Pale Male and Stale Discrimination

Just a short note on a new buzz phrase from the Loony Side Of Left. At least, new to me.

I was watching the news and clicked over from CNN to Fox (waiting for Al Jazeera to roll around) and they had a panel of women discussing Ms Romney. The token left wing black lady commented that we needed to get beyond “pale male and stale” (stumbling on ‘stale’, clearly trying to remember the buzz phrase correctly) to make some kind of ‘progress’…

So I went to do a bit of a web search on that phrase.
It is just is so incredibly blatantly Sexist and Racist.

Gives a fairly large number of hits (Google gives 130,000) with the earliest date I noticed being about two years ago.

Think anyone would be offended if I said something like:
“Black, Female, and Naive”? (Just inverting every word).

Look, I’m all for equal opportunity and I have no qualms at all about women and minorities in positions of authority. I’ve reported to a black guy for a couple of years and served on a board of directors for a few years where I was the token male. I reported to a female V.P. for a couple of years too. My ‘date’ to the high school reunion was a Chinese lady (we were born one day apart in the same hospital), but she was romantically attached to someone else (or my kids would likely have ended up Eurasian – I’d not met my wife yet). So it’s not like I’m advocating for defense of the Old Guard.

But these folks need to realize what they sound like when they tell a generation of young men they will have no hope of a fair shot at a fair advancement opportunity as the goal is to dominate those slots with minorities and women to fill up the historic under representation of women and minorities. The only truly fair approach is to have the old guard die off as the new crop enters with equal opportunity. Yes, that will take a generation to happen, but it will happen.

To institute a reverse discrimination as some kind of payback will just alienate a generation of whites and men. Is that really what we want? Folks looking across the table and thinking “Quota – and all the skill that took…”? Can we not embrace what MLK actually said and NOT judge anyone by the color of their skin (or their gender)?

OK, end of my rant…

But just be aware that when you hear the phrase “Pale, Male, and Stale” used by someone you are dealing with a racist, sexist, bigot.
But a PC one…

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26 Responses to Pale Male and Stale Discrimination

  1. Owen Hughes says:

    Chiefio: the principle of Equal Opportunity is just a distraction. The demands for quotas are like the demands for reparations; “group rights” being invoked by politically-astute operators to seize power from people who never did anything wrong. Result will be as you predict, enormous resentment and another cycle of grievance-mongering. Martin Luther King would spin in his grave to hear this rubbish.

  2. kakatoa says:

    EM Welcome back, I have missed your musings.

  3. princessartemis says:

    Yeah, it’ll happen sooner or later, though I fully understand why many people edge into the territory they purportedly are fighting against in their understandable impatience for it to be sooner rather than later.

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m not a fan of Larry Ellison, but one thing he said (years ago)
    in terms of hiring strategy made a lot of sense:
    “Equal talent always has equal opportunity…”
    We won’t be over discrimination until it comes to that…

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    It just occurred to me that “stale” is also “ageist” …


    It’s nice to be back… even if it does mean a more limited diet. Energy levels are ramping back up as the inflammatory spike fades.

    @Owen Hughs:

    You are right, of course; but I still point at it and say “Liar Liar!”…

  6. Peter Offenhartz says:

    From the wiki:

    Pale Male (hatched 1990) is a well known New York City Red-tailed Hawk who has made his home since the early 1990s near Central Park

    [ Yes. But not at all what was being discussed either on the Fox TV show or here. The “Pale Male and Stale” comes straight out of the politics of envy, race baiting, and class warfare being promoted by the Democratic Party and Obama. So it’s an amusing sidebar that a male hawk with pale coloration was named for his color and gender. -E.M.Smith]

  7. princessartemis says:

    Also, sincerest apologies that my display name keeps changing for the very few comments I post here. I cannot seem to get a hang of WordPress’s commenting system.

    [ Pretty simple, really, pick an email address and name that you like. Keep using it. -E.M.Smith ]

  8. Jeff Alberts says:

    I don’t think “reverse discrimination” is the proper phrase. To me that implies no discrimination. What they’re doing is still discrimination, not the reverse of discrimination. RD implies that only minorities can be discriminated against.

  9. kakatoa says:

    E. M.

    My aunt visited us a week ago. Unfortunately, Barbara, has had some bad side effects of late due to certain foods and drinks. It’s been a zillion years since my nutrition and/or biochemistry university class days, but I felt it was unfair that Barbara couldn’t enjoy a little red wine with the rest of us. As Medicine is a practice she was more then OK with doing a small experiment on her second day of visiting us. She missed out on the wine tasting event we had at a party on the night of her arrival- hence so she was ok with my suggestion that her symptoms sounded like some new wine biochemical processing issue to me. Having a B complex vitamin handy when we were ready for round two of our partying she was willing to try out my theory that her system seemed like it was it wasn’t processing things like it used to. As to why- who knows. She is about 70 and likes to hike in the mountains so who knows what might of caused the change in her metabolic pathways. She wanted to enjoy some red wine so she took me up on having a B complex vitamin, a bit before our event, to see if it would eliminate the problems she had been experiencing with enjoying party time with family. I am very happy to report that both round two and three of our enjoying life, which included both red and white wines, was experienced by Barb with no ill effects.

    Her report says the treatment still works for her-as of a few days ago. I don’t have a clue what experiment you might want to try in regards to processing the t’s…, but if you like them some experimentation sounds like a good way to go to me.

  10. omanuel says:

    Pale-male-stale is another example of mind control by “sloganeering.”

    I have a right to be pale-male-stale with no apologies to dark-female-nitwits.

  11. George says:

    @E.M. Smith liberals are absolutely the most vile and racist bunch there is. They say absolutely horrible things about people but are careful to say those things about groups that are fashionable targets of such hate-speech (white males these days).

    The political left are hypocritical to the core. I think more are realizing it these days, too, and they are starting to lose their grip on portions of the population where they had been quite popular.

  12. David says:

    Sadly, our president fits right in with this prejudice. Look at his latest comments about the Zimmerman Martin incident. Obama is an intelligent man, and, as the US President, his position requires him to be discreet in his words and to be acutely aware that every word will be dissected for message.

    The President is suppose to be the Leader of the USA, It is it duty to speak for all Americans. Race baiting as a political tactic, provides a lucrative living for the All Sharpton’s and Jessie Jackson’s of the world. No president should have any part in this.

    By the time Obama gave his commentary, this was already a full blown controversy with heavy manufactured racial implications. Black Panther leaders were in fact calling for and threatening violence as was Louis Farrakhan. Not only was Zimmerman being accused of being a cold blooded racist murderer, but the police force as well was being called racist. The national MSM was in a full blown frenzy over this, portraying it on radio and TV as a clear case of a racist white man’s (living in a gated community) hate motivated brutal murder of teenage straight “A” student African American, who’s only crime was just walking down the street.

    The only known facts were that a man, with the germanic/Jewish surname of Zimmerman, while conducting a neighborhood watch, (In a neighborhood with very high crime statistics) had spotted someone he did not know from the neighborhood acting what he called strangely, and while following him, Zimmerman then called the police via 911, asking them to respond. Some minutes later he shot and killed the young black man. This was all that was known to the general public. Everything else was pure media driven speculation.

    This was the backdrop for Obama’s comments; a frenzied national media indicating a violent racist hate crime and a white local authority cover up, wildly speculating on scant facts, which were inflaming calls for violent retribution, while the actual facts did not provide evidence for any of the media assertions. It is my view that, as our President, he had the duty to do all possible to diffuse the situation. This would have included a POSTIVE assertion that we currently have no idea of the circumstances or details, and that there is , as of yet, no indication that this was a racially motivated “hate crime” He should have asserted that the calls of many for vigilante justice were wrong, and those engaging in this have no basis for their assumptions. He could have stated the truth, which is that violent white “hate crimes” against Blacks have become very rare in our current society, but if this was the case here, it would be discovered, but as of yet we must let the investigation proceed and find the facts. If this was in fact a hate crime we must not let it deter the progress against racism we have made. Black White Brown and Yellow, almost all Americans condemn racism in whatever form it takes. The rush to judgment is un-American and wrong. He of course could have called it a tragedy, and if he had to personalize it, which at this point he should not have, he could have said to the Parents of Trayvor Martin;” As a father, I, and ALL fathers deeply share your pain, or a dozen other sentences to reflect such universal sentiment. It would have been far better to say to the parents of Martin, All parents in this country share your pain, and you have our prayers during this tragic time. (After all, he is the President and symbolic of all American’s) Obama could have added, “Any death is a tragedy, all racism is a tragedy. It was a tragedy in early March in Kansas City Missouri when, a 13 year old White boy was chased to his doorstep by two Black boys, who doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire, while yelling, “This is what you deserve, White boy.” That however, is unlike what we currently know of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin situation, this attempted immolation of a 13 year old boy was CLEARLY motivated by racism on the part of the criminals. Bigotry and racism is always wrong no matter what color it comes in, but in this case we do not even know if racism was involved, so please America, wait for the facts before passing judgment, it is the American thing to do, it is the right thing to do Do not destroy the progress against hate we are all making, With the progress that the USA has made against racism, Black on Black crime and murder is a far greater problem, with 93% of murdered Blacks, killed by other Blacks.”

    Obama, however did not say any of this. Instead he said, “I’ve got to be careful about my statements to make sure that we’re not impairing any investigation that’s taking place right now.” Nothing of what I recommended him to say could impinge the investigation. What did he know about the investigation that could prejudice it? When someone says, “I’ve got to be careful what I say…” they are intimating that they would like to say more, that they know more. As the question was about racism, the implication is that he knows more about the racial aspect of this then he is allowed to say. Otherwise, what is he being careful about? Due to the fact that in his entire statement he says nothing condemning all the wild accusations, then the further indication is that he considers the wild speculation to have some veracity, but he has to “be careful”.
    Obama goes on to tell us that we all have to “search our souls” over this. Again, the implication being that the “collective” US is guilty of racism and we are all guilty of this crime. And finally Obama states,” ”But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” is clearly calling in both the race card, and the American guilt for past racism. I do not need to search my soul for this tragedy, which I had nothing to do with, and may not be related to racial hatred at all. Obama did not tell us to search our soul for how Bob Strait 90, was almost beaten to death and his wife of 65 plus years, Nancy Strait 85, was raped and beaten to death by Tyrone Woodfork, 20, a black man. He did not say that Joe Biden’s main message was to Bob and Nancy’s children because “you know, Nancy and Bob look like they could be my grandparents” favorite tactic of the left: We all created the “climate” that led to this. The “climate” argument allows for all sorts of political maneuvering and situational exploitation. It allows MSNBC hosts to go on the air and blame Rush Limbaugh. It gives leeway for congressmen to invite Trayvon’s parents to the Hill to pander to minority members of Congress about Florida’s “stand your ground law” — a law that as far as we know had nothing to do with the killing This absurd “we’re all guilty” mentality is just another way for liberals to escape individual responsibility, and blame every social ill on conservatives.

    The Obama Campaign’s selling of hoodies, (banned in many schools because of the known gang affiliations with hoodies) subsequent to this tragedy, to “show what team you are on” in conjunction with his comment, is only a further flame to racial discord. Elected officials showing up in Hoodies a few days later shows how the racial issue is being exploited. Even IF the hoodies were a pre planned revenue project, someone should have had the sense not to promote them now.

    This entire incident has been politically exploited, and Obama actively participated in this dividing of Americans.

  13. Tony Hansen says:

    The blatant hypocrisy of those claiming to be ‘for’ equal rights, peeves me more than just a bit.

  14. adolfogiurfa says:

    All this craziness has its origins: The reason , as an example, for the campaign about “obesity” or “not smoking”, or “not eating trash food”, comes from the fact that, in order for the UN to get a “Global Governance”, they have the WHO governance already signed by every country and accepted through binding agreements, while Global Governance through “Climate Change/Global Warming” was not achieved at Copenhagen. They are now after a wider governance through “Sustainability” and they plan to get it at the next “2012 Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, in june.
    These are just “probes” to test governance globally….

  15. Pascvaks says:

    Contempt for ones peers = sarcasm = provocation = pushing the envelope. Name Calling is a State of the Art Science, Psyence, and Art. It takes time and lots of practice to master and a lot longer to get a PhD. When you feel ‘provoked’ you is, ’tis as simple as that. What to do? Push back? Ignore? Temper, Temper! Don’t hit first. Then they have you right where they want you, in court and over a barrel (or is that ‘looking down both barrels’?). You get the pic. It’s agrivatin’! Oh……. nearly forgot, there’s nothing ‘accidental’ or ‘unintended’ about it. Is Obama an idiot, no he is not! How about Jackson and Obama’s old preacher? How about The High Mucky Muck for Life of Iran? North Korea’s little man? There’s nothing ‘accidental’ or ‘unintended’ in anything the DNC puts out, or from any of those people in Congress you hate so much either (regardless of Party;-). Life’s a beach. Sometimes it’s accidental, but usually when folks kick sand in your face, it’s very intentional.

  16. JimB says:

    Black, Flack and Slack.

  17. adolfogiurfa says:

    Will a real “big one” remove from earth the souls of those who chose as their current place for their cool, joyful, liberal and continuosly “stoned” existence, the expected place where it has been repeatedly forecasted that such “big one” would happen?

  18. Pascvaks says:

    No bout a’doubt it! No bout a’doubt it! A ‘big one’ will indeed do that, and a little more to boot. No bout a’doubt it! Or is it ‘reboot’?

  19. Lynn Clark says:

    Fox News does a great service by being “fair and balanced”. It’s rare that any of the Fox commentary shows (O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta, etc.) doesn’t include at least one person/contributor with a politically-left viewpoint on every topic they discuss. It gives everyone watching a front-row seat to closely observe just how looney the liberal left is. I often wonder if liberals like the “token left-wing black lady” — and I’m pretty sure I know who she is — are truly aware of the nonsense that constantly comes out of their mouths. Actually, after having read some of Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.’s book, “The Liberal Mind — The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”, I don’t wonder any more. Rossiter’s thesis, in a nutshell, is that the liberal mind is an immature mind, unable to process information and see the world as a full-fledged adult. I find his thesis very compelling.

  20. Pascvaks says:

    It really would be nice to flick on the Tube and see something that’s so hay, diddle, diddle, smack down the middle that most of us would be interested in watching. Go to MSM and you’re mostly in/on the Far Left, go to Fox and you’re in/on the Far Right. Everybodies got an agenda; always have, always will. Same with politicians. It’s always either Goppers or Damnocraps, and nothing gets done without a Super Majority in Both Houses. But, I can’t understand why the GREAT middle doesn’t appeal to newscasters. It must have something to do with selling newspaper ads and commerical time? It’s gotta’ be about money.

  21. philjourdan says:

    The power of the slogan, Pale, Male and Stale is the rhyming (you know JJ and his rhyming obsession). JimB has the idea. But I would submit the opposite is Black, Stacked, and Cracked. That, IMHO, is a fairly comparable racist slogan.

  22. Peter Offenhartz says:

    Ah, the loony left and the paranoid right! I suppose I am the only member of the loony left to read this blog and its paranoid commentariad. I was only trying to inform you of the fact that “pale male” was a phrase originating in 1990 and which referred to a red-tailed hawk. In the minds of the NYC commentariad, “pale male” refers to a bird. The rest is a joke. Jokes are funny if they refer to the majoritarian parties; they are “racist” if they refer to minoritarian groups. Get used to it! A certain level of paranoia can always be justified, but in this case you and your followers are trying (too hard!) to be fools.It’s not shameful, just silly.

    [ Well, as I was talking about a TV presentation where it was very clear that “Pale Male and Stale” had nothing to do with a New York bird, and as the links found with a search on the term are also directed at White Male Adult People, it’s pretty clear you were way out in ‘left field’. Now you go even further by having a nice stupid rant about how it clearly is some kind of inside joke via said bird and paranoid to think otherwise. Now you’ve decided to insult everyone by calling them paranoid and fools.

    For a while now I’ve been fishing your comments out of the SPAM filter. I think I’ll just not bother any more. Clearly you add nothing to the discussion and clearly also you have chosen not to follow the guidance to be nice.

    As to your membership in the “loony left” and how many of them might read this blog: As I’ve pointed out many times, there are Dimocrates – the most dim of the Democrats and their are Repulicrims – the most criminal of the Republicans. I toss rocks at both of them. More at the Dimocrats lately simply because they are in power and, frankly, folks like Pelosi provide Sooo much material. I’ve also tossed a few rocks at Baby Bush as I “affectionately” call him and don’t even get me started on Tricky Dick Nixon… the things he did that I consider vile are too many to list. From screwing up the clocks to 55 mph to fraud to… Each side has it’s share of nutjobs. They also have a fair number of decent folks ( like my Texas Uncle who’s a Southern Democrat and my Florida Friend who is also a Democrat. Neither of them Dim nor on the Loony side of left.)

    But hey, I understand, you guys on the far left have thin skins. Love to dish it out, can’t take it well. But, FYI, I’m staunchly ‘middle of the bird’ with Libertarian leanings. So it’s not like I have anything against my brothers and sisters on the left, and that is why I talk about those “On the loony SIDE OF left”. (And those on the Radical Right).

    I’m all for a woman’s right to choose. In fact, IMHO, there ought to be NO law concerning abortion. It ought to be entirely between a woman and her doctor. I think there ought to be NO law concerning recreational drugs. Again, the person and their doctor. When I was a kid you could get codeine over the counter. I know, I had it. Great cough syrup. Worked better than this stupid right wing war on drugs. Marriage? Don’t see any need for any law on that, either. Two folks, or three, or a dozen. Whatever genders they want. Just start living together and be done with it. Age of consent? Mom was 16 when she married a 17 year old G.I. and it seemed to work out OK. What I resent is demanding a LAW defining a homosexual relationship as sanctioned marriage and requiring folks to perform the service and / or pay for the decision via benefits. (I’d be fine with a company run by gays having a policy of benefits for gay partners but not for straits, btw. It’s called freedom.) I’m all for laws to prevent Robber Barons from destroying the economic freedom of those with lesser wallets (as they have done whenever possible). IMHO I can make the best reasoned case for Lange Type Socialism – unfortunately I’ve never seen a case for it STAYING that limited, so prefer to err to the side of ‘mixed economy’. I think the guy who had it most right was John F. Kennedy.

    So I think you’ll find I’m pretty open to Democrats and folks with “liberal” ideas. That I’m also open to folks with “conservative” ideas does not preclude it. Mostly I care about what gives everyone the most freedom to live however THEY want without anyone else telling them they can’t (or that they must support some other person’s idea of how things ought to be). I’m for individual choice in just about everything (except where it injures another person’s ability to choose…)

    But hey, you want to see everyone as crazy radical right wingers just because they don’t agree with you, not my problem. That you want to insult folks for your biased point of view? Well, all that takes is me ignoring the SPAM queue… -E.M.Smith ]

  23. Serioso says:

    Wow! I am astonished by your reply. [gratuitous complaining deleted] …responded with a long and vituperative diatribe. [I gave evidence of my being a centrist more than a ‘right winger’. You have a broken sense of emotional loading in text. Just pointing out your assumption of ‘right wing’ was dead wrong. But folks of your ilk don’t like evidence when emotion can be substituted. -E.M.Smith]

    [gratuitous insult deleted]You have done me a service by actually allowing my criticisms to appear on your blog so that your readers can judge for themselves; For that, I thank you. The fact remains that you worry abut trivial matters and ignore serious threats to liberty, which indicates you are under the influence of the paranoid right.

    [ Me, under the influence of the ‘paranoid right’? For thinking Global Warming Hysteria is a nutty fantasy and out of control government ought to be limited? Yeah, that CNN, Link TV and Michael Moore sure are dominating me… Or did you not notice my occasional references to watching CNN, Link TV, Al Jazeera, Mosaic news from around the world etc. etc. Or maybe it’s all the Noam Chomsky I’ve got on DVD… And my article on Robber Barons and why we need anti-monopoly laws and advocacy for a return to Glass-Steagal, yeah, really hard core right wing /sarcoff>. Apparently it completely exceeded your ability to actually READ the positions I hold, despite my putting them there for you to see.

    I’m quite happy with ‘dope smoking hippy types in “irregular” relationships’ (or maybe you missed the story of me slow dancing with the gay guy…) Frankly, other than some “conservative” ideas about money and how the government ought to be limited, most of my beliefs are more to the San Francisco side of life. I guess that makes our constitution a ‘paranoid right’ document. Sheesh. I do think that those who want to be ultra orthodox Jews, strict Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists et. al. ought to be free to practice what they believe – even if I don’t believe it. Guess that’s a ‘paranoid right’ idea too. Then you make a vague reference to some un-identified serious threat to liberty. No, I’m not going to open whatever Pandora’s box you have there. I presume it’s just something about George Bush… Though I will point out I’m not in favor of the path to a police state we’ve headed down with various intrusive ‘security’ laws. Just have not seen much need to comment on it. IMHO part of getting back to ‘limited government’ is dumping a lot of that overseer overhead too. -E.M.Smith ]

    [Paragraph of gratuitous insults ‘to the person’ (and to the readership here) deleted. BTW, I’ve held leadership positions including Director of I.T. for a few years with about 20 staff. My leadership skills are fine, your observational skills seem to not pick up such things… For anyone who hasn’t made the connection, Serioso is the Sock Puppet for Peter Offenhartz -E.M.Smith]

  24. klem says:

    Hiring a person BECAUSE they are members of a visible minority is called reverse discrimination. In reality there is no such thing called reverse discrimination. There is nothing reverse about it, it is discrimination straight up.

    Racism is racism no matter what euphamism you might prefer to use.

  25. RossCO says:

    Watched the first 10 minutes of the 7pm (10) project tonight. After Abbot Abbot Abbot I turned it over. With media like this it is no wonder Julia is laughing all the way to retirement at our expense. As for the the jokes I get a better standard through the email. Surprisingly the ABC was more balanced viwing – well things do change!

  26. keepinitreal says:

    Pasty is tasty.
    Ashy is trashy.

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