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The Ancients Knew Atmosphere Was Chaotic

What do the classics tell us about Chaos? What about the ancient Gods? Continue reading

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An Ancient European Culture Rediscovered

In 4000 BC Europe, there was a modestly advanced culture living in multi story apartments, wearing jewelry, and enjoying fine dining or parties. My kind of folks… Continue reading

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The Trouble With Old Languages

A brief survey of change in ancient languages and why I’ve decided not to bother learning them. Continue reading

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What’s With The Bald Guys?

Does Israel have a “thing” for shaved heads and bald guys? Continue reading

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Cue Oliver M.: Lightning Makes Free Neutrons

Lightning can cause free neutrons. I think this has implications for other places with high electric charge, like the sun or hydrogen loaded metals under electrical stress. Continue reading

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A tiny bit of justice

California, a State essentially run entirely by Progressive Liberal Democrats for the last 40 years, is having problems. As we “lead the nation”, folks in the rest of the USA might want to look at their future, here, today. Continue reading

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Take That! Nature. Regulating Particulates.

Houston, we have a problem with an out of control NASA and an insane EPA, hell bent on economic destruction… Continue reading

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