent revolt’ against abusive authority.

    Unfortunately, that “Progressive Urge” has now gone to an international mode. Acting outside all governments and parasitizing all of them. Loads of money buying the laws it wants. Using a surpanational organization (the UN) to prevent the will of the people from having effect (as it is limited to the individual national level; and increasingly not even there – see the EU and Australia…) It is highly coordinated, well financed, and ruthless. It will be very hard to slow down and impossible to stop. Best one can hope for is a collapse of the systems on which it depends and a series of local revolts leading to a refresh of the Nation State. That’s not likely to happen for several more decades and after a very drastic global economic collapse.

    I’d love to see an alternative, and I’m looking, but…

    Maybe the Chinese or Russians will refuse to be absorbed and help break up the globalist plans… Africa has no power to do anything. South America is almost the same, but also has an innate leaning toward Socialism and collectivist ownership. (Though Adolfo assures me Chile and Peru are leaning against that. We’ll see…) The English Language Areas of Canada, Australia, USA, Britain, etc. are simultaneously the strongest bastions of the old Classical Liberal (Libertarian) ideals and the most rapidly heading to ruin (only lagging behind the EU and Europe). So all I see as the “way out”, those places with some hope of remaining independent of this movement; are Asia and The Muslim World.

    At present the Muslim World is in military chaos. I tend to think this is not an accident… Chaos to continue until submission is assured or resistance is futile…

    Asia has China that is itself a “3rd Way Progressive Socialism”, so while one can hope they are headed in the right way and isolationist enough to act as a counterweight; the fact is that they are basically of the same governmental ilk. India has a hope, but is just so poor I can’t see it having a large global impact. All the “Ickystans” are just trade pieces on the board of The Great Game.

    So we end up at Russia and the Slavs. Having just tossed off the yoke of central planning, they know they don’t like it. But Putin is busy rebuilding the central control structures.

    Sorry to be so dismal, but I’m just not seeing where the next wave of Freedom and Libertarian ideals comes from and how it prunes back the 3rd Way Progressive Socialists.

    It seems that folks have to get really really miserable and suffer near complete ruin before they decide to toss it out. Oh Well…

    Have I mentioned lately that Economics is called “The Dismal Science” for a reason? ;-}

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